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Beyond Nuclear Initiative's weblog:
"This site is a snapshot of current nuclear free campaigns in Australia, particularly focusing on the proposal for a federal radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory."

WGAR News: Nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory (2 Mar 10)

- Audio from Public meeting

Beyond Nuclear Initiative's weblog: New audio uploaded
6 Mar 10: "Audio from the public meeting in Tennant Creek (held Wednesday March 3) about the Muckaty radioactive waste dump is now uploaded on the audio page- click here"
[Includes audio of Bunny Napurula-Muckaty Traditional Owner, Doris Nakamarra Kelly-Muckaty Traditional Owner, Minister Gerry McCarthy-MLA Barkly (NT Government), Senator Scott Ludlam, Richard Downs-Alyawarr Walk Off Spokesperson, Barbara Shaw-Intervention Rollback Action Group, Dianne Nampin Stokes-Muckaty Traditional Owner]

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Parliament of Australia: Senate: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee:
National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010
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Greens MPs: Government rediscovers secret report on Muckaty waste dump
15 Mar 10: "The Federal Government has admitted it has possession of a secret anthropological report which provides the foundation and sole basis for the nomination of Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek, as the most likely site for a radioactive waste dump."

Greens MPs: D-Day for Ferguson to produce Muckaty waste dump documents
11 Mar 10: "The Senate has ordered the Federal Government to finally release documents relating to the secret contract which paved the way for a radioactive waste dump to be built at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek."

Statement from the Alyawarr walk-off camp re NLC support for a Nuclear Waste Dump at Muckaty
4 Mar 10: "To Kim Hill, Chairman of the NLC: In your recent press statements, you say consultation has been carried out with traditional leaders of Muckaty station who approve of a nuclear waste dump site to go ahead. Yet there are other Aboriginal leaders, elders and family’s voices who are against the proposal not being heard. They have been completely shut out of any consultation."

Northern Land Council: Ngapa traditional owner Amy Lauder welcomes new legislation
3 Mar 10: "Muckaty Station traditional owner Amy Lauder has welcomed last week’s tabling of the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill in Federal Parliament. ... Ngapa Elder Ms Lauder today met with Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson in Darwin, re-iterating her wish that Ngapa land at Muckaty Station be considered as a potential site for a nuclear waste repository."

- Senate debates

OpenAustralia.org: Muckaty Station: 15 Mar 2010: Senate debates
15 Mar 10: "This is not some obscure document; this is the foundation upon which the entire case of the Muckaty nomination rests. It is an anthropological study conducted on behalf of the Northern Land Council that identifies a number of people as the only ones who are able to comment in regard to the Muckaty lands, where the Commonwealth still proposes to dump radioactive waste. We are not able to review those ideas or any of the material that is contained there because it has never been made public." Scott Ludlam (WA, Australian Greens)

- Analysis and/or Opinion

NT News: Political cowardice
17 Mar 10: "THE decision by the Senate to hold hearings into the nuclear waste dump in Canberra and Darwin but not Tennant Creek is an act of political cowardice. Muckaty Station, 120km north of the Outback town, may - or may not be - as good a place as any to build the depository. But the people who live in Tennant and nearby surely have a right to have their say."

Tennant & District Times: Time to make a stand
12 Mar 10: "Last week Richard Downs, spokesperson for the Alyawarr Walk Off Camp, wrote to the Northern Land Council Chairman, Kim Hill, regarding the consultation process which eventuated in the nomination of Muckaty Station as the site for a nuclear dump. This is what he wrote: ... "

ABC Darwin: What will be stored at Muckaty?
10 Mar 10: "We've heard that medical waste will be stored at an Australian radioactive waste dump, either at Muckaty station or wherever else a site is chosen. But spent nuclear fuel rods, which are of a higher level of radioactivity, will also be stored in any waste dump that's established."

Chris White Online: Oppose nuclear dump
8 Mar 10: "Minister Ferguson is going ahead despite the nomination of the Muckaty site is highly contested. The Senate is now receiving submissions. It is essential that the Senate Committee pay due respects to the Traditional Owners by travelling to Tennant Creek to take evidence from them directly. The nomination of the Muckaty site by the Northern Land Council was highly controversial and is strongly contested by many Traditional Owners."

anthropologyworks: A heresy is occurring in Australia
6 Mar 10: "Muckaty station sits above an ancient aquifer which is used by both the aborigines for drinking water and white station owners to water their cattle. ... Long-lived carcinogenic isotopes will inevitably leak into underground water systems, bio-concentrate in food chains and over generations induce cancer, genetic disease and congenital deformities in humans, animals and plants. A dismal prospect indeed for Australia’s future." Helen Caldicott

NT News Editorial: Shafted over nuke dump
5 Mar 10: "TRADITIONAL owners have finally woken up to the fact that they are being shafted by the Federal Government over the nuclear waste dump."

