The new road rail vehicle

The road rail vehicle was originally developed in Australia . . .

However longtime members of sydney indymedia & AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries have modified the design of the vehicle so it behaves more like a scalextric slot car with added improvements.


The rails are situated in the road just like a scalextric track, a alternative to using a wire brush would be to use a swing bar that swings from left to right & vice versa, the swing bar is attached to the bottom front end of the vehicle & as the vehicle turns using its tyres the swing bar turns as well still being attached to the scalextric like rail in the road. The swing bar configuration or the wire brush configuration can dislodge from the scalextric like rail in the road & the road rail vehicle will start the biodiesel or ethanol engine for off road rail use, also its possible that a battery could be charged while the vehicle is connected to the scalextric like rail in the road, then when the vehicle drives off the road rail the electric motor can kick in. Such a transportation system can be powered by renewable energy such as . . .

Solar energy
Tidal power
Wave power
Wind power
Osmotic power
Marine current power
Ocean thermal energy conversion

See the following links for other proposed AUSI transportation systems which can be powered by renewable energy.

Its possible that a tesla coil could tranmit electricity from the rail to the vehicle.

A tesla coil could transmit electricity from the rail to the vehicle as well, this is also known as wireless electricity transmission.