Police brutality fronts antiracist demo in Newtown

Today at 1pm, more than 100 people gathered at the Hub in Newtown to protest against racism in the area.

Following several community demonstrations against a mural that says, “say no to burqas” at nearby Station Street, the group decided to go to the mural in opposition to this racist statement. Together residents threw paint and pasted anti-racism posters over the mural, made noise and held banners with the statements, “fascists off our streets” and “racists out of Newtown”.

Police acted to protect the mural. As people attempted to leave the area together significant numbers of Police continued arriving to the scene. Heavy-handed tactics were used to violently arrest 8 people, and to intimidate and harass everyone present. Police officers were not wearing identification. Witness reports attest to a high level of police aggression, with punches, grabbing people by the neck and threatening to break bones. Charges are being pressed against those arrested and court solidarity will be essential. Right now there is a solidarity action outside Newtown police station until everyone is released.

Sergio Redegalli, the owner of the mural, has claimed that his mural is a political intervention into the trajectories of “contemporary Australian society” - that this mural is an attempt to open a debate about “fundamentalism”. It is clear, however, that the painting is only a poor repackaging of sexism and racism. This so called “opening” of a debate, serves only to shut down space with both physical and violent effects. It is doing no more than increasing the tendency towards Islamophobia and vilification of Muslims – with Muslim women as no more than an object to be contested – that has for a few years been the most fashionable form of racism in this country.

The anti-burqa mural articulates one form of patriarchy in the guise of what he perceives to be the patriarchy of another culture. The act of determining what is suitable behaviour for others and calling on the government to regulate this, is typically authoritarian and patriarchal. Empowerment and liberation are not things that can be prescribed and dictated to others. Some people might find empowerment in affirming aspects of their heritage, others by shedding all such traditional values. An anti-racist and anti-sexist politics of solidarity has to act in common with those who are struggling for their emancipation, not dictate what their freedom will look like.

Over the past months increasing levels of racism have been seen in the Newtown area. Far-right, white supremacist groups have had a much greater presence on the streets than in recent years – to the point where some groups have felt comfortable having stalls on King St; putting up racist stickers; and threatening anyone who doesn’t fit into their caricature of life in Australia. The Australian Protectionist Party (APP), for example, held a pre-election stall at the “I have a dream” square. Far-right groups directly threaten the safety of people in the area. They exist solely to organise violence against people of colour – whether that be in the form of harassment, intimidation, physical attacks, or attempts to exclude and marginalise them.

Sergio Redegalli has recently spoken at far-right gatherings, such as “The Lodge” – a private meeting in Rozelle. His affiliation with the Australian Protectionist Party is very clear, as APP members have taken to gathering at the “say no to burqas” mural whenever there is a demonstration against it. Sergio, the “glass artist” who painted it, has become a hero to this group. He hides behind the authority he derives from owning the building and by protecting it with security cameras and security guards. Given this, it is up to the rest of us to self organise and mobilize against this racist presence and to ensure its immediate removal by whatever form people see fit.

It’s easy for people in the Newtown area to be complacent around issues like this – to have faith in the “cosmopolitan” flavour of the area, believing that racism only happens in other areas. If extreme racism isn’t seen in Newtown everyday, it’s because there has been a history of fighting it. The APP were driven off their pre-election stall because people on the street saw them and confronted them, making them leave. Similarly, when white supremacist groups turn up in pubs and at gigs in this area, they need to be confronted and forced to leave by everyone who believes that this world doesn’t just exist for racist arseholes.


Sounds to me you are having a bitch session really police brutality guess you guys get what you deserve you want to act like bogans you get treated like bogans. You want to act like animals you get treated like wild animals.

'Bogans' you say? What exactly is a 'bogan', Badger?

To me, a bogan is someone whose afraid of what they don't know &/or don't understand... they're also know as 'rednecks'. They're racists, homophobes, sexists, & anybody else who allows fear to run their life, or their belief system.

My suspicion is that you, Badger, are in fact a cop. Failing that, you must be a bogan.

