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Last updated: 10 September 2013

Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies
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Sovereign Union: The Murrawarri Republic declaration
"On the 30th March 2013, Murrawarri people from the Culgoa River region of northern New South Wales declared their Sovereignty of their lands under the name of the Murrawarri Republic. In a formal declaration (below) the peoples of the Murrawarri Republic attested that they have never ceded their Sovereignty, Dominion or Ultimate Title over their ancient homeland nor did they give permission for the colonisers to enter their ancient land and for their mother earth to be violated through progressive illegal acts, practices or policies of the British Crown, Former British Colonies, The state of New South Wales and Queensland or the Australian Federal governments."

WGAR News: Greg Ansley, New Zealand Herald: Indigenous backlash could cost Labor seat [Featuring the Murrawarri Republic] (10 Sep 13)
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WGAR News: The Republic of Murrawarri and Indigenous Self-Determination: Intercontinental Cry (13 Aug 13)
* First Peoples Worldwide, Cultural Survival: Aboriginals Create the World's Newest Government [Featuring the Republic of Murrawarri]
* Curtis Kline, Intercontinental Cry Magazine: The Republic of Murrawarri and Indigenous Self-Determination
* Indian Country Today Media Network: World's Newest Sovereign Nation: Meet Murrawarri, From Down Under"

WGAR News: Inaugural Meeting of the Peoples Council of the Murrawarri Republic (19 Jul 13)

WGAR News: Ian Lloyd Neubauer, TIME: Australia's Aborigines Launch a Bold Legal Push for Independence [Murrawarri Republic] (3 Jun 13)
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WGAR News: Sovereign Union: Anderson challenges Prof. George Williams and the Commonwealth Attorney-general to publicly debate First Nations continuing Sovereignty at the Sydney Opera House (3 Jun 13)
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WGAR News: Audio Boo: Audio - Murrawarri Republic - Fred Hooper, spokesperson - 'The wire' (3 Jun 13)
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WGAR News: Sovereign Union: Italian Media: Birth of the Republic of Aboriginal Murrawarri (24 May 13)
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WGAR News: Declarations of Independence advanced at Brisbane Treaty Talks: Sovereign Union (24 May 13)

WGAR News: Murrawarri people take sovereignty campaign to UN: Jeremy Geia, NITV News (16 May 2013)

WGAR News: Greg Dyett and Jeremy Geia, SBS Radionews Audio: Claim renews sovereignty campaign (15 Apr 13)
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WGAR News: Sovereign Union: A fight against paying rates on ancient homelands (4 Apr 13)
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WGAR News: Jeremy Geia, NITV: Northern NSW clans create 'Murrawarri Republic' (4 Apr 13)
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WGAR News: Sovereign Union: The Murrawarri Republic declaration (31 Mar 13)
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