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WGAR News: Call to an Aboriginal Summit in Canberra (13 Jan 10):

WGAR News: Update on Aboriginal Summit in Canberra (23 Jan 10):

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WGAR: New Way Summit: Our Way or No Way


26 Jan 10:

"Invitation to a national conference open to all in support of Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms

This summit is about the blood, guts and tears of our people. It is our intention to deal with the issues that nobody wants to know about, let alone do something about.

* Saturday 30 January at Haydon-Allen Tank, Australian National University, Canberra

The final agenda will be determined at the beginning of the summit.

The first day is for listening to the elders and the youth. It will give us a clear and defined agenda for the following two days. Our people are hurting and they are seeking to locate their own solutions to problems. A sanitised national representative body cannot and will not get down in the gutters and mess that has been created by all past government-sponsored programming.

9am Plenary – some sections can be live streamed
10.30am Break
11am Plenary – some contributions through Skype
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Plenary resumes –
5-6pm informal discussion over food

* Sunday 31 January at Haydon-Allen Tank, Australian National University, Canberra

The second day will be about having the delegates workshop the issues that they seek to address. We need to locate solutions and this will offer the people the freedom to come up with what they see as their ways of addressing issues. It is important to understand that we will expect the people to indicate their visions and outcomes for their planned way forward.

9am Plenary
10.30am Break
11am Ambassadors’ Presentations and Discussion
12.30pm Lunch
1.30 – 2.30pm Plenary
3 -4.30pm Workshops
4.45 Report back
5.15 – 6pm Informal discussion over food

* Monday 1 February at Copeland Theatre, Australian National University, Canberra

The third day is about setting an ‘Agenda of ACTION’. This will include amongst other things a declaration of our will and ‘sovereignty’. It will also include a ‘communiqué’ to be delivered to the Prime Minister and his parliament which we hope can be read into the Parliamentary Hansard.

9am Plenary
10.30 Break
11am Drafting Workshops
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Plenary to compile final documents
5.15 – 6pm informal discussion over food

This is an unfunded grassroots initiative. Monetary donations for food will keep the tucker flowing."


Indymedia Australia: Canberra billets and transport needed ... for Aboriginal New Way summit
22 Jan 10: "Dear friends in Canberra and surrounding areas.
Yes, we need help again to accommodate Aboriginal people who will be converging on Canberra Jan 30 and 31 and Feb 1 for a three-day summit to plan a new way forward in troubled times - with the government intervention unabated. You may already have heard of this through the WGAR Newsletter or more directly from emails sent out by Michael Anderson, co-founder of the original 1972 Aboriginal Embassy.
Most people will be camping at the Tent Embassy as usual, but some of the older/frail people will need beds and a little support. ... "
[Includes requests for garden produce, kitchen help, firewood, tents, blankets and sleeping bags]


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