Get your facts right!

* Sergio is not affiliated with the APP. He is not a member & has made it clear to us that he has no intentions in joining as he does not agree with some of our policies!

* The ferrals were lucky that the police came when they did in Newtown to the I have a dream pre election leaflet drop. Due to the fact that they were starting to cop a real pasting from the 7 of us that werent elderly.

* You can all expect to see us (the APP) again in Newtown real soon because the delusional way you left-wing extremists think & carry on is not the way majority of this beautiful country think!


I would love to see you in Newtown again. don't worry about the Anarchist Aussie Kids,I beg you to come cuz I'm gonna fuck'n behead you, fuck'n white terrorist cunt. please let us know when you are in town again so we give you a proper Arabic wellcome. x

Hey man i know your pissed but enough of the white shit.Here in Australia only cowards use knives dont let your self and your people down.And what about this "US" cant you do the job alone only dogs move in packs so pull up.It's the Jews cranking you up fight the real enemy dont fall for there bull shit i'm on your side.

I don't thing this guy is actually an Arab or even live in Newtown as I know most of the community over here !
and who is US? I'm not coming !

While thousands of REAL AUSSIES were suffering from, or volunteering to help with the clean up of the devastating Queensland floods, you leftist traitors found the time to protest against a mural. How do you live with yourselves? Cop the tip, Muslims hate you just as much, if not more than they hate the rest of us!

Socialists get what they deserve, besides they are confusing the issue of Burka with race and discrimination.
Intellectual Dishonesty the first rule of the vociferous Green-Left Agitprop swine and professional Uni student so common in the pot-smoking and artsy-farcy Newtown.
Stop oppressing Islamic Women's identity with the Burka under the guise of tolerance and diversity, you are bunch of hypocrites.
So hear me, take your whining and shove it lefties, we know who you are, you bunch of moralist losers.
I see you on the street and I'll run you over.

Don't like Australia - LEAVE!

how long have you been speaking for Muslims dick head?

Free speech in Newtown . . . only when it tows the line with the majority. Its ironic that the same people attacking this wall are usually the same people to who are pro love,tolerance, understanding etc. Bloody hypocrites!

The Pathetic Party can't have it both ways. First Robert Hunt, who likes to frock up in burqas, says that his tiny little bunch of fails represents some sort of "majority", then "Anonymous" chimes in and tries to tell us that his poor little pathetics were being terrorised by a "majority".

We were a tad disappointed when you weren't there in your burqa Robbie. Looking forward to having you up on a float at the Mardi Gras in a pink see-through one.

Come on lads, get your stories straight before you go into print. Either you represent some sort of "majority" (albeit an unproven one since I don't recall the Pathetics ever having enough of an impact to feature on polls) or you are some sort of persecuted minority under siege from "teh evil socialists".

Better head back to Nicky's trendy inner-city pad at Rozelle and have a meeting about it.

Let me paint a hypothetical situation here.

Lets say (and this is a highly unlikely policy, but let me run with it) that Australia, in its immigration policy, viewed the rules of Islam as incompatible with the culture of western society (which many feel is the case).

With Islam being a male dominated ideology, lets imagine that Australia accepted female applicants for immigration (from islamic countries) and not males, on the basis that males in the Islamic culture cultivate an unhealthy control over their women counterparts. That policy would not be exactly racist (as the women of Islamic background are not being discriminated against) and would also not be a policy which is sexist in the traditional sense (because this term usually applies to the discrimination against women only).

So, in our imaginary situation, we need to also assume a few extra things; That the males are unselfish enough to let their women leave for a better life in Australia. That the women in these Islamic countries (single or married) are free enough to choose to leave the country and make their own way, their own life.

Here I believe you would have a situation where Islamic women in Australia would have chosen of their own will to forsake the Burqa themselves. They might go on to practice their religion, or they might choose not to (like others choose to practice Christianity, and others decide religion is not for them). But we would see a much lower practice of wearing the burqa, simply because they would be free not to do so, without fear of retribution from the males of the society.

