Police used to break picket at Lake Tyers

The Age reported that police were used to escort the Administrator, Simon Wallace-Smith through the blockade established on the 8th of March by the women of Lake Tyers to protest the lack of community control in Lake Tyers.

The administraror was appointed eight years ago by the Government and is an employee of the multinational firm Deloites. The women of Lake Tyers have stated that the lack of community control is equivalent to the mission days and have equated it to the Northern Territory Intervention. The State Government refuses to negotiate with the women whilst the picket continues.

There is a benefit for the blockade this Friday in Melbourne. Leanne Edwards, spokesperson for the group told the ABC that the group plans to re-enact a march on Parliament House carried out by Aboriginal elders in 1963.

She also told the ABC that "Our rights to govern ourselves have been removed, amendments to the Lands Act in 1970 have been made without a proper consultants of the shareholders and the members' register is not current nor is it available to the shareholders as required under the Act and there is a general lack of decision-making ability of the shareholders of the trust".