Lemmings for Bloated Resource Rich Billionaires

As a historical symbol of revolt against injustice, Bastille Day is being commemorated world-wide.

On July 14th, Bastille Day, a group of activists gathered in front of BHP Billiton’s Melbourne office to alert their fellow citizens as to the corporate world’s neo-conservative mantra:Servitude, Inequality, Hostility.

Called the “Lemmings for Rich Bloated Resource Rich Billionaires’ we promise to give our pennies freely so that they can continue to live the good life. Ha! Ha!

We were there to make it perfectly plain that real power is not found in the parliaments but in the boardrooms of transnational corporations. Over the last few weeks we have witnessed this like never before. Failure of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to give in to the miners led to his premature political demise.



Lemmings for Bloated Resource Rich Billionaires was formed to give succour to our besieged brothers and sisters in the corporate world who, faced with the prospect of paying their fair share of tax, will be forced to make unimaginable sacrifices. We, unlike our fellow Australians, have not forgotten they fed us when we were hungry, clothed us when we were naked and put a roof over our heads when we were homeless. Why should men and women of their calibre be forced to sell their second learjet or lease out their ski resort in the French Alps in the off season to make ends meet? The Prime Minister Mr Rudd seems to have forgotten he and his parliamentary colleagues are mere cut out puppets. Real power in Australian society doesn’t lie in that tawdry sideshow parliament. Real political power in this country lies in the boardrooms of national and transnational corporations.

Like our Patron Saint Taliban Tony Abbott, the next Prime Minister of Australia (God willing), we will give up our last breath to ensure the Resource Rich Bloated Billionaires in Australia continue to play the predominant role they play in Australian society today. We are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure they continue to rule us. They are our Gods, our mothers and fathers. Keeping their fortunes intact is, to us, more precious than life itself. On Bastille Day we are willing to take the shirts off our backs and give every cent in our pockets to ensure they continue to enjoy the lifestyle they so richly deserve.


JOIN US on Bastille Day to celebrate the corporate world’s neo-conservative mantra


It is your duty to serve your masters.