Lets remember the artist of this mural has written; "Say no to the Burqa" and not "Ban the burqa".

This seems to me less of a directive to the government of the time to introduce legislation against a piece of clothing,
but rather a plea to the women of Islam to shake off this veil that WILL work only to further remove their people from integration with the other peoples in this Country. And this is what every person who loves the best of Australian culture really wants; the ability to be able to come to an understanding with ones neighbour, who is an Aussie, no matter what their skin colour is. It is instinctive, at least in our culture, that to be able to see another person clearly, is to be able to know them a bit better. But the Burqa does not allow this.

Lets think now about another question; Is it wrong to ask a muslim woman to consider not wearing the Burqa?

I think that is not such a crime.

In Australia, if you wear a Burqa, you place yourself somewhat outside the society of Today. But the average person will leave you alone to do so. And will not harass you (and no real Australian will do otherwise). It is currently not a law of our Country that someone can tear that Burqa off, because in the end, it is a freedom of choice to be able to wear it. And I personally do not believe this should change.

Conversely, If an Australian woman were to NOT wear a head-dress of some kind in many Islamic countries, she is in fear of being attacked and slandered. And this will go on, accepted by the Authority of the time.

You tell me which situation is the better?

I think it is a lie to justify action against this mural as fighting for womens freedom. For they admin this is not an issue of freedom of choice, for they have no choice. Not only that, they admit their unwillingness to accept other people in Australian society. Is this really the kind of culture we want to cultivate in this Country? Is this really going to help racial harmony in this Country?

I quote: "let us be very clear here. We do not dress like this because of freedom of choice. Because to use freedom of choice as a justification, then we are also accepting of women who undress out of this same freedom of choice. And we can never do this as believing women."


Notice, besides the speaker herself, there seem to be no women viewing this rally. Were they not allowed to participate? Or do they have no interest in this cause? Did this speaker really write this speech?

These are just some thoughts. It is a complex issue. And not one that is easy (or should be easy) to immediately come to a conclusive position on. And I am not there myself yet. I will watch and read, and learn. From all sides. I hope you all try to do the same.

""there seem to be no women viewing this rally. Were they not allowed to participate?""

You are correct in the first instance and NO to the second part

In Islam the woman is subserviant and has no rights.

I heard from an ex-Muslim friend, that Muslim women are actually being paid now to wear the veil, as a sign that they intend Islam being the dominant force in this country.

I hate to say this, but there is no place in the western world for the ideology of Islam. It doesn't fit in with our way of life.

After reading this one sided story ( I cant call it a report) I would like to add a few things.
Sergio Redegalli has stated time and time again that the mural is about free speech. His saying no to the burqa is his view and as it is his building he is free to express whatever he wishes on the walls.
I was actually watching this rally yesterday and saw no police brutality, just our police offiers doing their job. They made no move against any protester until they started to deface the mural, thereby causing property damage. When police tried to move the people away they were assaulted by a number of the ferals that were attending. This continued up to the main road, where further damage was done,one of their number broke the front window of the laundromat. I believe they followed up this rally with another elsewhere in Newtown later in the afternoon. So who is funding these people, if anyone can answer that I would be very interested. At the last rally in December they were handing out coffee vouchers to attendee's.
I dont know how the APP got dragged into this story, they weren't even in attendance.
So please just remember there are always differing opinions, and saying no to the burqa is not racist (how can it be its an item of clothing). We are all entitled to our opinions and we are all responsible for the choices we make in life.

To Answer the question the ferals (bogans) are being funded by the socialist alliance

I found this article on Nine MSN which doesn't even mention why the mural was being targeted.

Here is a Press Release from the NSW police - it mentions the disturbing news that one of the demonstrators was denied bail - being held in custody until March 1st.

I dont see any police brutality, I just see a pack of ferrals acting like animals. See for yourself.http://au.news.yahoo.com/video/national/watch/23864756 Aswell far from 100 people more like 40!

