From Sydney to Nantes, resistance & sabotage

On the evening of the 22nd of Feburary we vandalised the local headquarters of VINCI and their subsidiary company 'Advitam' in the Seven Hills industrial zone in western Sydney.
Some windows were cracked, and the slogans: “AGAINST VINCI AND ITS WORLD” &
“THE ZAD IS EVERYWHERE” were painted.

This small act was made in response to a call for actions in solidarity with the monumental struggle in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, France, against an airport which Vinci has been contracted to build.

For the past two years people have occupied and defended the fields designated for the project. The autonomous region now known as the ZAD has repelled vicious police assaults and constructed hundreds of log huts and gardens, which have housed and fed thousands of zadistas and international supporters.

Vinci is a global development company engaged in projects across the planet, including the construction of a highway through some of the last remaining forests in Khimki, Russia which comrades have been fighting to defend.

Around the world capital seeks to commodify and industrialise the last remnants of wild nature. From airports to highways, coal mines to high speed rail lines, any level of ecological destruction and community displacement is acceptable for a project deemed important for ‘economic growth’ and the increasing flow of commodities.

At this moment businessman and politicians from the major parties here are feverishly discussing plans for the expansion of Sydney airport with two new runways in Botany Bay, the construction of a new airport in Badgerys Creek in far western Sydney and also the construction of a high speed rail line linking Canberra airport to Sydney.

Across the territory claimed by the Australian state, industrial development, from uranium to CSG mines are expanding at an exponential rate. Ignoring any local concerns about destruction of water tables and air quality, and global concerns about the climate, industry bosses and their politicians can only offer greenwashing campaigns and the pathological prospect of jobs.

The only way to defeat these developments is through our collective and combative struggle against capital in defence of our common land base.

From Botany Bay to Heathrow
From Badgerys Creek to the ZAD
From Canberra to Val Susa
From the Tarkine to Atenco
From Boggarbri to Hambacher
From Goongera to Girona
From Roxby Downs to Northern Karelia
From Nauru to Lampedusa
From prison to prison

Resistance and Sabotage!