WGAR News: Advocates brief UN Committee on the Rights of the Child re Australia's performance

Newsletter date: 16 October 2011

* Advocates brief UN Committee on the Rights of the Child re Australia's performance
* Amnesty chief tells Macklin - We will be watching
* Attempted suicides in communities affected by NT Intervention has doubled
* Arnhem Land leaders are gathering on Elcho Island
* Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott calls for scrapping of Olympic Dam expansion
* What’s Working: A Better Way - ANTaR's book of success stories
* More on APY Lands
* Apology to the Aboriginal People of Australia on behalf of Australians of Arabic background
* Video: Barbara Shaw in Bankstown
* Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 22 events from 16 October 2011
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Other articles


- Media Releases

‘concerned Australians': United Nations Hears that Australia Fails its Children in the Northern Territory
STICS: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/press-releases/united-nations-hears...
Indigenous Peoples: http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=art...
11 Oct 11: "Two reports were tabled at the United Nation's Pre-Sessional Meeting on the Rights of the Child in Geneva. These reports looked closely at whether Australia's commitments through the Convention on the Rights of the Child are being complied with. The first report, Listen to Children, was far reaching across our nation's children in its comment. The second complementary report, Children of the Intervention, focused solely on those children living in the ‘prescribed communities' of the Northern Territory and under separate legislation to all other Australian children.
This presentation prepared by two Aboriginal women, Djapirri Mununggirritj and Kathy Guthadjaka expressed fear for the children of the Northern Territory,
"We fear for their future, for their ability to learn to walk in two worlds, to obtain an education and a job. We fear for their health and their general well-being. But most of all, we fear that these recent changes [NTER legislation] will lead to the loss of our land, our culture and our language." ... "

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS)
NGOs to Put Spotlight on Children’s Rights Before Government Fronts UN Review
[download document] vals.org.au/static/files/assets/90a993d9/NATSILS_Press_Release_CRC_Pre-Sessional_Oct_2011__2_.doc
7 Oct 11: "Representatives from a coalition of key NGOs are set to meet with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Monday 10 October to discuss significant human rights issues affecting Australia’s children before the Government presents its case to the Committee in early 2012. ...
"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children continue to be 10 times more likely to be in out of home care and 26 times more likely to be in detention than their non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counterparts." [NATSILS Chairperson Shane Duffy said]
Mr Duffy said that so called tough on crime approaches to law and order, much maligned by human rights experts, are contributing to the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in youth detention. ... "

- Reports

'concerned Australians': Children of the Intervention:
Aboriginal Children Living in the Northern Territory of Australia:
A Submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
Prepared by: Michele Harris OAM; Georgina Gartland. June 2011
"Introduction: Aboriginal children living in the prescribed areas of the Northern Territory live under legislation that does not affect Aboriginal children in any other parts of Australia, or any other children who live in Australia whatever their ethnic grouping. 
It is for this reason that we are providing a complementary report to the Australian NGO Report Listen to Children in order to draw specific attention to the situation of children living in the Northern Territory. ... "

Listen to Children - 2011 Child Rights NGO Report Australia
Child Rights Taskforce May 2011
"Introduction: ... Australia is a wonderful place for most of its children. This is largely despite, rather than because of the efforts of successive Australian Federal Governments to implement the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Convention).
However, Australia is not a wonderful place for all its children, especially its Aboriginal children.
To do better for all our children, Australia needs to learn to listen to children. ... "

- Analysis / Opinion

Indigenous Peoples: UN Told Australia Failing On The Rights Of Aboriginal And Refugee Children
11 Oct 11: "RayJackson, the president of the Indigenous Social Justice Association, has had a look at the report [Children of the Intervention] compiled by the campaigners:
Although dated June this year it is the first time I have seen it. There have been other reports rebutting the federal government's infamous intervention but this is the first one that is solely based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. ... The report by the group 'Concerned Australians’ is a worthy and excellent report and I express my appreciation to those involved in its genesis and production."

