Road Trip for Change - Step Out(back) and Learn from Country

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 9:00am to Friday, July 20, 2012 - 9:00pm
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Bendigo Students of Sustainability Conference and Roxby Downs for the Lizards Revenge Music/Art Festival

If you're keen for something different these winter holidays then come on an inspirational journey with us like-minded crew! We're heading out-back to learn about this amazing place we live in and sharpen our skills to stand up for country.

In July the South Australian Student Environment Network will be running a series of epic road trips that will take you on a journey of learning from Adelaide to Australia’s biggest grass roots Environment Conference: Students of Sustainability (SoS), then via the great SA outback to Roxby Downs for the Lizards Revenge Music/Art festival.

On the way to Roxby Downs we will visit Pt Lowly on the Eyre Peninsula, the breeding place for the Australian Giant Cuttlefish and the site for the proposed BHP desalination plant. We will then head north via the Flinders Ranges to Arabunna Country where we have been invited by elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott to see for ourselves site of the Olympic Dam mining expansion and to attend the Lizard’s Revenge Festival.

18 days is a long time, so we have broken the trip into parts for those of you who can't come for the whole you have a choice to attend:

- The entire trip: 3rd to 20th July


- SoS conference: Adelaide to Bendigo and back to Adelaide 3rd to 9th July. event:


- Bendigo to Lizards Revenge via Outback and back to Adelaide 8th to 20th July (ideal for Eastern states participants)


- Adelaide to Lizards Revenge via Outback and back to Adelaide 10th to 20th July. event:

The cost of the trip will depend on how many people come, the transport we will need and which part you come for. Considering that the whole trip is 17 days, the cost is estimated to be at about $400-$500 per person, including food, accommodation (camping) and SoS fee. BUT we will likely get grants and subsidies from the Universities so the cost to you will be much less than that :) ........Plus... We'll be doing a bunch of fundraising leading up to the Road Trip to make it more affordable for everyone.
(Holla if you can help us out with fundraising!)

If you click “attending” it is also important that you secure your place on the trip by paying a $50 deposit and also officially register here: so that we can accurately know how much transport we will need

Any questions chuck us an email at: