The Lizard's Revenge - Olympic Dam expansion music/art/festival/protest

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Saturday, July 14, 2012 - 9:00am to Friday, July 20, 2012 - 12:00pm
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Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs gates of hell- South Australia

Hosted by the DLF - Desert Liberation Front in response to the governments decision to expand Olympic Dam mine.

... Sleeping underneath the ground there is an old lizard, Kalta the sleepy lizard. The lizard ain't so sleepy anymore.

BHP is mining right into that Lizards body. The government has just approved an expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine, making it the biggest uranium mine in the world.

Kalta is angry and wants revenge. Arabana elder Kevin Buzzacott is calling the people of the world to help the lizard shut down the mine. He is calling for people to come and heal the land in the name of peace and justice for the next 10,000 generations to come.

The land is being irreversibly poisoned in and around Roxby Downs by the tailings dam causing dust and ground water contamination, and contamination of its workers.

The uranium is taken all over the world and used to kill the land and all its creatures. It's destroying lives not only in Fukashima, with the reactor meltdown, but in the depleted uranium shells that children play with in the streets of Iraq and Kosovo.

With the governments numerous attempts to put a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory there is a danger that radioactive waste will be brought back, opening Australia up to accepting nuclear waste from all over the world. Lets stop the deadly cycle where it starts.

The land the lizard and the creatures of this earth are summoning everybody who gives a shit to the gates of Roxby Downs on the 14th of july 2012 for The Lizards Revenge - This is an open invitation to all people and a special call out to artists, musicians and activist community groups and media to get involved in the creation of this autonomous zone for the peace and healing of this land.

Party in a Dangerous Planet with Theatre, Cabaret and Art installations. Over 20 musical acts. Solar Powered sound system extravaganza and wind powered cinema. More to be anounced..

Stand up and boogie down at the Gates of Olympic Dam 14th July 2012

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or check out Facebook page.



Why I am going to be at Lizards Revenge
- Impacts of Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs and Fukushima

Transcript of Interview - Brett Stokes - April 2012 -

Roxby Downs is a town in the middle of nowhere that's only been there for 30 years now.

And it's a place that exists for only one reason, because of a mine where they mine a bunch of stuff including a lot

of uranium that gets used to make yellow cake that gets used to make fuel rods that gets used to make electricity and

creates a lot of pollution which comes back to us.

Especially since Fukushima in March 2011 when there was
a lot of problems following the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan.

We now have an atmosphere all over the world, not just in the northern hemisphere,
which is containing a lot more nasty radioactive particles than it used to.

And that is going to result and has resulted in a lot of health problems
and these facts are not being acknowledged by our mass media or our governments.

And we as individual people have to unite to save the futures of our children.

So for me Roxby Downs may be a town in the middle of nowhere that's only been there for 30 years, but it's a place

where there is something really significant happening that's making a bad problem even worse - and that is the

expansion of the mine there, the creation of a huge hole in the ground and of mountains of dust that are going to

poison any people who survive what is going on currently,

It's not a good bargain for Australia,
it's not a good bargain for South Australians,
to be selling our health.

Places in the world where uranium has been mined
are devastated by it.

It looks like it is going to make money, it creates poverty,
it's a horrible business with lots of nasty health impacts.


In South Australia, we suffered the impacts of the British bomb tests back in the 1950s.

We had more attacks on our soil than the Japanese people had - they only had two atom bombs dropped on their people.

We had fallout from lots of explosions of British atomic bombs in Australia
and that poisoned the people of my generation,
the young kids who were born in the 1950s in Australia.

And a lot of them have died of cancer in their 40s and 50s and quite a few of them had children who had leukemia and

died young.

And no one seems to get the picture.

We are being poisoned.
Our children are affected more than we as adults are.

The effects on adults take many years to hit home
and cause nasty diseases not just cancer
but all the heart attack people you know.

Cesium turns out to be
a nasty piece of the puzzle
which is a radioactive thing that's produced by reactors that make electricity
out of uranium.

