The deaf corporation & what can be done to make them listen

Have you ever sent a email to a multinational corporation, a political group, a incorporated body, society or association or any other body whether it be a (profit or non profit group) present on the internet. If you have sent a email to any of these groups & note there are countless numbers of them on the internet, it is most likely that they will never reply to your email, you will not even get one reply, no matter how many emails you send. The reason being these groups do not reply to email's is that they are all deaf, deaf to the wishes of the inquiring public, totally deaf, they advertise their agendas in cyberspace but they are totally deaf to any sort of public inquiry. Government should pass a law which makes these groups accountable to the public & force them to reply to all emails they receive, if they do not reply to a email they should be reported to a government body & fined a large fee.