- News

news.com.au : Australia's child rights record under UN scrutiny
10 Oct 11: "AUSTRALIA is failing to properly protect the rights of Aboriginal and asylum seeker children, campaigners will tell the United Nations. A delegation of Australian child's rights advocates and experts will brief the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Australia's performance in Geneva overnight. They will point out that indigenous children have mortality rates three times higher than their non-Aboriginal peers and around 400 children are currently being held in immigration detention."

- Full text of Convention

Convention on the Rights of the Child

- Special compilations

Human Rights Law Centre:
Special Children’s Rights Edition of the Human Rights Law Centre Bulletin 2011
"This is a special 2011 edition of the Bulletin, which is a joint initiative of the Human Rights Law Centre, the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and Mallesons Stephen Jaques."

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Australia’s commitment to children’s rights and reporting to the UN (Oct 2007)

Stop the Intervention: United Nations: Convention on the Rights of the Child


- News

ABC Indigenous: We will be watching, Amnesty chief tells Macklin
12 Oct 11: "Amnesty International secretary-general Salil Shetty says he hopes Indigenous residents in remote communities will get more financial aid. Mr Shetty met with Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin today to talk about poor living conditions in Northern Territory communities. He toured the Utopia homelands in the Territory last week and says he was devastated by what he saw. Mr Shetty says residents in traditional homelands are not getting funds for essential services and that is pushing them off their lands to urban centres. He says Ms Macklin made commitments of help at the meeting."

- Related News

Bikya Masr: Amnesty to help Australia’s Indigenous Affairs Minister
13 Oct 11: "AUCKLAND: Secretary General of Amnesty International, Salil Shetty, met with Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin on Wednesday to talk about poor living conditions in Northern Territory communities. ... Macklin admitted the homelands residents are among the most disadvantaged in Australia. "She has given us a commitment, from the guarantee that these homeland communities will not be pushed out of their land, and that they will get their requisite funding, with a clear plan and budget in the coming months," said Shetty.
"We have offered to work closely with them, to support and help them, and, at the same time, we will be holding them to account.""

newsTracker: Amnesty chief urges Macklin to lift game
12 Oct 11: "Mr Shetty told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday that Ms Macklin had made assurances it was not government policy to drive remote homeland people into hub towns. "She’s committed to the idea that these communities should not be driven away from their land," he said. ... Mr Shetty said he hoped to return to Utopia and see urgent progress. "We want to see them enjoy full rights," he said. "They are not asking for something beyond what every single Australian rightfully deserves.""

National Indigenous Radio Service: Amnesty International criticises outstation policy
13 Oct 11: "The Northern Territory Government amalgamated dozens of community councils into eight larger 'Super Shires' in 2008, and now provide the vast majority of services to growth townships and larger communities across the Territory. As the Northern Territory and Federal Governments focus services on growth towns, residents are forced to move away from outstations or homelands. Amnesty UK Chief of Staff Steve Crawshaw also visited the Utopia, and says Governments have not listened to community members."

9 News: Utopia a land short of toilets, not hope
13 Oct 11: "The head of human rights agency Amnesty International Salil Shetty is shocked by the conditions. ... Community leader Rosalie Kunoth Monks accuses the governments of "insidious game playing" and said the Northern Territory Intervention had failed Utopia. ... "We grow up here, we are not leaving," Mrs Kunoth Monks translates for Lena Ngale, 93 speaking in her mother tongue. ... A study of Utopia found there are health benefits for Aboriginal people living in homeland communities including less obesity, lower levels of diabetes and longer life spans."

