Syria: Hands Off Syria! Media Release


As Syrian people in Syria continue to suffer terrorists’ attacks, and live under challenging circumstances, Syrian-Australians will rally to demonstrate their support.

When: Sunday 5 August 2012
Time: 12 noon
Where: Sydney Town Hall

Syria was known for decades as a stable, multi-ethnic Arab country. In March 2011 that all changed, with a foreign backed insurgency shooting and bombing its way through an active but mostly peaceful political reform process.

Most Syrian-Australians are horrified by the attacks on their country.

Ms Hanadi Assoud, a member of Hands Off Syria, says “the war in Syria now is a war between a united and secular Syrian army …and a Salafist/Wahabi army that wants an Islamic based country. Syrians want neither fundamentalism no foreign control”

Mr. Muzi Dandachli, another member of the group, denounces the media misinformation and states that “the vilification of the Syrian government has the corporate media baying for blood; but let’s not be fooled into supporting yet another bloody intervention.”

“It is not for outsiders to say who governs the Syrian people” Mr. Dandachli added.

Ms Assoud is categorical: “there can be only one ethical response by Australians to this conflict: Support the right to self-determination of the Syrian people.”

“A Syrian government can only be determined by the Syrian people. All foreign intervention must cease.” Ms Assoud ended.

Hands Off Syria and Australians for Syria, Sydney, expects hundreds of people to attend the rally this Sunday 5 August, at 12 noon at Sydney Town Hall.

Issued by Hands Off Syria and Australians for Syria, Sydney.