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Hi there,

I am a writer in the UK working on a radio drama that has an Brisbane element to it. The story is about a guy who travels from the UK to Brisbane to get back with the girl he has lost, but there's a twist. He has to do it without being touched by more than 16 people.

We will start recording it on November 21st.

We are still looking for two male actors: One aged about 22 and the other 50s-60s. Both will have two parts to play so would need to be able to do two distinct voices.

I am mentioning this to you, because I have come up with a challenge that I think would be very interesting to try and accomplish. I have an idea to record the scenes involving the Australians and the English guy, using a live link between the two countries using the internet.

The aim being: Each actors will be able to hear the others and perform their lines on cue. The dialogue is recorded, which becomes part of the finished play.

I wonder if this is something you and your radio station would be interested in getting involved with. I have two recording studios in the UK that would be happy to get involved, we just need an organisation in Australia that would have all the equipment and the actors.

Of course there will be technical considerations - such as delays - and time factors. We would hope to do it during our day time as the nights are very, very cold in our Autumn.

I think this will be a great opportunity to raise the profile of each radio station through media interest. it will also a long way to highlight the growing phenomenon here in the UK of community broadcast radio.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please let me know. I realise that the time is short, so it may not be possible; but my philosophy is: Give it a go anyway, and see what happens!

Gari Sullivan