And this cesium goes to the muscles
and one of the most important muscles in the body is the heart.

And a lot of the other nasties like the strontiums and the plutoniums
go for the bones.
And the bones are where the blood's made
and the blood stuff is leukemia.

And a lot of other nasty things that cause problems.

The rads don't just cause heart attacks and cancer,
the rads cause chronic fatigue syndrome,
they cause diabetes,
they cause a lot of problems with miscarriages and infant mortality, babies dying.

And the effects on children are a lot worse.

There's alarming statistics about what happened in Russia,
in Byelorussia especially, after Chernobyl.
Those statistics are denied by our mass media and our governments
but they are there to be found.

And there is a very sad story they tell
that 95% of Byelorussian children have chronic health problems
and when you say that you think
"gee that's even worse than our aborigines in Australia
our indigenous people".

Our indigenous people in Australia have had massive impacts
from the bomb tests here in Australia.

There are individuals whose names are legendary
and whose stories are amazing in terms of the
neglect and the poor treatment they have had.

As well as the indigenous people of Australia, the so called atomic veterans, both British servicemen and Australian

servicemen who were part of the bomb tests at Maralinga
experienced a whole range of negative health impacts which were denied by governments and by law courts and it

continues to this day.

50 years later these people, only a few of them are left alive, and the
government of Britain and the government of Australia have spent a
lot of money avoiding paying them any compensation for what was done to them in the name of nuclear power at that

stage which had a mainly military face.

There's little difference between the
nuclear power business for making electricity
and the
nuclear power business for making war.

They've got intimate connections.
They work together.

The electricity business came out of the war business.

Nuclear medicine as well is a dodgy issue all together, but it's one where nowadays we have a lot of people who call

themselves doctors, and work with Xray machines, and
they are causing a lot of problems because they administer ionising radiations X rays to people.

My mother had an Xray of her unborn first child done to send to my father in 1945 because he was in New Guinea serving

in the air force and
she was in Australia
also serving in the air force when she became pregnant
and she shared the news by sending him an Xray.

That would not happen nowadays because
we are well aware that it has very bad effects on children and unborn children,
pregnant women don't get Xrays.

But the same energy, the same medical profession that cavalierly took Xrays of
pregnant (women and) children then ...
And my elder brother is
dead now, he died of cancer,
he had a lot of problems with vision in his lfe ... so perhaps the Xray when he was in the womb had harmed him, I

don't know, nobody knows for sure.

But the same people, the same energy, who say "we have this thing, we have these Xray machines, we have these

radioactive chemicals, we can do things to people with them" ...

That same energy
is still around and it is still as misguided and stupid as it was then
and perhaps it's what's behind a lot of the neglect that's been going on
about the pollution that's happening from the mining and from the nuclear power plants and from the weapons tests.

There's a lot of neglect because people are pretending that radiation isn't harmful
people are pretending that radiation might even be good for people ...

And it's a load of rubbish,
and the people who are saying this are just puppets who are collecting huge bribes to tell lies.

And I don't like that.

In Adelaide we have some one called Pamela Sykes who has received
millions of dollars of american money from a mob called the DOE in America, the Department of Energy, which is largely

the old Atomic Energy Commission.

And the money is being paid to Sykes so that she can do research which "proves" that a little bit of radiation is good

for you.

She says "Radiation is like vitamins".

She is very wrong in that, and the science is clear that she is very wrong.

The United States pays her money,
and then the Department of Energy in the United States can say "we don't need to fix up this place
that has radiation poisoning and radiation pollution, because it's actually good for you to have that little bit extra

radiation, and we don't need to clean it up,
and we have just saved 10 billion dollars, isn't that fantastic,
we don't need to clean up the mess we've made, it's not a mess,
we've re-defined the rules."

But their changing the rules in that way is a fraud, it's a criminal fraud,
and it's an international conspiracy in my view
to bend the rules.

They keep raising what they call the "safe limits"

- there are no safe limits,
it's just an absolute lie to call them "safe limits".

So, the picture to me is clear.