newsTracker: Third world conditions shock Amnesty head
11 Oct 11: "Mr Shetty [head of Amnesty International] is currently in Australia on a 12-day tour. He is due in Canberra this week to meet with Indigenous affairs minister Jenny Macklin and Opposition MPs. The trip has been centered around the controversial Northern Territory Growth Towns policy, which many have feared will lead to the closure of nearly 500 outstations in the Northern Territory. The policy directs the majority of government funding into 21 larger communities, or "growth towns", at the expense of the smaller communities making up the Homelands movement." Amy McQuire, editor of Tracker

- Media Release

Greens Rachel Siewert: Condemnation gives the Government cause to reconsider NT Intervention
13 Oct 11: "Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert says continuing local and international condemnation of the Northern Territory intervention should give the Government ample cause to reconsider its policy position.
"The Government is currently consulting and considering its future direction on the Northern Territory intervention. Their current approach has been met by a mountain of criticism, most recently coming from Amnesty International," Senator Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues said today. ...
"Efforts in the Northern Territory should focus on long-term planning in partnership with Aboriginal communities and must be supported by a sustained and targeted investment of resources.
"The Government has an obligation to ensure their upcoming announcements are based on effective consultation and properly address the underlying causes of disadvantage," Senator Siewert concluded."


WGAR News: AIA: Amnesty head slams decades of neglect in remote Aboriginal communities (13 Oct 11)


- News

ABC: Intervention report shows suicide bids double
14 Oct 11: "A new report says the number of attempted suicides in communities affected by the federal intervention in the Northern Territory has doubled in four years. Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has released the latest Closing the Gap monitoring report on outcomes of the intervention. It shows the number of attempted suicides and self-harm cases in remote Territory communities has risen from 109 in 2007-2008, to 229 in 2010-2011."


- News

National Indigenous Times: Dr Gondarra appeals for help for gathering of Yolngu clans
12 Oct 11: "The tribal leaders from across East Arnhem Land are planning to meet as a group for the first time between October 13 and 18 on Elcho Island to discuss how they can present a united response to the Federal Government’s Intervention policies. Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra, senior Yolngu clan leader of the Dhurili Nation of North East Arnhem Land, said it would be the first Yolngu Nations Assembly held and it would bring together the tribal leaders from across East Arnhem Land. Dr Gondarra said the meeting was very important for the people of the Northern Territory and he has appealed for financial assistance to help meet the costs of bringing as many of the Yolngu leaders to the meeting."

ABC: Arnhem Land leaders to focus on traditional law
14 Oct 11: "Tribal leaders from Arnhem Land are gathering on Elcho Island for a special assembly on traditional law this weekend. The first Yolngu Nations Assembly brings together tribal leaders from the eastern and central parts of Arnhem Land. The group will consider how to work together to get a better deal from the Federal and Territory governments. A senior clan leader, Reverend Doctor Djiniyini Gondarra, says there is a movement towards resisting change forced upon Arnhem Land people by governments."

- Related Photo

ABC: LtoR Navi Pillay and Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM meet in Geneva
14 Oct 11: "Reverend Doctor Djiniyini Gondarra meets the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, earlier this year in Geneva."


- News

National Indigenous Radio Service: Arabunna elder opposes mine expansion
13 Oct 11: "Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott has expressed his disapproval of the Olympic Dam mine expansion in South Australia, saying it's a sad day for the local community. The Federal Government announced this week it had given BHP Billiton the green light to expand the uranium project in outback South Australia. The mine will be the largest open-cut operation in the world. Mr. Buzzacott says the site is sacred and has historical significance, and the Arabunna people who were left out of the consultation process will not stand for the gaping hole in the desert."

Treaty Republic: The Olympic Dam expansion - the destruction continues
11 Oct 11: "The worlds largest open cut mine will further mutilate the land that has been protected and allowed to naturally evolve for thousands of years under the custodianship of Indigenous peoples. ... Kevin Buzzacott, an Arabunna elder from Lake Eyre, has called for the scrapping of BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam uranium and copper mine expansion."


