Punks Not Dead - Melbourne punk bands reclaim unused spaces for shows

Almost 35 years since punk hit independent bands in Melbourne, Australia are still keeping the punk spirit alive. They are are saying F*@% you! to the main stream venues around that charge high prices for drinks, large entrance fees and make bands jump through hoops to play by running their own shows in unused spaces.

I recently attended a show put on under a bridge in North Melbourne that was organised and put on by The Flying Rats. A crazy punk/ska band that regularly practices in a squatted band room in the middle of an abandoned factory in Glenferrie. The gig was free to attend, BYO drinks (although there was a lot of home brew being passed around) and had a feeling of community that has been missing at most shows I have been too lately.

The show was run of a generator provided by The Flying Rats, played through a P.A. provided by one of the other bands, Dixon Cider, and the instruments and amps were provided by all manner of people there. A few bands were lined up to play then people just jumped on and played as they felt like it. This DIY environment and laid back attitude has been missing in recent years with many people being more concerned with fashion or who is more punk. It is refreshing to see these ideas thrown out the window and people just getting back into having a good time.



That was a fun gig. Looking forward to more of them.

What an awesome night, turned out so good!!!

Great night. Is the DIY bush festival thing still happening?


Photos can easily be attached to Indymedia stories. Would be great to see some photos of the similar events in the future. Thanks for the account of gig!

It was a good night but unfortunately I did not get any photographs.

The Gembrook D.I.Y. festival is still happening from Fri, 03/02/2012 until Sun, 05/02/2012. Have a look at


for more information.

Some one stole his camera

Hi, I am producing a independent short film set in the 80s in inner Melbourne during the last weekend of January and I am looking for a male or female punk to feature in it. I want to showcase a few music/fashion genres from that time. If you are interested and want more info please contact me.

Hi Melinda.

That sounds like it could be fun. If you are still looking for a punk figure I would be interested. I also play in The Flying Rats (a 6 piece anarco punk band) that were mentioned in the indymedia article. If you could use a band playing in your short film I think that the rest of the guys would be up for it.

What is the best way of getting in contact with you? My phone number is 0468-337-865 give me a call if you are still looking for a punk to feature in it or if you are interested in us playing. (Where I live I do not have the best reception so If my phone is off just send a text message and I will try to call you back.)