I would like to know which optometrist Mr Hunt attends for his rose coloured glasses. If you watch and listen carefully you'll see that the police are roughing up people BEFORE the commentary mentions that paint was thrown. Another point about this constructed news item: the news reader says that eight people HAD to be arrested. HAD to be arrested??

They shoulda copped tazers and watercannon as well.

I have never heard such hate filled trash in my entire life. This whole account of what happened couldn't be further from the truth if you tried

No I see why my ideals have now shifted from the left to the right. This proves it.

As for the news that one of the demonstrators was denied bail ...that couldn't be much better

yeah yeah yeah, you whinging protesting university student types wouldnt know police brutality if it hit you in the fucking head...

if you wanna make a stance come to cronulla and organise a anti racism march here, come and educate people that really need it..

you hide in your little safe haven of newtown where really..well, how much racism is there?

im a wog born and bred in bankstown lived in the inner city for 18 years and now i live in cronulla, and let me tell you the majority of newtownites are smart enough to see through racism..and it its a pretty harmonious place..

come to cronulla next time, organise a anti racist prottest by the beach and actually make a stance...

hassling and finger pointing at some poor guy thats painted a mural on his house and is obviously not all there in the head doesnt do shit except fuel your personal little head clicks and gives you soft cocks a little bit to talk about at your next tea party...

come and protest out of the front of the hosues of some of the rednecks that fueled the cronualla race riots

im sure ill never see you here...will i?


Police Brutality! not likely !- Just Muslim extremists calling the kettle black and provoking the police, if possible, with orchestrated violence for media attention
Sergios attitude has the ring of ‘truth and'reality' about it –
Say ‘No to the Burka!’
Why shouldn't we?
Many Muslim countries say "No' to the Burka, as it is considered to be an extremist sect political symbol! -A Saudi Sunni Salafist extreme fundamentalist sect from the middle ages, whose clergy considers itself a supreme Muslim master race and their distinctive uniform displaying the wearer has a divine commission to rule!
They are a persistent threat to our way of life as they defy our governance flout our laws and are a Islamic state (albeit a nomdic one) practicing undemocratic Islamic governance and shauvanist sharia law administered by a foreign government-
We have the same people doing the same things here as in the middle east and the EU!
-What precludes the Aussies applying the same solutions-regulate them.
Before they integrate us!

The Burka is an anti western extremist Muslim protest against our way of life.
It is a ‘flag’, a distinctive uniform of loyal followers with an extremist Muslim ideology and a will to rule.
Many Muslim governments know something that we in the West are today learning the hard way.
The best way to debunk the Burka as an expression of Muslim faith is to listen to Muslims who oppose it!
After all how can wearing a Burqa or a Niqab be mandatory to worship Islam when they are banned in Mecca during a Hajj? Who are they kidding? its politics!
The only place in the 5 Pillars that mentions wearing cloth is at prayer!-not in public.
They insist on wearing their garments in public for spurious reasons-making the state an open air Mosque in occuppied territory they claim they have a religious right to annexe!-a threat to our secular government and our way of life.

The Burka is banned in Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco -Why because the Burka is quote” an import-not normal in our country, and worn for ideological purposes , a protest against the ruling sharia or secular government- a step back into the ‘dark ages’ of extremist fundamental Islam” –
Are they anti Islamic racists as we are supposed to be? Or are they also protecting their way of life as we are?
“a grave misunderstanding of Islam by extremist Salafist, Sunni conservative, and Shia conservative sect followers who are manipulated by their respective sect to believe it is an expression of faith” and
Note 1- Reading the text of the 2007 "Riyadh Declaration"[2], we note that invited Muslim countries start with a premise: We want to reach the world and move towards progress. But this wave of the return of the burqa goes in the opposite direction to progress and is motivated by ideological ends! “
We need a referendum!

Quote from article: " It is clear, however, that the painting is only a poor repackaging of sexism and racism".

It never ceases to amaze me what certain people can read into someone else's statement - be it verbal or pictorial.

