A facade of a Potemkin village

I should call myself – REFUSENIK – the person refused fair trial and in the most blatant way having my human rights abused by Queensland legal system .

My struggle for justice became the classical case of the fight against the perfidy of the people in the legal system ( Queensland , Australia ) where all elements - police , prosecution , trial judge and the defence lawyers - cooperate to achieve the conviction in the hassle-free way and then the supervisory ( judicial ) bodies rubber stamp their achievement .
That happens within the legal system claiming to have allegedly superior mechanisms to achieve the fair trial and with the ‘honesty ‘ , ‘fairness’ , ‘ justice ‘ , ‘openness ‘ , ‘legitimacy ‘ , ‘respect for human rights’ , ‘respect for civil rights’
However , the definitions of the above and the compliance is determined by the same people who make the decisions – so , as it would be expected , grey matters are whitewashed ; blunders are covered up ; lies , mistakes and errors are concealed

My pursuit for justice shows how easy it is for the people within the state apparatus to persecute persons they do not like , with the tacit approval of ALL elements of the legal system happily , almost with malicious pleasure , pretending that they do not see it happening .
Furthermore – ‘ they ‘ close ranks helping each other when trying to cover up the perfidy of the initial perpetrators , obeying their own code of silence and in effect disclosing the abyss of the corruption , depravity and rottenness of the whole system .
No sense of shame , no moral restraints , no hesitation , no reflection or regret of doing something what is morally and legally wrong .
‘ They ‘ are not interested how to remedy a wrong done to another human being but how to protect the wrong doers by inventing some crafty phrases which obscure the truth and imply that all is in perfect order .

This mindless cruelty is done by fellow Australians working within the structures called democratic institutions supposedly having the duty of care .
That happens in spite of claimed existence of checks and balances , in spite of allegedly open , fair , transparent legal system existing in Queensland .
The legal system which instead of protecting the society from criminals is harbouring criminal elements within itself .

Possibly , because the legal industry is so convinced about their self importance
( by manipulative and often brutally violent controlling of many aspects of the society life ) and full of disrespect towards the rest of the society .
Disproportionate influence , looking at their contribution to the prosperity and well being of the society , breeds endemic arrogance so characteristic in the legal industry and the culture of avoidance of the unpleasant truth .
There seems to be attitude among lawyers to avoid presentation of issues which could potentially embarrass a trial judge or Department of Public Prosecution or are against the dogmas propagated as unchangeable truths .
By tacit mutual agreement lawyers do not criticize judges and judges do not criticise lawyers and it became a society of mutual adoration and not a genuine and fair legal system .
There are also matters of moral standing , honesty and integrity and easiness with which an injustice can be committed in this legal system , with evident eagerness to destroy human life. There is hypocrisy second only to arrogance of certain people .
I have been denied protection by the law . Instead I have been persecuted using the law as convenient tool for people with criminal tendencies in state apparatus .
It is a difficult battle against entrenched , experienced in perfidy and manipulation people , who have contempt for all morality and decency , and there is disproportionate level of knowledge , skills , experience and access to resources making it difficult to crack the veneer of pretension of respectability .

With very limited means of communication or protest and with the reputation tainted by being in prison I have been faced with the wall built not of bricks but people`s attitudes and conduct. The wall of perfidy , lies , inhumanity .
My suffering is aggravated by the fact that I dared to represent myself in court and persecuting me is kind of a lesson to others not to contemplate such idea although I am asking not for a privilege but for the respect of my right to do so .
What happened
I have been accused of an assault and of committing a grievous bodily harm and sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment for breaking the hand of the person who attacked me .
I have been framed up by police and the prosecution , deprived of the fair trial , purposely deceived , confused , mistreated and abused by the legal system , treacherously cheated by lawyers , emotionally tortured .
I have spent 2.5 years in Queensland prisons and if someone thinks that it is not too much compared with other people who spent 10 or 20 years , just imagine being all this time among junkies , petty thieves , robbers and murderers ;among filthy , rude,
vulgar and violent individuals ; among mentally disturbed people deprived of any respect for others .
It is not only the deprivation of freedom , it is the deprivation of the ability to enjoy life , god given entitlement to be full human .
It is the waste of the very limited resource as the human life span is , it is suffering , anguish , misery , pain .
And all of that for doing nothing wrong .
I am giving the example of the Queensland DPP (following the Qld police lead)
with breath taking arrogance and perfidy presenting in Queensland Court the persons natural facial features as the evidence of the damage suffered during the fight . ( issue 3 ) .
Their conduct indicates that the truth and honesty are the foreign matters to them , something expected only from others .
I have been making very public accusation of Queensland DPP using fabricated evidence to obtain my conviction for a while now .
( just as I am publicly accusing the Queensland police of framing me ).
You may wonder what is Qld DPP reaction ... NOTHING .
They put their heads in the sand hoping that nobody will hear this , nobody will know this , nobody will notice or may be will forget .
Such experts in determining a criminal conduct or distinguishing what is right and what is wrong , so keen to prosecute ( or persecute )
people considered to be criminals somehow developed selective blindness and they cannot see the criminals among themselves .