What’s Working - Aboriginal women have answers themselves
ANTaR - A Better Way
"ANTaR has produced the booklet A Better Way: Success Stories in Aboriginal community-control in the Northern Territory publication that calls on governments to empower Aboriginal organisations and communities to drive solutions to the challenges they face. This new booklet of success stories showcases 13 successful Aboriginal community-controlled organisations in the NT that are working across a diverse range of sectors. All feature Aboriginal management and administration, are responsive to local community needs and priorities and work in partnership with other organisations. ... "


- News

National Indigenous Times: Any intervention plan must have our input: Council
12 Oct 11: "Any plan to introduce an income management program in South Australia’s APY Lands must firstly ensure Aboriginal leaders and communities are consulted and in control of the process for it to work, the APY Council’s General Manager, Chris Malcolm said. The calls for Canberra and Adelaide to engage with the APY Lands people before implementation of an income management plan has come after the Coalition and Federal Labor declared their intention to introduce a formal income management scheme in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in South Australia’s north. APY council general manager, Chris Malcolm said the appropriate model of income management could be established only after the Federal and State governments undertook full consultation with local communities."

National Indigenous Times: Women’s Council wants action on kids’ nutrition
12 Oct 11: "Children living in South Australia’s remote Indigenous communities suffer among the worst nutrition problems anywhere in Australia, the nation’s leading Aboriginal women’s organisation has warned. The community of Ernaballa in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, about 30km south of the Northern Territory border, was of greatest concern, the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council said. The NPY Women’s Council annual general meeting in remote Western Australia heard that during the past financial year its child nutrition program had received 86 new referrals, with about 73 per cent from South Australia, 15 per cent from Western Australia and 12 per cent from the Northern Territory."

- Analysis / Opinion

Tracker: BACKTRACKER: Food for thought
4 Oct 11: "NATIONAL: This month, media "broke'" the story of "starvation" in the APY Lands. But the reality is different from the agenda driven campaigns, writes BRIAN JOHNSTONE*. ... Professor Paul Torzillo, Medical Director of the health service said, "During the 1980s and 1990s up to 30 percent of all children under five had severe malnutrition by WHO standards and at that time we were trying to prevent severe malnutrition. But by 2005 that proportion was only 6 percent, which is not much above the national average."" Brian Johnstone, Walkley and Human Rights award winning journalist


WGAR News: APY Council general manager calls for full community consultation about their needs (9 Oct 11)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2011/10/09/wgar-news-trackers-brian-johnston-rea...

WGAR News: Tracker's Brian Johnston: Reality in APY Lands different from media agenda campaigns (9 Oct 11)

waru.org : Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Council

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara


Arab Council Australia Inc.:
Apology to the Aboriginal People of Australia on behalf of Australians of Arabic background
"Offered on 13 June 1998
On behalf of the many Australians of Arab background who wish to do so, and we know they are many; we would like to offer our apology, and express our sorrow, to the Aboriginal people of Australia. ... To put it plainly, we are sorry for having come to this country without asking you, the traditional owners of this land, first. We come from a culture that values honourable behaviour to the highest degree, and we feel that our presence in Australia cannot be honourable without this genuinely felt apology."


- Videos

Vimeo: Bankstown Forum - Barbara Shaw
"Barbara Shaw: Aboriginal leader from Alice Springs and resident of Mt Nancy town camp, a 'prescribed area' under the Northern Territory Intervention. Barbara has been held on the Income Management system against her will since January 2008. The Campaign of the Say No to Government's Income Management: Not In Bankstown Not Anywhere has gathered momentum locally and nationally and has gained support from a range of organisations and groups. The campaign coalition is now holding this forum for Bankstown residents, service providers and advocates to hear first hand about the experience of the Income Management under the Northern Territory Intervention."