Tell me, what sex and race is a burqa? It is a face-covering garment worn by some women of the Islamic belief system, yes, that is true, and it is never worn by men. Thus it is the wearing (or the forcing others to wear) a burqa that can be claimed to be "sexist", not someone's exhortation to say no to the garment.

And racist? What race is Islam? This is an Islamic garment and last time I looked Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion (and even if we say it's a religion, that's not a race either, unless you agree with Hitler). Islam exists in many countries, some of them European ("white").

No, the burqua has become a political statement, at least in the West. It has nothing to do with racism or sexism.

We must say no to the burqa because it is a security risk to let people cover their faces in public spaces. Crimes are already being committed by persons in burqas (Canada, USA and Australia are some that I know of). Muslim countries themselves have a ban on burqas in the public sphere (Turkey and Bangladesh are two examples). I'm sure you wouldn't call that sexist or racist?

What is it about "anti fascists" and other lefties that produce so much vitriol and hatred? Look at the comments here - it's you guys who use extremist language, not the other side! Do you even know what "fascist" means? Beyond being a convenient label to plaster on anyone who doesn't agree with your ideology, that is?

Fascism was Mussolini's invention and it was very much a movement of the far left. The notion that kindred spirits Hitler and Mussolini, Fascism and Nazism were "right-wing" is a carfully constructed fairy-tale spun by the embarrassed "progressives" of Europe and America after the atrocities committed of both these men/movements during WW2.

At the beginning of the 20th Century the progressive lefties in those countries LOVED Hitler and Mussolini and thought them well worth copying in their own countries. Study history, it's not a secret! Both Hitler and Mussolini started as Socialist/Communist party members; the reason they fell out with their commie buddies were that they made their movements 'national' rather than purely 'class based' and 'international'. Read the Fascist and Nazi (Nazi: short for Nazionalsozialismus) party manifestos!

Hitler was a racist, yes, but Mussolini wasn't. For example, it's illuminating to note that Jews were massively represented in the Italian Fascist Party and Fascist Italy had nothing like the death camp system. Not a single Jew of any national origin under Italian control was handed over to Germany until 1943, when Italy was invaded by the Nazis. Mussolini actually sent Italian troops into harm's way to save Jewish lives. Francisco Franco, another fascist dictator, also refused Hitler's demand to hand over Spanish Jews, while the supposedly "liberal" French and Dutch eagerly cooperated with the Nazi deportation program.

A good place to start is "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. Well referenced and difficult to argue with.

@Kelly well your kind love to brand those who act in violence a bogan which is exactly what those did they commited crime a disgusting one of assualting police and should be punished with the law

This has more to do with far right bigots jumping on a band wagon than anything else. This has happened in the UK with the EDL (English Defence League) they run on an anti-islamic card and claim not to be racist as they have black and asian people on their side, but it is being used by the BNP and other far right organisations as a recruiting ground to start yet another bloody round of race hate on the streets. This mural will and has attracted the AAP and it's followers and will attract the neo-nazis too if it hasn't already, this is what these protests are about, making the people aware that there is opposition to race hatred. Personally I think all religion is pointless and the burqa is as offensive as a crucifix or kippa, all religious clothing or jewellery is there to state that the wearer is better than the non-believer because they have the "chosen" faith. The mural is a banner for the racists to gather behind under the guise of free speech, but remember, if they get any power that free speech will be taken from every one else.

If only the Australian Protectionist Party had existed 200 odd years ago, maybe the noongar could of stopped this country being invaded by a bunch of intolerant enlgish morons.

Don't like the burqa? Don't wear one. Simple.

Make no mistake folks, both the mural and the whining by the APP stooges here has nothing to do with women's rights or 'our way of life' it's just a rather poorly manufactured attempt to scape-goat the muslim community.

