Only Independent politicians actually represent the best interests of their constituents

I totally disagree with Member for Gympie, David Gibson’s negative comments in yesterday’s Gympie Times on the defection of Aidan McLindon and Rob Messenger from the LNP, which is absolutely NOT pointless!

On the contrary! Political parties represent the political and financial interests of Australia’s elite oligarchy and NOT the interests of the people. Make no mistake, despite all the spin, misleading articles and propaganda in the media, only Independents can actually represent the documented democratic wishes of their electorates, instead of having to bow and put party politics first.

Only Independents are able to put the people FIRST!

I applaud and congratulate Rob Messenger and Aidan McLindon for deciding to put their electorates first and foremost and running as Independents! This is unquestionably THE WAY to go!

If only more politicians actually put the people they are supposed to re- pre- sent BEFORE their own selfish personal interests, Queensland and Australia for that matter would be a much better place!

On 7 April 2010 I began a peaceful protest outside the electorate office of my local MP, John Mickel the Speaker of Parliament, on his consistent denial of electoral representation on the issue of judicial abuse against an unrepresented bullied schoolboy and the repeated unlawful editing of courtroom audio tapes and transcripts to pervert the course of justice.

On my first day of protest, John Mickel ignored me completely. On the following day I again protested outside his office, this time with a few more placards. The placards said “John Mickel does NOT represent the people!” The others said “Bullied schoolboy wants INDEPENDENT investigation on judicial corruption!"
The message speaks for itself! Does it not?

At the end of my second day of protest John Mickel did lower himself to come out and meet me outside his office. He acted as if he had absolutely no idea what I was on about. Yet he had blocked my email address years ago, because he did not want to know about our issue and doggedly refused to represent us as Australian born citizens and HIS CONSTITUENTS!

He feigned complete ignorance and asked me to explain it all to him, which I did find really infuriating given his arrogance and long-time blatant refusal to act honourably and represent us as per the Westminster system of political accountability.

John Mickel put his own selfish interests and his party’s interest’s way before our personal interests and our civil rights as HIS CONSTITUENTS! I told him I wanted him to finally table my documented and corroborated judicial corruption allegations in Parliament.

John Mickel told me he could not do that because he was the Speaker, but he would write a letter to the CMC and urge them to now properly investigate my corroborated allegations on gross judicial misconduct involving four Queensland judges including Governor Penelope Wensley’s very own brother.

He blatantly lied to me in front of a witness and since then he has done absolutely nothing. He has not written to the CMC as he promised me outside his office and he was not nearly as polite on the phone later on as he was when I was there with all my signs protesting outside his office, with passing motorists tooting in support and giving me the thumbs up sign.

He later offered to table a petition for an inquiry into school bullying, which is definitely NOT what I had repeatedly asked for. (HANG ON, I thought he could NOT table anything!) Because Mr Mickel feigned complete ignorance I had given him a leaflet.

It had ALL the information on it, which further made it clear yet again, I wanted an independent investigation into JUDICIAL CORRUPTION and it also contained a link to the article the foreign media had written on how he had persistently refused to represent me and how he personally had me ejected from Parliament titled “Armed Police Eject Mother From Queensland Parliament.”

Mr Mickel also told me he would write to Attorney General Cameron Dick and that I would receive a copy of this letter. I received nothing and his office later told me it was secret and confidential and I could not have a copy of the letter John Mickel wrote to Mr Dick.

I actually spoke in detail about my judicial abuse allegations and the subsequent high level political cover-up from the public gallery to all the politicians, who were in Parliament on 23 April 2009.

The person, who repeatedly shouted to have me ejected was none other than my very own state Labor representative, John Mickel, the Speaker of Queensland Parliament, while Premier Anna Bligh laughed at me!

That was over a year ago and the media did not report the issue I raised in Parliament, or that I was violently ejected by armed police from the gallery on John Mickel’s order. However, the international media reported it in this article:
Armed Police Eject Mother From Queensland Parliament

I would also like to point out that NOT one single person of all the people present in Parliament at that time moved that I be heard or that my complaint be investigated! The “incident” was not recorded in Hansard as the democratic process demands, other than the fact that there was a disturbance in the public gallery and a person was ejected.

Parliament has refused to give me a DVD copy of the recorded Parliamentary sitting of that day and the Clerk of Parliament also refused to assist me. Television cameras are now banned and the Parliamentary cameras make a point of NOT recording what abused and ignored citizens have to say from the public gallery of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE. Some democratic process that is!!!

When I attended the 4BC Right to feel safe forum on 17 March 2010, I told Mr Dick standing on the podium above me, how angry I was that he has ignored all my communication on my judicial abuse complaint with him since he was sworn into office in March 2009.

Mr Dick promised me in front of the media that he would ‘look into my complaint’, but has since continued to be incommunicado.

My address to Mr Dick was televised on the evening news and Brisbane Times showed me talking to Mr Dick in this edited video clip and my comment no. 13 underneath in the related comment section was published in full.

I would also like to point out the Shadow Attorney General, Lawrence Springborg was present, as were hundreds of other people, including Police Minister Neil Roberts when I raised my issue in front of the media.

Former Queensland Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg and other Opposition Leaders and Deputy Opposition Leaders, before and after the LNP merger have always declined to assist me and to table my documented and corroborated allegations in Parliament.

And at the 4BC Forum on 17 March 2010, Mr Springborg was again silent and said absolutely nothing, even though the television, print and radio media were right there.

Our ordeal has been published by Mathaba, who have given us actual coverage on several occasions and the following foreign media and many others have published my citizen journalist articles on several occasions: The Wall Street Journal Online, USA Today, Daylife, and Huffington Post.

Despite all this, the high level political cover up continues and government continues to doggedly refuse to acknowledge our complaint, let alone comment on and act on it.

Don’t tell me all is well! Or that political parties serve us well!

They absolutely DO NOT!

I also contacted many state and federal opposition politicians, including Barnaby Joyce in vain. There is a federal component to my complaint (see links below).

Respected corruption fighter, Tony Fitzgerald QC recently declared both Queensland houses corrupt and explained just how betrayed we are by our elected representatives??? and by party politics!

“Queensland is no longer the isolated 'deep north' but is now in the mainstream of political malpractice”, he said.

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