YouTube: Barbara Shaw in Bankstown
8 Oct 11: "Barbara discussing the impact of income management on peoples lives in the N.T"

- Related Video

Vimeo: Bankstown Forum - John Falzon
"John Falzon: Chief Executive Officer of St Vincent de Paul Society, National Council of Australia and long time activist for social justice. ... The Forum will also be an opportunity for you to learn more about the concerns of the welfare sector and to hear what long time advocates are saying about this policy. You will also learn more about the campaign, how you can be part of it and how you too can take action to protect the rights of people on social security."

- Related News

ABC Newcastle: Bankstown goes bush to explore welfare pay clamp
14 Oct 11: "Residents from Bankstown in Sydney have travelled to Central Australia to throw their support behind a push to end income management of welfare payments. The Sydney suburb of Bankstown will be one of the first places outside the Northern Territory to have income management rolled out. ... Bankstown resident Randa Kattan has travelled to Alice Springs to find out more information about the income management program's effects. ... "Across the board, people are feeling totally disempowered, extremely disheartened, very much pressured, very much punished." she said."


Click on the links for details of the events ...

Event: Thu 18 August - Sun 30 October 2011: Wiluna to Perth, WA
Walk Away from Uranium Mining
"By coming to Wiluna you will be supporting Traditional
Owners in their opposition to uranium mining."
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/walk-away-from-uranium-mining
Event details: http://www.nuclearfreefuture.com/
Walk Schedule: http://footprints.footprintsforpeace.net/nffcampaign/upload/files/Wiluna...
About the walk: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/48231
Interview with walk organiser Marcus Atkinson: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/aboriginal/highlight/page/id/185959/t...
French NGO participation in walk: http://perth.indymedia.org/?action=newswire&parentview=155503
Communities come out to greet uranium protestors (12 Oct 11): http://www.nit.com.au/news/story.aspx?id=22985
Photos of the walk:

Event: Ongoing Protest: James Price Point, Kimberley, WA
Kimberley gas plant protest
Save the Kimberley info: http://www.savethekimberley.com/
Kimberley gas plant threatens Aboriginal culture: http://ccr.uws.edu.au/2011/06/22/kimberley-gas-plant-threatens-aborigina...
Aboriginal elder Elsta Foy at the protest camp: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3296152.htm
Protest updates: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/blog/
Environs Kimberley: http://www.environskimberley.org.au/
Kimberley info: http://handsoffcountry.blogspot.com/
Kimberley Country and Culture: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/whats-the-fuss/country-culture/
WGAR News: Kimberley gas plant protest and blockade (28 Jun 11): http://indymedia.org.au/2011/06/28/wgar-news-kimberley-gas-plant-protest...
WGAR News: 25 protesters arrested at JPP blockade (9 Jul 11): http://indymedia.org.au/2011/07/09/wgar-news-25-protesters-arrested-at-j...

Event: Sun 16 October 2011: Parramatta, Sydney, NSW
Rally: Down with racist police attacks!
Drop all charges against those arrested at Tisha's 21st
"Stop persecuting the Aboriginal Hickey family!"
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/rally-down-with-racist-police-attacks-drop-all-c...
Background: http://indymedia.org.au/2011/01/13/campaign-builds-to-defend-persecuted-...

Event: Mon 17 October 2011: Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
Hosted by Amnesty International's Central Coast Action Group
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/nsw/event/26574/
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Wed 19 October 2011: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Qld
Homelands Campaign training session and first action group meeting
Held by Amnesty International Qld/Northern NSW
"We invite all interested volunteers and
supporters to attend a training session."
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/qld/event/26674/

Event: Thu 20 October 2011: Paddington, Sydney, NSW
Special screening of excerpts from the emerging feature doco
Breath of Life
& Muckaty Voices,
the opening film of the Down Under Film Festival in Berlin
Event details: http://www.stoptheintervention.org/#Breath
Poster: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/Facts-Info-Our-...

