Police powers

Australian state government bolsters “move-on” police powers

Published in the World Socialist Website

The Liberal government in the state of Victoria has moved to enact sweeping antidemocratic legislation targeting demonstrations and workplace pickets. The proposed laws give police wide discretionary powers to “move-on” people from designated areas, and have the courts ban individuals from these areas for up to 12 months. Anyone violating such an “exclusion order” can be imprisoned for two years.

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Byron Bay occupied by cops

Friday 18th November, 2011 by Harsha Prabhu The beaches and streets of Byron Bay - Australia's favourite easternmost tourist destination - were crawling with police of every description on Friday 18th Nov. Officers from the Tweed and the Sniffer Dog Squad, Riot Squad and Mounted Squad from Sydney joined local police in the police operation. The police action was in response to the start of Schoolie's Week - when several thousand school leavers were scheduled to descend on Byron - but the only people who seemed to be about in force on Friday night at 10pm was the police force itself.