Submissions call-out for Australian activist hystory anthology

Call-out for submissions - Reflections on moments in Australian activism, an anthology

Were you at Woomera, Baxter, Pine Gap, APEC, S11, G20, Climate Camp? Have you been involved in the struggle for old-growth forests, land rights, attended a coal port blockade, an activist conference / convergence, or been involved in a solidarity campaign? Did you write about your personal experiences? Journal entries, blogs, zine pieces, jotted down thoughts, articles for Indymedia?

We are looking for submissions for a new anthology of articles or stories written by activists about their personal experiences of the events that have shaped Australia's recent activist hystory. Preferably pieces would have been written at the time of, or close to, the event, to capture the intensity and engaging nature of the moment. Although submissions of pieces written after the event will still be considered. Pieces may have been published previously, as long as they are not under any copyright agreement.

The anthology will be the first non-newspaper production of Black Kite Press, a small independent press based in Central Australia, aimed at publishing Australian radical hystories and grassroots voices. We aim for it to be a tool with which Australian activists can reflect on past events in our recent hystory and learn from the successes, the crises, the differences and divisions, and the moments of inspiration and growth. While no one activist can be representative of a protest movement or event (and we hope we can represent diverse perspectives on the same events), it is crucial that grassroots hystories, written by people that were actually there, are disseminated with the faith that these stories will help the Australian activist community remember, learn, grow and build bridges of solidarity and understanding.

Please send ideas, questions and submissions to before 31 March 2010.