Event: Thu 20 October 2011: Kensington, Sydney, NSW
UNSW 'Our Generation' Film screening
Hosted by Amnesty International Australia UNSW
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/nsw/event/26911/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Fri 21 October 2011: Melbourne City, Vic
Public meeting:
You say you want a revolution: Not Sorry Enough
Speakers: Robbie Thorpe; Karla Grant; Linday Bruney;
Kim Hill; Tania Major.
"From the battles for basic civil rights four decades ago,
to the overturning of terra nullius and the stolen
generations apology, Australian Indigenous activists have
achieved much over successive generations.
Yet it would seem many aspirations have been left behind
along the way, and there is so much left to achieve. ... "
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49045

Event: Sun 23 October 2011: Bendigo, Vic
A Benefit for the Kimberley
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/
Event details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171353649603731
Flyer: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/276751_171...

Event: Thu 27 October 2011: Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW
'Our Generation' Film screening
Q&A with special guests Richard Trudgen (author),
Dianne Gondarra (daughter of Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra)
and Becky Harcourt
Event details: http://stoptheintervention.org/#OurGen
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Poster: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/Facts-Info-Our-...
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Thu 27 October 2011: Blue Mountains, NSW
Wentworth Falls: Indigenous rights film, Our Generation
Introduction and Q&A with Jeff McMullen
Hosted by Blue Mountains People for Reconciliation
"It examines "unresolved issues around Aboriginal rights
and Indigenous disadvantage" and features the music of
Yothu Yindi, Archie Roach, Gurrumul and the John Butler trio."
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49077
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Upcoming Event: ??? November 2011: Darwin, NT
Darwin book launch: "Walk With Us"
- Aboriginal views on the NT Intervention
Darwin – Time and venue yet to be announced
Event details: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/WWU_booklaunches.html
Event details: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with-us
Brought to you by 'concerned Australians': http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/
Book info and order form: http://www.concernedaustralians.com.au/media/WWU_Order_Form.pdf
Further book info: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Austr...
Book review: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Austr...
Videos from the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/facts/films-and-literature/book-walk-with...
Article about the Sydney book launch: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/concerned-Austr...

Upcoming Event: Central Adelaide, SA
Adelaide Kimberley Support Rally postponed
"a bigger better event is already being planned,
date and details soon!"
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/

Event: Wed 2 to Sat 5 Nov 2011: South Bank, Brisbane, Qld
Theatre: Jane Harrison's Stolen
Directed by Leah Purcell
Presented by: The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts
(ACPA) and QPAC in association with Bungabura Productions
"a brilliant amalgam of the experiences of representatives
of the Stolen Generation. Immerse yourself in a yarn about
the importance of family, understanding and issues that
have impacted strongly on Aboriginal families."
Event details: http://www.qpac.com.au/event/Stolen_11.aspx?showTab=Overview

Event: Fri 4 November 2011 to February 2012: Townsville, Qld
Exhibition: From Little Things Big Things Grow
- Fighting for Indigenous Rights 1920-1970
Event description: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/
Event location: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/tra...

Event: Sat 5 November 2011: Adelaide, SA
132nd Justice and Peace Candlelight Walk
"Join us on the Candle Light Walk to call for a Treaty and
Bill of Rights, and to support the Ngarrindjeri and all
other Aboriginal people and the Stolen Generations, their
families and communities left behind, in their call for
Peace and Justice."
Event details: http://antarsa.auspics.org.au/category/news/2011/10/candlelight-walk-2/

Event: Tue 8 November 2011: Hurstville, Sydney, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
Hosted by Amnesty International Sutherland Shire Action Group
"Our group is hoping to engage more with AI members and
residents of the St George area and we hope that this will
be a launch event for the creation of a St George Action Group"
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/nsw/event/26576/
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Sat 19 November 2011: Annandale, Sydney, NSW
Save the Kimberley: Cans for Country, Songs for change!
"A super sick show with super sick bands, to help raise
funds and awareness to aid in the fight against the WA
Government and Woodsides attempted destruction of the
Kimberley Coast"
Event details: http://www.savethekimberley.com/wp/2011/07/13/upcoming-events/

