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Nuclear Waste Dump:
* Darwin Senate inquiry on National Radioactive Waste Management Bill
* Nationwide protests against nuclear waste dump at Muckaty NT
* Muckaty Traditional Owners in Melbourne on April 21
* Other Muckaty Articles


- Background of Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump

Beyond Nuclear Initiative’s weblog:
“This site is a snapshot of current nuclear free campaigns in Australia, particularly focusing on the proposal for a federal radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory.”

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WGAR News: National day of action against Muckaty nuclear waste dump: 12th April!


- Media Release

Greens: Muckaty radioactive waste plan must be dumped
12 Apr 10: "The Federal Government has no alternative but to scrap the nomination of Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek, as a site for Australia's first ever radioactive waste dump following evidence heard at a Senate inquiry in Darwin, according to the Australian Greens. "Today we heard first hand accounts of just how flawed the process was that led to Muckaty's nomination," said Senate Committee Member Greens Senator Scott Ludlam. "Numerous Traditional Owners outlined how they and their people were completely excluded from the shared decision making process which is the norm in Aboriginal custom on issues to do with kinship of land."

- Opinion/Analysis

New Matilda: Labor Lied About Nuclear Waste
16 Apr 10: "The tension was evident at Monday’s Senate committee hearing in Darwin. ... Elders from the Ngapa, Milwayi, Ngarrka, Yapayapa and Wirntiku clans travelled to Darwin to reject the Government’s claim that any one person has the exclusive rights to say yes or no to the waste dump." Scott Ludlam

- News

Tennant & District Times: Inquiry hears from Muckaty owners
16 Apr 10: "TRADITIONAL owners of Muckaty told a Senate Inquiry held in Darwin on Monday they had not given permission to build a nuclear waste facility on their land. Dianne Stokes, one of several traditional owners who spoke at the Inquiry said she, and others, had been excluded from Northern Land Council meetings where the deal was discussed."

New Matilda: Labor's Nuclear-Powered Steamroller
15 Apr 10: "On Monday, the Senate inquiry into the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 held its final hearing in Darwin. The inquiry has been underway since September and is expected to deliver its recommendations by the end of the month. Those recommendations are not expected to favour the proposed dump site at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. But the Bill may be passed anyway, ... " Jennifer Mills

Age: Terrorist fears over NT nuclear dump site
14 Apr 10: "TERRORIST groups could target radioactive material being transported to a proposed nuclear waste dump in a remote part of central Australia, the Northern Territory Government has warned. And security agencies in northern Australia do not have the expertise or equipment to securely store or respond to accidents involving the transportation of radioactive material, ... "

SMH: Clans challenge plan for N-waste dump
13 Apr 10: "A FEDERAL government proposal to build a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory faces a fresh challenge from Aboriginal land owners who claim their "dreaming" and traditional laws overlap the nominated site. ... In a submission to a Senate committee yesterday, elders from the Ngapa, Milwayi, Ngarrka, Yapayapa and Wirntiku clans rejected a claim by the Northern Land Council ... "

NT News: Consent 'not given' by Muckaty land owners
13 Apr 10: "THE deal to build a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the NT Outback was done without the consent of many affected by the decision, a Senate Inquiry was told yesterday. Muckaty Land Trust member Diane Stokes was one of many traditional owners who travelled from Tennant Creek to Darwin for the hearing."

ABC: Nuke dump nomination process divisive: Greens
13 Apr 10: "It is clear something went wrong in the consultation process regarding the nomination of Muckaty Station as a nuclear waste dump, the Greens Senator Scott Ludlam says. A Senate inquiry into the Federal Government's proposed Radioactive Waste Management Bill wrapped up its public hearings in Darwin yesterday."

ABC: NT unfairly singled out over nuke dump: Henderson
12 Apr 10: "The Chief Minister has told a Senate inquiry the Commonwealth is forcing a nuclear waste dump on the Northern Territory by using a constitutional weakness. ... The Chief Minister, Paul Henderson, has told the inquiry the Territory has been unfairly singled out to house the dump."

Canberra Times: NT clans, MPs oppose N-dump
12 Apr 10: "A proposed nuclear waste dump near Tennant Creek, in the Northern Territory, is being approved by the Rudd Government despite a majority locals opposing it, traditional owners will tell a Senate inquiry in Darwin today. And fears are growing that the dump, at Muckaty Station, about 120km from Tennant Creek, could close the cattle industry in the area, hurt tourism and damage biodiversity."

ABC Darwin: Wood blocked from airing nuke dump views
12 Apr 10: "Independent MLA Gerry Wood says he has been silenced by the Senate Committee examining a proposed nuclear waste facility in the Northern Territory. ... Traditional owners of the site proposed for a nuclear waste dump near Tennant Creek are today expected to tell the Senate Inquiry that their opposition was ignored when the site was nominated."


