Car free towns & car free cities

Cars are a luxury good & there are many places all over the world where there are no cars, these places are known as (Car free towns & car free cities). People in rural areas operate tractors & raise produce & the food is then transported to the (Car free towns & car free cities) by truck, people in the (Car free towns & car free cities) then purchase the arcadian rural food from their local markets. These (Car free towns & car free cities) are the homes to many artisans & all types of goods are manufactured in these (Car free towns & car free cities). There are trucks moving produce around, a lot of tractors & chainsaws working the farm lands, there are quite a few scooters & motorcycles but more bicycles, there are a few trains & buses carrying all kinds of freight along with people & there shopping & even the odd farm animal & farm produce can be found on the train & the bus. But most of these villages, towns or cities have very few cars because people can walk from there house to the local markets to do there shopping & they can also walk to work. The (Car free towns & car free cities) are usually walled to prevent invasion from foreigners & there is usually no airport because foreign invaders could land there planes & overwhelm the local inhabitants.

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