Malatesta right on.Its good to see somebody see's through the bull shit

Malatesta the Protectionist Party was the founding Party the first Prime Minister in Australia came from the party

i have never read so much tripe in my life , I was there , all day , i sa the ferals damage not only the mural but plaster a poor ladies care with oil based paint and painstripper , then state she's just another facist anyway , Mr's lee was born in Vietnam, a refugee, nothing to do with the mural just unlucky to be visiting a friend that day, to say the mural is racist compared to video i took of the protestors stating Nazi's are cool as to a question why are you all doing the nazi salute ? i have posted the video on facebook and i'll upload it all to youtube later today , dont say its faked the CMFEU shirt wearing man was later charged as his sign hid a bed end with nails in it , and was video'ed stating all koreans should be nazis so they could take over the north koreans , eh? these are supposed to be socialists but we see unions spreading racist speech ? we see racisl hatred agains folks by the protestors who call anyone opposed to free speech a racist or facist and damage anything they feel like as they are right and the rest MUST BE DRIVEN OUT ANYWAY POSSIBLE and now i see on the green left page a call to firebomb the art studio , real innocent eh ?

why do you all lie so much . look at the video look at the racist speeches they all come from the protestors , who hate jews , asians ( most but those who join them are ok if they do the nazi salute and are a union leader) they shout about aboriginal land but attack a aboriginal lady who asked them to leave and called her Racist too

the asian lady at the studio is now aq white supremacist !! WTF?? you mean asian folks are monving in on the white supremacist side? cool!!! should be more of it , and before you say i'm a white supremacist , my koori mates are the ones who came by yesterday and called them ( the protestors) all wankers ..

they too where vilified , so it seems to the socialists white supremacists are asian , koori , middle eastern and jew ish , seems very few whites left in the WS scene eh hahahahahahahaha you idiots crack me up

Obviously you're not big on the sarcasm...

But as far as I understand it the parties are of no connection and share the same name only, the APP was only founded in 2008.

Thankfully there is not a snowflake's chance in hell of anyone from the APP gaining a council seat, let alone a prime minister!

Comment on new artwork, have a look at this:


This is why I personally have developed a sincere distaste for the likes of Newtown; everyone pretends to perpetuate all these wonderfully egalitarian ideals, (freedom of speech, freedom of political association, freedom of religion, tolerance, whatever), and whinge and whine about all the right wing bastards hell-bent on oppressing minorities, yet they the self awareness necessary to see that they are being just as fascist as the "racist" and "sexist" individuals they seek to silence. "Say no to Burqas" - yes, this may be a racist statement, but is it right to marginalise someone for saying this?... "Together residents threw paint and pasted anti-racism posters over the mural, made noise and held banners with the statements, “fascists off our streets” and “racists out of Newtown”"... I would be very pleased if someone were to explain to me how these "anti-racists" opposing Sergio's mural are acting any different, or any less fascist and dogmatic, than Sergio himself. He is voicing,as is his right due to Freedom of Speech ( remember that glorious notion?), his dislike for the Burqa. The mural also does not explain the basis for his opposition. Personally, I oppose the Burqa's that entirely covers one's face on aesthetic grounds - you cant see the person's face and I think that is a strange fashion choice. I guess I must be a racist bastard who is not welcome in Newtown. For a group of people in a supposedly open minded community to persecute Sergio with the labels "fascist" and "racist" and to call for him to leave the area is hypocritical and is merely switching one form of authoritarian dogma for another. How is discriminating against someone on the grounds that they are a "fascist" or a "racist" any different to that fascist or racist discriminating against black people because they are black. Sure, there's the obvious difference; one is a form of racial discrimination and the other a form of political discrimination. But beyond that, it's still discrimination, and we all know that is one of a True Enemies and a cornerstone of fascism. Do these people want a fairer egalitarian society, or are they egomaniacs who wish to portray themselves in their own minds as heroes against the perceived threat of oppressive right-wing nuts? And for the record, I sit on the left side of the political fence, not the right. However, I am staunchly opposed to the supplementation of one form of authoritarian dogma for another, which is what these people seem in favour of. Bullshit is bullshit it just goes by different names.

So what you are saying is that i should be allowed to put a sign out the front of my house saying "I love Adolf Hitler get Jews out of Australia" and if i am made to take it down that would make the people who made me take this sign down fascists and dogmatic.Felipe you are a FOOL!!!

