Desalination protest trespass action

On August 2nd, 10 protesters expressed their dissent against the proposed 3 billion dollar desalination plant to be built at Wonthaggi by entering the site. Two protesters chained themselves to the fence of the site for two hours whilst a protest caravan was parked over the site entrance.

The Victorian Government recently announced the contract to build and operate the plant went to French multi-national corporation Aqua-sure. This amounts to the effective privitisation of 25% of Melbournes water supply. The Brumby Government is so extreme in its neo-liberal committment to privitisation it treads even where Kennett feared to tread. The company is guaranteed income under the deal even if no water from the plant is needed.

The ALP care so much about their corporate mates that they even compensated the losing bidder BassWater, owned by Veolia (of Connex fame) 10 million dollars for losing the contract!

In another nice twist the Sunday Age recently revealed that the parent company of AquaSure was fined by the Brazilian Government for illegally clearing in the Amazon whilst building a hydro electric plant.

So in one foul swoop the ALP State government is building an environmentally destructive, energy intensive plant, neglecting cheaper cleaner alternatives, privitizing our water and doing the bidding of foreign multi-nationals.

All power to the protestors! May sanity return to Victoria's water policy sooner rather than later.