HSI warns of pending legal action over japanese whaler spy flights

Media Release - January 6, 2010

Humane Society International (HSI) has warned it is prepared to take legal action against Australian companies that are reported to have been assisting Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, by providing their services to operate spy flights.

In January 2008, HSI secured an injunction against Japanese whale hunts in Australia's Antarctic territorial waters.

HSI is writing to the companies involved informing them that they are assisting activities that are a breach of Australian law and contravene an injunction from the Federal Court. ‘Companies that assist Japanese whaling operations in Australia's Antarctic territorial waters are assisting criminal activity that is in contempt of the Federal Court', said Nicola Beynon.

‘HSI is writing to the companies concerned asking them to desist their activities within 48 hours. We suggest that any Australian company considering their involvement in whaling activities of any kind be aware of the legal ramifications'.

HSI has given the companies involved 48 hours to desist from their involvement in whaling, after which it will consider commencing legal proceedings against the companies, directors and employees involved without further notice.

HSI is also appalled to learn this afternoon that the Japanese whalers have sunk a Sea Shepherd vessel.

HSI repeats our calls on the Australian Government to enforce the Federal Court injunction against the Japanese whale hunt and to take action against all the companies involved.

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