Australian govt wants ISP's to keep your web search records for 10 years

If planning to implement one of the most draconian web censorship regimes in the world was not enough, the Federal ALP now plans to force ISP companies to keep your web search records and even possibly your emails for 10 years and for these to made available to law enforcement agencies without any need for a warrant. The plans were revealed in an ZDnet article and later confirmed by ISP companies although the extent of data retention plan has been disputed by the ALP.

An Electronics Frontier Australia spokesman said

Electronic Frontier Australia (EFA) chair Colin Jacobs said the proposals were "a step too far". "At some point data retention laws can be reasonable," he said, "but highly-personal information such as browsing history is a step too far. You can't treat everybody like a criminal. That would be like tapping people's phones before they are suspected of doing any crime."

The ZDnet article quotes one internet service provider (ISP) source as saying that the Australian regime, if implemented, could go as far as recording each URL a customer visited and all emails.

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