- News

ABC: Waste dump debate a 'health issue'
18 Mar 10: "The Senate committee in charge of the inquiry into the Federal Government's proposed nuclear waste dump legislation is expected to decide today whether to visit Tennant Creek. The inquiry has received more than 200 submissions."

Trading Room: NT Labor MP opposes Muckaty station for nuclear dump
18 Mar 10: "A Northern Territory Labor MP has broken ranks to oppose the use of the NT's Muckaty Station to store nuclear waste. Damian Hale, the Labor member for Solomon, says he does not want the nuclear waste dump to be located at Muckaty Station, 120km north of Tennant Creek."

ABC Rural: Senate inquiry should go to Tennant Creek: pastoralist
16 Mar 10: "The inquiry will host hearings in Darwin and Canberra, but not Tennant Creek which is only 120 kilometres south of Muckaty Station, currently the only site on the table for a waste dump."

ABC: Release study on Muckaty: Greens
16 Mar 10: "The Greens say they are puzzled as to why the Federal Government tried to claim it had not seen an anthropological study for a region that is the likely site for a proposed national nuclear waste dump."

ABC: Senators urged to visit planned waste dump site
15 Mar 10: "The Greens say a Senate inquiry into the Federal Government's proposed radioactive waste management legislation will not visit the site of the proposed dump."

NT News: Long trek for locals to be at dump talks
15 Mar 10: "TENNANT Creek locals and traditional owners will have to travel to Darwin or Canberra if they want to appear at the Senate Inquiry into new laws for a radioactive waste dump."

new media: tony serve blogs:
Australian Greens blast Labor over no waste dump hearing in Central Australia
14 Mar 10: "Greens blast Labor over no waste dump hearing in Central Australia. The Federal Government is trying to silence the Tennant Creek community with its decision not to bring a radioactive waste dump inquiry to Central Australia, the Australian Greens say."

ABC: Earthquake fears over nuclear dump site
12 Mar 10: "Reports into the suitability of the site chosen by the Federal Government for a nuclear waste dump say more scientific investigation is needed into the threat of earthquakes around the Tennant Creek region. A Greens Senate motion has forced the Federal Government to release eight reports and two reviews into the possible sites for a nuclear waste dump."

Weekly Times Now: Nuclear waste dump likely
9 Mar 10: "THE Northern Territory is set to house a national radioactive waste dump, after the federal coalition resolved to support government legislation."

ABC: Coalition to support nuclear waste dump
9 Mar 10: "The Federal Opposition has confirmed it will support the Government's plan for a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. Muckaty Station, about 100 kilometres north of Tennant Creek, is the only site under consideration for the proposed national radioactive waste facility."

SBS World News Australia: Nuclear waste dump plan for NT
9 Mar 10: "The Northern Territory is set to house a national radioactive waste dump, after the federal coalition resolved to support government legislation. Opposition energy spokesman Nick Minchin said the coalition had long recognised the need for a central repository, but when in government, had its efforts frustrated by state Labor governments."

Solidarity: Radioactive racism: Labor’s NT waste dump
Mar 10: "On Wednesday March 3, 150 people packed a community hall in Tennant Creek for a protest meeting against the imposition of a nuclear waste dump on the Muckaty Aboriginal Land Trust, 100 kilometres north of the town. There was a strong mood of defiance. Local people feel deeply betrayed by the Rudd government." Paddy Gibson

Tennant & District Times:
Federal minister snubs nuke dump resistance
5 Mar 10: "“YOU know I’m not going to Tennant Creek,” Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson snorted through the airwaves. ... "

NT News: Tennant Creek locals gather to talk nuclear waste
5 Mar 10: "SPEAKERS travelled thousands of kilometres to address residents of the Territory town at the centre of the national nuclear waste dump debate this week. The Tennant Creek public meeting at the CWA Hall was attended by more than 150 people on Wednesday night."

ABC: Snowdon confirms pro-nuclear dump vote
5 Mar 10: "The federal Labor Member for Lingiari, Warren Snowdon, says he will vote for new legislation which will override the Northern Territory's power to block a nuclear waste dump."

ABC Alice Springs: 'Dismayed': nuclear dump concerns raised
4 Mar 10: "More than 100 people have attended a public meeting in Tennant Creek about a proposed nuclear waste dump near the Northern Territory town."

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