High speed rail: get on board

By Alan Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne

Imagine getting on a train in the centre of Melbourne and arriving in the centre of Sydney just three hours later. Along the way you will be able to access the internet, use your mobile phone, move freely around the carriages and dine in a restaurant or café.

Regional towns on the outskirts of our great cities will be less than an hour away, transforming their role as economic centres. At the same time we will cut pollution, reduce accidents and bring people and business closer together.

This is the promise of high speed rail, yet so far the Labor government and the opposition have refused to make a firm commitment to investing in our future.

Yes, I want the government to get on board and invest in high speed rail.

Today I released a report that identifies $48 billion in benefits to the Australian economy from high speed rail, from less congested cities to less polluted skies – and that’s not to mention the benefits to regional towns.

The benefits are clear. What we need now is a clear commitment from the government to invest in high speed rail.

Please join me in calling on the government to make a firm plan to build high speed rail.

$48bn of benefits - now it's time to make it happen

The Agreement that the Greens made to support the Gillard government included a commitment to investigate what high speed rail would mean for Australia and how we’d make it happen. The first phase of this work has been completed and the second phase should be released before the end of the year. It will include options on the financial mechanisms for making high speed rail a reality.

The economic case stacks up – we really could make this happen!  What we need is political commitment from Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

Yes, I’d take the train: I want to the government to get on board and invest in high speed rail.

Please get your family and friends on board by sharing this petition and the report.

Without your support, we couldn’t have secured the first steps to high speed rail in our Agreement. Now, with your support,  we can secure high speed rail in Australia.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Bandt
Deputy Leader, Australian Greens

P.S. We have heard many promises from government on high speed rail before. What we need is a firm commitment. Please sign our petition to get the government on board, and we’ll take your support to them.



Australia needs a homegrown robotics industry before any other foolish plans

Maglev technology is the most efficient technology, I don't think this train is Maglev

Vacuum Maglev technology is the best we have so far


Mass transportation isn't popular, unless of cause such technologies are used to transport goods.

About the tunnel that linked france to england ! Did that work out ?


These proposed high speed trains should travel under the ocean like the sydney harbour tunnel & they should go to locations along the equator because thats where the space elevators are going to be built, they will transport people & building materials for the space elevators.


But in the mean time we should concentrate of waterproofing coastal cities & towns


Elon Musk's Hyperloop might even do away with the need for automobiles, especially in urban areas.


The hyperloop can be built on all existing roads in Australia & it will do away with cars, trucks & maybe even motorcycles.

The hyperloop is supposed to be powered by renewable energy . . .

Solar energy
Tidal power
Wave power
Wind power
Osmotic power
Marine current power
Ocean thermal energy conversion

Their also other potential energy resources see this wikipedia link . . .


AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries were the first people to develop the hyperloop but they called it the electroway in the 1970's


The same solar power source as used for laser powered vehicles could also be used to power the hyperloop which was once known as the electroway many decades ago.


Detailed description of the hyperloop . . .