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Overland: Mucking up at Muckaty
14 Apr 10: "Close to one hundred people were gathered outside Parliament House in Darwin this April afternoon – traditional owners from Muckaty Station, activists from Alice Springs and Darwin, a woman who’d helped defeat the waste dump proposal in South Australia, unionists, two politicians and concerned citizens. The reason for the gathering, aside from showing opposition to the nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station, was the senate inquiry taking place inside Parliament House ... " Rohan Wightman
[includes photos]

- Photos

ASEN: Sydney – National Day of Action against Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump
13 Apr 10: "Monday 12th April marked a National Day of Action against the Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump and for Sydney that meant a message needed to be sent to and heard by Peter Garrett! ... Sydney ASEN crew with Friends of the Earth Sydney created a delicious radioactive waste dump outside of Peter Garrett’s office to show what it felt like to have nasty nuclear waste on his front door."

- Video

EngageMedia: No Dump at Muckaty - Melbourne, 12 April 2010
14 Apr 10: "Footage from Melbourne's contribution to a National Day of Action against the nuclear waste dump due to be forced on the people of the Northern Territory ... On the day a Senate enquiry into the plan was due to start in Darwin, Friends of the Earth's Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy Collective (ACE) and ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) joined forces in a loud and colourful event ... "

- Media Release

Tasmanian Times: Tasmanians support Muckaty Traditional Owners
12 Apr 10: "Today at 12pm concerned Tasmanians will create a mock nuclear waste dump in Franklin Square Hobart to highlight the real threat of the proposed Federal ALP nuclear waste repository in the Northern Territory. The protest is part of a national day of action coinciding with a senate inquiry hearing in Darwin on the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill (NRWMB) that seeks to impose a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. “The Hobart action stands in solidarity with the vast majority of Muckaty Traditional owners who have been opposing the plan to dump dangerous nuclear waste on their country since it was first proposed.” commented media spokesman Brett Thompson."

- News

NT News: Protesters demand end to nuclear waste dump plan
13 Apr 10: "ABOUT 80 people opposed to a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek protested yesterday in front of the Northern Land Council and Parliament House. Muckaty Land Trust member and Yapa Yapa elder Diane Stokes led the protest. She challenged the Ngapa people who approved the deal to prove their culture through dance and ceremony."

ABC: Nuclear dump protesters target NT Parliament
12 Apr 10: "Protesters have gathered at Parliament House in Darwin to lobby against the Commonwealth's plans to set up a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. The protest comes as a Senate inquiry is about to hear evidence in Darwin from traditional owners who are against the dump. ... Protesters are calling on the inquiry to travel to Tennant Creek and talk to the people directly affected."

Koori Mail: Muckaty protest outside Senate inquiry
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
12 Apr 10: "A NATIONAL Day of Action is underway today as protests continue against the nomination of Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek in the NT as the site for a possible nuclear waste dump. Some Ngapa traditional owners have supported such a dump but others are opposed and joined a protest rally in Darwin, where a Senate inquiry hearing into related legislation is currently underway."

Age: Protesters hit out at nuclear waste dump plan
12 Apr 10: "Melburnians have joined a nationwide protest against Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson's plans for a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, in the Northern Territory. Protesters gathered at Parliament House today before walking to Federation Square where they announced their preferred site for the waste dump - Mr Ferguson's backyard."

QUT News: Nuclear protest targets PM
12 Apr 10: "Nuclear protesters delivered a radioactive message to Kevin Rudd’s electoral office in Brisbane today. The group is fighting against a Bill, which proposes dumping Nuclear Waste on Aboriginal Lands in the Northern Territory. ... Armed with mock waste barrel and a letter from the traditional owners of the Land, the group had a message for the Prime Minister: How would you like it?"
[includes video]


- Event

Friends of the Earth Melbourne:
Muckaty Traditional Owners in Melbourne on April 21
"Traditional Owners fighting Martin Ferguson's plan to dump nuclear waste on their land in the Northern Territory will be in Melbourne on April 21. Please come to this public meeting to hear their story and to find out what we can do to support them.
Information evening, photo exhibition, film screening."


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Overland: The land is in our heart and in our minds
12 Apr 10: "The next morning we went to the rally. We met outside the Northern Land Council (NLC) building and after a welcome and a few words from Muckaty Traditional owner Diane Stokes, the 250-strong contingent of Traditional Owners, Tennant and Territory residents, nuclear-free campaigners from around the country, children and dogs marched down the main street shouting slogans ‘no dump at Muckaty’ and ‘don’t dump on the NT’." Scott Foyster

- Article and Slideshow

ACF - Australian Conservation Foundation:
'No Muckaty radioactive waste dump' gathering and protest
13 Apr 10: "However, many local Aboriginal people with the authority to speak for the land either actively oppose or have not been adequately consulted about the controversial plan and the deal struck between a this group, the Northern Land Council and the Commonwealth remains secret. The Muckaty story is one of broken promises, secret deals, confidential documents and the profound abuse of process."

- Photos

Flickr: beyondnuclearinitiative's photostream
Uploaded 15 Apr 10

- Radio

104.1 Territory FM: Proposed Nuclear Waste Site at Muckaty station
12 Apr 10: "Daryl Manzie talks to Chief Minister Hon. Paul Henderson about the current federal proposal for a Nuclear Waste Dump at Muckaty station."

- News

ABC: Right owners consulted on nuke dump: Ferguson
12 Apr 10: "The Federal Resources Minister says there is no doubt the right traditional owners were consulted over the prospect of their land being used to host a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory."

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