We have a struggle for the survival of our civilisation and of our species, and of our children,

And the enemy is called
the Nuke Gang
N U K E ... G A N G
and I started calling them that and a few other people are starting to call them that.

It's the only way to describe a gang of murderous people.

They're a gang.

And they've got a lot of money.

The Manhattan Project which produced the bombs in world war two was the most expensive thing ever done by people ever.

It was a huge amount of money was thrown at this business of making
a few kilograms of stuff produce so much energy that it could kill tens of thousands of people immediately and

hundreds of millions, thousands, of people in the longterm from the fallout.

That amount of money, that huge bank account is
still funding a massive propaganda effort to convince people that everything is okay, and the hormesis lie that

radiation is actually good for you in small doses.

The reality I repeat is that radiation is not good for you, it is a lot worse than we know,
and we are involved in a huge nasty experiment where we are finding out what rads do to people.

And the people of Japan, and the people of Northern Japan in particular and
the children of Northern Japan in particular are the innocent victims of this horrible experiment.

And we will see more and more, over the next few months and few years, the effects of this horrible
poisoning of our atmosphere and of our food chains by this gang of people I call the Nuke Gang.

"So have you been to Roxby Downs before, actually?"

No, I have never been to Roxby Downs before.

I worked in Whyalla for a few years at the time when Roxby Downs was starting up ...
it was only a few years after Roxby Downs had started up.

I knew a few people who went from Whyalla to Roxby Downs.

There was an energy of pioneering spirit there.

There was an energy of people doing something new.

And at the time, I didn't really care a lot about the nuclear issue,
I was doing other things.

Now I care a lot more and I am heading to Roxby Downs in July
for the Lizard's Revenge Festival and Rally.

And I am hoping a lot of other people from all around the world will be there.

Perhaps we can send a message to a lot of people
and perhaps we can get some change in the directions we are heading as a civilisation.

I see Roxby Downs and the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine
as being very much a symbol of, and a battlefront, a place where we can make a statement
and say
"this has got to stop - it just makes no sense".

But the people who live in Roxby Downs,
they're making a good living and they think they're doing the right thing by their children by making a good living.

And the shareholders of the company that runs the mine,
BHP Billiton, I think they are all good people, I think they are mostly good people,

they have invested in a safe investment so that their assets will be there for their kids,

and they've invested in a blue chip company which they think is doing the right thing by everyone,

but the sad reality is that this respected big company
is a nasty animal and it is only interested in making money
and it doesn't care about our children now
and it doesn't care about the children in the future.

We have, at the core of the Nuke Gang, we have these creatures, these artificially intelligent bank accounts, these

companies, these corporations which have huge bank accounts and can do things to manipulate governments.

And in South Australia the people who own Roxby Downs have done a brilliant job of manipulating the local government.

And they have been given full legal authorisation to proceed with this massive expansion.

It is a sad sad reality that there is a huge commitment in our local society here to continue mining uranium, to

expand the mining of uranium.

"What factors will this expansion entail for the immediate future of the safety of the city?"

There a few things.

We live on a small planet so anything that happens anywhere to do with nuclear proliferation or the expansion of the

nuclear power industry affects all of us.

It increases the level of nuclear poison nuclear pollution we all have to deal with when we breathe and when we eat

and when we drink water.

So it affects us globally,
it affects everyone on the planet.

The closer you are to Fukushima, the worse it is maybe,
but we all get affected and all of our children are getting a dose.

"And you have seen that in geiger counter readings from across the globe?"

Indeed, it's one of the things that has happened as a result of Fukushima is
a lot of people have educated themselves and have learned not to trust the mass media or our governments.

And there's a lot of crowd sourced observations going on on many levels
and FaceBook provides a networking mechanism.

I have got to meet a lot of people through FaceBook
who own geiger counters and live in various places around the world
and we have all exchanged knowledge that we have, and ignorance as well,
and we have
learned a lot about how radiation is measured and it is a very complex subject
and we have
learned a lot about how radiation affects people and that's another very complex subject
and we have also learned a lot about how
the deceptive processes and the
suppression of information work.

