Melbourne events: ISJA + A Decision to Discriminate + Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention

Melbourne and Victoria Aboriginal rights events for your diary

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Event: Thu 2 May 2013: Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic
Next Meeting:
Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne:
"During 2013, ISJA will meet the
first Thursday of every month."
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Event: Fri 3 May 2013: Grovedale, Geelong, Vic
Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate
Aboriginal Disempowerment in the Northern Territory
Auntie Betty Pike, Elder from the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Victoria
Michele Harris from 'concerned Australians'
Venue: Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre
"The book has been produced by 'concerned Australians',
a network formed in 2007 in response to the serious
injustices in the Northern Territory Intervention."
""A Decision to Discriminate" focuses on the recent
Stronger Futures legislation. Using direct quotations,
the authors expose the harshness of the measures
and the inadequacies of the local consultations."
"This new book is an important historical record
that focuses on the Senate Committee Inquiry
into the Stronger Futures legislation. It shows
how the Government decision-making process
chose to ignore the views and ideas expressed
by many Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory
communities in much the same way as has
happened since colonisation."
Event details:
'A Decision to Discriminate' is a 'concerned Australians' publication
'A Decision to Discriminate' Order Form:
'concerned Australians' Homepage:
'A Decision to Discriminate' Book Reviews:
'A Decision to Discriminate' Audio Interviews:
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WGAR Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention:
WGAR Background to 'Stronger Futures' new NT Intervention laws:

Event: 17 May to 16 June 2013: Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic
Exhibition: Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention
Opening Thu 16 May 2013
Counihan Gallery In Brunswick:
"Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention is about the
removal of citizen rights by the Federal government’s 'intervention',
(2007 - 2012) in the Northern Territory, seen through the
practices of Aboriginal and non-Indigenous artists."
"Using a range of media, the artists look at the return
to protectionist policy and the diminishing of an
Indigenous participatory voice: the loss of citizenship
rights, of the right to homelands and self-determination. "
"Alison Alder, Bindi Cole, Fiona Foley, Dan Jones,
Vernon Ah Kee, Sally M. Mulda, Chips Mackinolty,
Fiona MacDonald, Amy Napurulla, Brendan Penzer,
Therese Ritchie, Deborah Vaughan, Jason Wing"
Curated by Jo Holder & Djon Mundine OAM
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WGAR Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention:

Event: 28 September 2013: Melbourne, Vic
Melbourne - Thirty Years But Still No Justice!
National Day of Action to Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody!
Remember John Pat and the hundreds
who have died in custody since!
"Support these demands made by John Pat’s mother,
Mavis Pat:
* An apology from the WA government for my son’s death in custody
* An ex-gratia payment as compensation
* That the police officers involved need to be brought to
account and a re-opening of the coronial inquiry
into my son’s death ... "
Organised by:
Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne
Event details:
Event details:

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