Or there might be another reason .
What is he making the noise about ? We do it all the time , it is our standard practice , it is within our code of conduct !
They are laughing in my face ( and YOURS )
Who do you think can charge , prosecute or convict one of US ?
WE ARE the prosecuting organisation ,WE decide who gets prosecuted .
Do you think that police will charge one of US ?
Do you think that a court exists which would convict one of US ?
You are NOBODY and we are going to ignore you .

I brought up that issue for the attention of judges , Attorney General , legal organisations and several lawyers and barristers – and such conduct of the people in Qld DPP ( their colleagues ) is accepted , tolerated and protected .
I am giving the example of the trial judge – Leanne Clare - rejecting my submission to examine the prosecution witness in Court because it would show him committing perjury and it would ruin the prosecution case against me .( issue 1 )
Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?
I am giving the example of the trial judge – Leanne Clare – pretending that she did not see the contradictory evidence in Court and instead blabbing to jury about her conviction that whatever the accuser was claiming it was true . ( issue 2 )
Leanne Clare just few months before was herself the director of the Queensland DPP and she did whatever she could ( and as the judge she can do a lot ) to cause me anguish and to protect the prosecution case against me .
Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?
Leanne Clare was acting more like a show master than an impartial and a fair trial judge . At one stage during the Court hearing she scripted the question which would be asked the witness , she gave him instruction how to answer the question
and to top that she told him to lie as the answer to the question .

1-90-50 ( judge to witness ) - …..… I am going to ask you to restrict your answer
to that question to yes …..

At that time the witness ( the accuser - XXXXX ) was testifying in Court under oath and he could be expected ( under the rules existing in other , civilized societies) to tell the truth , nothing but the truth , etc .
If that seems to be a very radical way of administering justice please do remember that this is happening in barbaric Queensland , Australia .
Such parody of justice and compromising of the fairness of the court process is silently accepted and approved by the local legal industry .
Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?
I am giving the example of what methods are used by corrupt Queensland police
to frame people and how it is successful in achieving the conviction due to manipulation and collusion within the legal industry .
I am giving the example how some perfidious Queensland lawyers betray the trust people put in them and consciously act against clients vital interests with purposeful negligence and wickedness .
Such conduct is approved and supported by ( some of ) their peers .
I am giving the example of selective application of laws in this country eg. when principles of ‘ likehood ’ and ‘association ‘ are used by judges left , right and centre to justify conviction of ordinary people and somehow they are forgotten when it comes to dealing with one of their own . Isn`t the equality before the law supposed to be the corner stone of this legal system ? ( issue 5 )
Isn`t it the abuse of judicial power by not applying the same rules and laws for all Australian citizens ?
This kind of methods are used in Queensland to prove people`s guilt in criminal proceedings , this is how conviction is achieved and people are locked up as criminals .
All elements of the legal system I contacted so far remain silent and pretend that they do not see this perfidy .

The injustice done to me is public knowledge .
The criminal conduct of Qld police and Qld DPP is public knowledge .
The treachery of several Qld lawyers is public knowledge .
The objectionable conduct of the trial judge is public knowledge .
And due to dreadful paralysis of the system we can only look and shake our heads .

Trying to bring to public attention not only the injustice done to me but also the rottenness and the perversity of Queensland legal system I received several letters from important institutions replying that there is the separation of powers in Australia therefore they cannot do anything .
Institutions , so concerned about injustice committed in other countries by those terrible dictators and regimes .
Instead of patronising , preaching and lecturing what others should do in their jurisdiction what about doing it first in own country ?

HELLO ! Criminals are at large , isn`t there anybody knowing how to do in this situation the right thing and bring them to justice !

What is the possibility of bringing to justice people from the Qld police or Qld DPP who were involved in my persecution , in fabricating the charge against me ?
What is the possibility of bringing to justice the person who falsely accused me of assaulting him when in fact he attacked me and he lost the fight ?
I have been denied protection by the law and access to justice and failed by all elements of the legal system I contacted so far therefore , I am bringing for public attention the appallingly
sorry state of Queensland Legal Industry .
I am also asking the knowledgeable people for advise /assistance in what can I do to clear my name
and bring to justice those responsible for my persecution .

Information about my battle with the devilish forces in barbaric Queensland
( with the copies of relevant documents ) is on
- www.petermarkan.net
- www.petermarkan.org
- www.petermarkan.com
and some others .