Event: Sun 20 November 2011: Mullumbimby, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
With live music and Q&A with the filmmakers
More details to come
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Fri 20 January 2012: RMIT entrance, Melbourne, Vic
Indigenous freedom-fighters commemoration:
Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner
"To commemorate the execution of the indigenous
freedom fighters Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner"
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49054

Event: Thu 26 January 2012: Parkes, Canberra, ACT
40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra
Sovereignty Never Ceded: a key theme of the 40th Anniversary
"Indigenous elders invite all Aboriginal people, supporters
and other members of the general public, to come together
at the 'Aboriginal Tent Embassy' site, on Thursday 26th
January 2012, to celebrate "SOVEREIGNTY DAY" and be part of
the Sacred Fire Ceremonial Gathering that will marks 40
years since the first protest on the site."
Event details: http://www.aboriginaltentembassy.net/
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/40th-anniversary-of-the-tent-embassy-canberra

Event: February 2012 to May 2012: Queensland Museum
Exhibition: From Little Things Big Things Grow
- Fighting for Indigenous Rights 1920-1970
Event description: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/
Event location: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/tra...

- 'Our Generation' Film Reviews

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater:
Our Generation - Showing in London - page 8
Winter 2011: "The Intervention is yet another example of the appalling treatment the Aboriginal People of Australia have been subjected to in such a short period of time compared to thousands of years of survival. Sinem Saban and Rev. Dr Gondarra supported by the Yolngu people and cinematographer, Damien Curtis, have created a sensitive and realistic view of the plight of those who wish to live a more traditional life in their homelands and of those who appear to be dispossessed." Christine Waterer

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater:
ASG Information Night: Our Generation - page 6
Summer 2010: "Local resident and journalist, Jeff McMullen introduced "Our Generation", the film by Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis which we were there to see. The film explored in depth the Federal Government Intervention into Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory. Jeff had told us that the film’s producers were not having any success in having the film shown on government or commercial media outlets and they were having to screen it in local community halls to show the community at large just what was involved in the Intervention. It is basically a war on Aboriginal culture. The dispossession of the Aboriginal people is simply continuing in a new guise." Carol Gerrard


Our Generation: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater: http://www.asgmwp.net/index.htm


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Northern Territory Emergence Response (NTER)
- "The Intervention":

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Northern Territory National Emergency Response:

STICS (Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney):

The Greens: Rachel Siewert: Northern Territory Intervention:

CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association)
- NT Intervention:

Treaty Republic - NT Intervention:

IRAG (Intervention Rollback Action Group):
Mparntwe - Alice Springs:

'concerned Australians':
Without Justice there can be no Reconciliation:

Tracker - NT Intervention:

Crikey - NT Intervention:

MAIC (Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective):

The Conversation - After the Intervention:

ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation)
- NT intervention:

Jobs with Justice:

New Matilda - northern territory intervention:

Amnesty International Australia:
Looking back at the Northern Territory Intervention:

Students For Indigenous Rights - UQ:
The Northern Territory Intervention:

Defending Indigenous Rights:

Intervention walk-off's Blog:

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Northern Territory ‘Emergency Response' intervention:

FAIRA; Human Rights Law Resource Centre; NACLC:
Australia's compliance with CERD - Fact Sheet 2:
Northern Territory Intervention:

Green Left: Northern Territory intervention: myths and facts:

WGAR (Working Group for Aboriginal Rights):


- Statement

Western Australia: Statement From Goolaraboolo People Against Proposed Gas Hub At James Price Point
13 Oct 11: "The following is a message to the international, national and the local communities from the Goolarabooloo people:
To our Friends, Apart from the obvious environmental impact of this proposed industrialisation, which has been well documented, the significant issue of the preservation of our aboriginal cultural and spiritual heritage has not been given due consideration. ... "

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