Kick Reflex out of Native Forests - Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Launch

Date and Time: 
Saturday, February 27, 2010 -
9:00am to 5:00pm

Join us for the launch of the campaign to kick Reflex out of our native forests, and tell Maryvale Mill parent company Nippon Paper, that our ancient forests and water catchments are too precious to pulp.

Japanese paper giant Nippon Paper this year purchased the Maryvale Mill, where seven of every ten trees logged in Central Gippsland and the Central Highlands are pulped for the manufacture of paper products, including Reflex paper.

These forests are vital habitat for threatened species, water catchments for both local communities and Melbourne, and if left intact, are safe and efficient carbon banks in a time of climate crisis. It is time to protect these forests and kick the woodchipping companies out.

The launch of the 'Kick Reflex out of native forests' will take place in Gippsland on Saturday February the 27th 2010. The day will include speakers, combat wombat and other bands, launch of campaign materials, BBQ and community picnic, as well as the vital point of community resence on site where Nippon woodchipping takes place.

Costumes, banners and props very welcome.

Transport: As it is 132km from Melbourne, and not within proximity of the train line, transport is easiest via carpooling and the handy FoE bus. The bus will depart Collingwood at 9am, and return later the same day. To book your seat please email or call 9419 8700