For example, after Fukushima,
Canadian and American authorities
scaled back the measurement of radiation -
it was a ridiculous thing that they did.

The only excuse possibly is that they did not want to cause alarm
but it's terrifying the
suppression of information and the lack of warning
and it's
typical of the irresponsible behaviour of the nuclear power industry
and the Nuke Gang in general.

Roxby Downs, also the
expansion of the mine is going to have
a lot of local impacts and they are
going to affect the people of south eastern Australia
the people of Melbourne, the people of Adelaide,
the people of Sydney,
three very big cities
are going to have to deal with dust storms which contain high levels of radioactive
uranium in particular
these dust storms will come from the massive mountains of dirt that will be built
when they dig the huge hole that is the expanded mine
that they plan to do
at Roxby Downs.

So that's part of the local impact.

Even more locally they are continuing the pillaging of the artesian water, this ancient resource of pure water
is being just used to hose down dust
it's just obscene to me.

In order to get even more water there are plans to build
desalination plants that will put at risk a lot of local environmental stuff including
the wonderful Giant Cuttlefish breeding grounds in the northern Spencer Gulf.

The effects of radon gas on people who work in uranium mining and people who live near uranium mining
is a huge thing which has led to the devastation of communities all around the world who have
done uranium mining.

And the documentation is there now.
Again, internet YouTube and FaceBook.

There are activist groups from India who are opposing nuclear power plants there and document the
devastating effects of uranium mining on certain areas in India.

There are similarly people who are
activists in north America and document
the effects of uranium mining on mainly indigenous, minority indigenous people
in Canada and in Arizona in particular in the USA.

There's also the longer term things
to do with nuclear proliferation
the risk of idiots getting hold of the
knowledge and the ingredients to make atomic weapons.

That's certainly an ongoing issue.

Nuclear proliferation with governments having atomic bombs is bad enough
but there is
plenty of valid fear that terrorists will acquire nuclear materials.

It's like they don't need to, we are already being poisoned by our own governments.

Like, who needs terrorists when you have governments like we have.

It's a shocking situation.

Again, it's a global situation,
it's one that transcends the borders.

Just as these corporations and the nuke gang live in a world where
they duck and weave between a law here and a law there.
They can do something legally there and they can do something else legally here.

We the people of planet earth need to
respond in a similar trans national way to defend ourselves against this horrible threat, this lethal threat.

How many people have been killed by Fukushima?

And Fukushima is the result of what seems to be a peace-able peaceful industry
mining uranium in Australia
making money to feed the kids and to have a good life.

So the people of Roxby Downs don't feel guilty, they don't feel they did Fukushinma.

The people of South Australia including the politicians who voted for the expansion of the Olympic Dam mine,

these people don't feel responsible for the poisoning of Japan
these people don't feel responsible for the poisoning of the northern hemisphere
and these people don't feel responsible for the poisoning of their own children

and yet they are responsible,
they are part of the process which is inevitably leading to the poisoning of our children.

And it's a sad thing and perhaps by gathering together in July 2012
outside the gates of Olympic Dam mine,

we can send a message to so many people
the shareholders
the workers
the politicians.

"Do you feel as though the spreading the message of the true reality of what happened
will help to awaken people and
discourage mining of uranium
or at least
irresponsible mining of uranium in the future?"

Eventually yes.

There was a time when Australians did not allow uranium mining for the very good reasons that it is an immoral thing

to do.
And for some reason those standards were relaxed

and we are now contemplating the expansion of uranium mining in Australia.

It's not the will of the people.

Somehow it has happened.

It gets back, in my view, to the massive corruption involved within our academic sphere, the puppet professors like

Barry Brook, the psycho Sykes and her like who tell the lies
that radiation isn't harmful in small doses
when we know the science is clear that radiation is harmful in any dose especially to children.

So we have these huge issues to deal with, with the corruption, and the misinformation and the lies, and the

commitment that people have financially to this horrible industry.

Yet in the long term
it brings poverty, it brings misery,
it brings dead children and sick people
and poisoned land.

And Kevin Buzzacott is trying in a
last ditch legal attempt
to do something about this expansion

Hopefully that will help but I don't feel very confident,
but at least someone is doing something.

And Kevin is the person who the first time I heard him talk
he mentioned
"it hits the children hard".

He said that several times.

It still brings lump in my throat

He would have seen so much damage and he would be so aware of it
and we are all aware of it
but we pretended it wasn't happening.

There are so many kids with Downs Syndrome, so many adults with cancer, there are so many kids with leukemia.

And we pretend it's normal.

How long will it go on?

Early on after Fukushima,
I wrote this story
and I said
in forty years
people will still be saying
it's okay because at least some of the children are surviving.

I imagined a time when nine out of ten pregnancies ended in sadness
and only one in ten pregnancies ended in a live happy birth
and even then the child maybe needed a lot of medical care to survive
but I imagined that people would

still pretend still maintain denial.

They would have hope because there were some children alive.

But I imagine a time
when none of the children survive.

And then all we've got is children being made in machines.

We have Breve New World.

If we have any children at all,
they come from machines,
they come from artificial wombs,
they are clones

do we want that world?
I don't think we do even if it is feasible.

But in between now and then
when are people going to wake up?

I don't know.

All we can do is try.

The people who have woken up cannot return to unawareness.

Some of them are aware that they are dying quickly.

Some of the people I am talking to through FaceBook
in North America and in Japan
are aware that they are dying quickly.

And they know what caused it.

My own family experience is a sad one.

My grandsons were twins, they were growing, they were healthy.

They were six months in to the pregnancy in their mother's womb in Sweden,
and it's now clear that massive clouds of radioactive poisons came
from Fukushima to northern Europe and Scandinavia in particular

from March 22nd 2011 onwards.

And about two weeks after that suddenly my twin grandsons were dead.

And it was a very sad business.

The autopsy said there was no apparent reason for their deaths
but I believe that it was caused by Fukushima poisons.

And the Nuke Gang people say nobody's died from Fukushima,
but I say I know of two, two unborn.

please allow me to interrupt, you seem to rely on some old dated material to push "your" view. Time to get real statistics, the Fukashima melt down (as you call it) happened because of a 49 foot wave, no one could have ever predicted that. Nuclear technology has come along way since the fifties which where alot of your info comes from. You say that the waste from the reactors will poison the earth, but no where do you mention the work underway on how to recycle it so it can be used reused. I do recognise that alot of bad things have happened because of uranium and other radioactive isotopes but again you neglect to show the positives. Sure id love to live on just solar and wind power but the fact is that these technologies are still not fully developed and alot of work still needs to be done in order to reach their full potential. With the demand for energy rising the only real alternative to coal and gas plants is nuclear.

I no way am I saying that money or land is worth more than peoples lives, im saying that there is more to this debate than the heavy one sided approach you currently take. Its no wonder everyone is tired of the same song you have and are starting to tune out, the bird has to change its song.

Your group and groups similar to yours, need to get on board and help steer progress in a direction that meets your goals and the needs of everyone else.

wow.... amazing information. Perfectly put.
It has been time to say no for a while, I believe enough people can understand why we don't need or want it.

Guess what I heard, the media suggest that Victoria's energy crisis, isn't such a crisis anymore. Because.... the solar panels on everyone's roofs are making a huge difference.
Note: not necessarily based on truth, based on media instead.

(I think it's better to have individual energy generators, instead of harboring such large quantities of energy in individual spots and along lines)

(excuse my technical terms)
Did anyone hear about the giant solar reflective funnel thing, I'd been told it was going in around Mildura I thought, a few years back.... did that end up happening? I'd heard it's a more environmentally friendly model than the solar panels.

I heard a rumor that Canberra had a perpetual electricity system, the water flows down during the day and they pump it back over night. Using there own electricity, I assume that means they generate way more energy than they need to pump the water back up.

I'd love clarification on some of this stuff, but I might see you mob all in the desert and we can put the whole picture together, then.