Democracy is a total sham

Democracy and political systems

Democracy is a brainwashing term used by the most cunning societal leaders of all to deceive thier citizen-slaves that they enjoy "freedom" and that thier society is "good", or at least better than, other societies.
Democracy is a sham, an illusion, and has no legitimacy in Truth. There is no such thing as a legitimate democracy.

The only actual and meaningful types of society are :
1. Truth-based.
2. Lie-based

All human societies today and through-out history have been lie-based. There is not a single Truth-based society in existance.

All societal candidates must outwardly conform to the false and lie-based values, ideals, behavioural dictates, dress dictates and false morality etc of the particular society they seek power in because all citizen-slaves have been brainwashed into believing in them.

It is not possible for someone who renouces "justice" in favour of Truth, who dresses in thier underpants, or who wears "punk" clothes, or who hits people in public because he feels like it, who idolises Charles Manson .......IN OTHER WORDS DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE CURRENT SOCIETAL CONSTRUCTS......... just one of these things would render it impossible to be "elected".

Take Melbourne ex-mayor John So. Despite coming from a different society, that orders it's own citizen-slaves to adopt cosmetically different manners and dress conformities etc., notice that victim-creation John wore a western suit and tie. Amazingly, it is not possible for any member of western society to gain power unless he conforms to the dress conformities and behavioural mannerisms invented by that particular society. So John had to conform to what was dictated to him.

Therefore, any societal leader candidate must conform to the societal policies already in place in his or her society. Therefore the societal leadership of a society never loses control.

Australia, for example, is actually an extension of the facist dictatorship of england that took power by the use of slaves and by committing a spree of murders on the natives. Society has 100% control over the puppets society calls polititians, therefore there can be no independant governments. This is due to the Truth that all mainstream and law-abiding citizen-slaves are brainwashed by society into believing in various myths and lies of socety, and will only vote for a human who supports and represents same.

What about elections?
Elections are mearly public propaganda stunts used by society to pretend that citizen-slaves have input into what happens in thier society. Being slaves, of course, the citizen-slaves cannot give any input other that what has already been reflected upon them by thier society.

There is no conspiracy between voters, candidates for election, vote counters, media reports of elections and so on. These fools actually believe that the "democratic process" "works" and is a form of freedom! This is laughable. Not one mainstream citizen-slaves enjoys mental freedom at all. They do not know what freedom even means. Everything that they think is dictated to them by society and societal leaders.

It doesn't make one iota of a difference who you elect. Your societal structure will remain exactly the same.

It makes no difference what "type" of voting system your society has, or whether or not it is "fixed". It is all facism.

Communism, socialism and democracy are all fascist dictator styles of society.

The so-called democratic systems work by pre-selecting two out of over 20 million candidates in australia. You are then facistly ordered to vote for one of the two pre-selected candidates, both of whom are specially selected by their parties to already completely conform to their ideals and the general institutions, ideas, etc of their society.

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If elections changed anything, there wouldn't be any.

Nations deserve their governments.