Fascist meeting in Sydney disrupted

Last Friday (October 1) a crowd of over 70 people made it clear to a far-right gathering in Sydney that fascists are not welcome and that they will not be able to meet undisturbed.

A very successful community demonstration was held against KN (Klub National / Klub Nastiya), a monthly social gathering/drinking club for assorted neo-nazis, nationalists, racists and fascists. KN were holding their meeting at the Humanist Society Hall, on Shepherd St, Chippendale. There were 5 or 6 fascists present when the crowd of over 50 people came around the corner carrying signs saying “All You Fascists Bound to Lose” and “No Racist Meeting in Our Neighbourhood”. They locked themselves in the building while demonstrators outside yelled “Nazis out” and banged on the door and windows. The protesters outside were quickly joined by dozens more people who came out of nearby houses and the café on the corner, who were outraged to find out that fascists were meeting in their neighbourhood and joined in showing their disapproval.

The police came quickly but did not attempt to move the demonstrators on, though they kept people away from the building. After about an hour, the Public Order and Riot Squad blocked off a side street and pushed protesters back in order to allow a couple of nazi skinheads to enter the side door of the building. It was only the large police presence that allowed the fascists to have their get together.

If KN try to hold another meeting next month (November 6) at the Humanist Hall – and if the humanist society let them meet there – there will be a far bigger demonstration. If they get the message that they are not welcome in Chippendale and move somewhere else, we will follow them.



How about less vandalism and violence against minor political groups and more direct action against the global capitalist system?

there's no such thing as a 'national anarchist'. Anarchism is internationalist; it's about the global working class overthrowing capitalism & the state & collectively taking control of our lives. It's not about forming racially or culturally pure units. It's certainly not about blaming, say, internaitonal students for capitalist problems.
In other words, how about you stop calling yourself an anarchist when you're a nationalist & 'national anarchism' is an attempt to sell fascism - which, as this action showed, really isn't very popular with the kids.
For more information on this brand of fascism:


Only idiots blame other working class people for the shit we all live in.


If National-Anarchists don't exist, why do you guys get so upset about us? Take a chill pill, man!

Indeed, Anarchism is an international movement... Anarchists should support the multitude of nations (everyone from Hmong, Flemish, Cherokee, Koori, Hutu ad infinitum) working together to overcome global capitalism and ideally, co-exist peacefully while being able to independently live according to their own culture and value system - NOT the universalist value system that Marxists and other globalists wish to foist upon everyone.

We all have equal value as human beings and we should all have equal opportunity to live a happy and secure life but anybody that wants to make us all the same is destroying one of the most amazing aspects of our species; our diversity. National-Anarchists aren't looking to gas Jews or oppress homosexuals, or tell people they can't meet and share ideas, we're just looking for our little share of the world to exist in our own way, without the tyranny of global capitalism.

We don't live in your little political cages, we don't accept your narrow-minded view of the world and we do transcend the borders of left and right established by the current system. We are the change we want to see in the world.

Once again Scott is bang on the money! Nations are eternal, all of which were present when Mankind was created. They are certainly not in any sense historical. Anyone who claims otherwise is a Nazi. The Koori Nation, for example, is not a general term used to describe indigenous peoples from Victoria and southern New South Wales, but a Tribe just like Scott's. It is because Scott and the legions of National Anarchists across the World do not live in small cages that we understand this, as well as the perils of fluoridation. The attempt by Fascists and Communists to draw attention to the supposed contradiction between Humanism and neo-Nazism (and the simply preposterous idea that maybe hiring out a Humanist House to neo-Nazis is neither big nor clever) is no better than the Nazi Holocaust (had it actually occurred). We are the change we want to see in the world, especially when it performs live on stage at a neo-Nazi gig.

There will be another community rally at 7pm on Friday 6 November, at Humanist House - 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale.

This is the next scheduled KN gathering. The Humanist Society are being very cagey about whether or not they're going to continue to support neo-nazis, and KN may or may not chose to meet where they know they will face collective opposition.

If they turn up we will be there to tell them they are not welcome. If they don't, we'll have a street party to celebrate.

haha. thay think thay will stop meetings if any thing thay are just putting fuel in our fire. i will be at the next meeting. my words to those that apose. "Come Get Some all you Commie scum!!"

What is it with you people. You call those that disagree with certain aspects of immigration policy racists yet you are the ones who choose to deny the right to freedom of speech. These people weren't openly demonstrating against anything. They were obviously just holding a meeting amongst themselves. Yet you anarchists continue with your vile and unrepenting war against that which you know nothing about. Save the whales or stop global warming, but stay out of issues that really don't concern you.

well said..

When fascists meet, shaw, it is ipso facto of concern to anti-fascists, and they will demonstrate their displeasure.

Nothing you can do about it, it's the way of the world.

You're all full of shit.

The "National Anarchists" claim to be anti-fascist, and yet
hang out with moron skinheads at B & H gigs. If you really find fascism to vile, then why are you there? I don't see you going to Commie hippy band sessions, so the claim of neither left nor right is also crap.

The Anarchists are just as bad. Claiming to represent freedom for the working class man, and yet you turn up to harass people who have different ideas to you. Sounds pretty damn fascist to me.

You're basically claiming to support individual right to believe whatever an individual chooses, so long as they agree with you. Thats an undeniable, bald-faced double standard.