What does Australia do when the coal runs out

Current estimates state that there is approx 34 years to 90 years supply of coal left to mine in Australia, this proves Prime Minister Tony Abbots conference with the Asia Society Texas Center in Houston when he stated that coal will fuel human progress for decades & the catch is only decades, this explains why the United States, Europe & many other places around the world are investing heavily in renewable energy as there is only a finite amount of coal to be mined. Also Tony Abbot pointed out his reasons for the abolition of a carbon tax in that the coal industry should still move ahead full steam while the renewable energy sector should grow on its own accord, however the carbon tax would have caused the coal industry to diversify into investing in the renewable energy sector. Saddam Hussein's reason for the invasion of Kuwait was that he saw Kuwait of being responsible for the over production of oil, however he was executed by the American military for this, Russia also is criticized for not opening up its oil reserves to the demanding private sector & their ever wanting global market.


Germany now has one third of its economy powered by renewable energy & other nations around the world are working hard to construct  their renewable energy infrastructure. So how will Australia construct renewable energy infrastructure, most likely by importing parts from Asia, Europe & the United States, however Asia still has alot of work to do before it mass produces quality generic heliostats, wind turbines & other renewable energy infrastructure.  Europe & the United States will probably export heliostats, wind turbines & other renewable energy infrastructure to Australia.


Why australia should import biofuels from the Middle East,  Africa & Asia. . .

The Middle Eastern, African, Asian  biofuel industry is growing rapidly & no doubt Australia will want to import biofuels from these places.


Their is only 40 years left of oil reserves to be had, hopefully by then renewable energy will be firmly established around the world.

Solar energy
Tidal power
Wave power
Wind power
Osmotic power
Marine current power
Ocean thermal energy conversion




All of the continents should be electrically connected with each other via submarine electric cable or overhead electric cable, this is so electricity can be transported between different continents.

Australian coal & gas was used to construct vast hydroelectricity infrastructure in Asia & India & no doubt australia would want to build electric submarine cables that go from Northern Australia to Asia & India so that Australia can use hydroelectricity coming from Asia & India.

Finding & processing uranium can be tricky, thorium sounds like a good alternative as does nuclear fusion.


Nuclear fusion.might be a better option.



The sydney harbour bridge is not scrapped & re forged, motor vehicles & other steel machinery should be repaired instead of being scrapped, motor vehicles & other steel machinery could last hundreds or thousands of years if they were repaired. perhaps robots could do the repairs, this would save alot of energy resources.