Peacefully protesting the CHOGM Business Forum

On the 25 October 2011, Julia Gillard along with the head of Woodside addressed the Gala ball at the CHOGM business forum at the Burswood Casino in what is to be the first of a week of CHOGM events and protests.

Just days after many local activists received notices banning them from attending the city and security areas for the duration of the events, a group of around 40 CHOGM Action Network and Occupy Perth Activists peacefully protested outside the Casino. The group held banners, listened to speeches from several local activists including group spokes person Alex Bainbridge, and chanted anti-capitalist slogans before leaving peacefully.

The visible police presence lining the driveways and entrances, as well as two police horses and constant circling of a police helicopter overhead seem to be a small indication of the overwhelming intimidatory security presence within Perth for the CHOGM proceedings.