@ Felipe

Some of us have longer memories than you seem to. Fascism isn't "just" another political POV like voting Labor or Liberal. It's a culture of death. Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, Hitler's Germany, Greece under the colonels, Argentina's military junta, Pinochet's Chile, South Africa under apartheid...

Normal Australians can never have any sort of common ground with its proponents whether these clowns call themselves the League of Rights, the New Guard, the National Front, the Australian Protectionist Party or Australia First.

And how about the freedom of speech of the minorities they oppress? And where does a male get off telling women what they can and cannot wear - that is essentially what Redegalli's poorly executed piece of crap is doing. It is in the same league as the crude swastikas painted on synagogues, another activity which some of our home-grown Fascist bully-boys like to indulge in.

"a male get off telling women what they can and cannot wear"

Josh you are missing the point.

In our society facial contact is the norm. Enter a lift, stand in a queue, one sees a face smiles nods whatever. Here you are faced with a blank wall.
My husband, until a few weeks ago, felt the same as you
That was until, on entering a lift, he was taken aback by a faceless individual. He said he never felt so uncomfortable in his life.

I’ll give you an insight into Islam. These women are forced by their husbands to cover up, this makes them inferior to the male, which is stated in the Koran. One man is the worth of four women.

Furthermore they PAID to wear the burqa. The ultimate aim of Islam it to dominate the world. Take a look at Muslim message boards

A huge issue is security. I “dare” you to enter a service station or bank with your face covered. !!

Ottawa has just had its 5th burka robbery in 6 months
Read this article received today.


Josh you left out Israels apartheid of Palestine

'people of colour'?!
get your minds out of the mid 20th century.

First And foremost here Sergio Redegalli is not telling women what or what not to wear. He is expressing his opinion SAY NO TO THE BURQA which is his right. He has not gone and vandalised anyones property, he has painted his own wall, which is also his right. Mr Redegalli has not assaulted anyone, nor have I seen anything that says he has abused anyone.This poor man has been attacked on his own property.
I will have to say I agree with his sentiment as I to do not like the Burqa,I will not speak to anyone wearing one as I cannot see who I am speaking to and I find that the height of ignorance and an insult.I wouldn't speak to anyone wearing a helmet or a balaclava in the street either, if I couldn't see their face.
So I think all those protesters need to grow up and realise that there will always be differing opinions and thats what makes us unique.
And if The Social Alliance is funding these protesters as some has said here they should be deregistered as a political party for inciteing this vandalism and violence to the police doing their jobs.

You would not speak to a masked person on the street, but you do play an Anonymous avatar on the internet to lay out that opinion. Oh the cognitive dissonance!

I remain anonymous because the socialists like to harrass and attack anyone who disagrees with them. That does not lessen my support of Mr Redegalli and his right to an opinion.

And I do not go out in public with my face covered, so I therefore stay within the legal requirements of this country. No face coverings in Banks, Govt Offices Etc.

The Jewish community has been much maligned and they are our allies, So I do support them also. Marrackville Council has no right to butt into foriegn affairs its not in their charter.

Israel has no right to steel Palestinian land or kill innocent people.Dont you mean Jews like harass any one who disagrees with them this is what this is all about.You have twisted the story like the Jews like to,I think you are a a Jew Got ya!!!

Anti-racist rally? Sounds more like a mysoginyst rally. The Left should be applauding this mural for defending women's rights and free speech.

This whole debate is moot.

The mural should read "Say No to Religion". That's the root cause of all this BS.

Black is white, white is black: understood.

all that's between burqas and bigots is 3 or 4 letters to be changed

@ Shirlee:

"These women are forced by their husbands to cover up, this makes them inferior to the male, which is stated in the Koran."

You need to provide proof for that. If a woman is being forced to do anything by her husband she can report the matter to the police. I have not heard of any such reports. On the other hand there are plenty of domestic violence reports involving non-Muslims.

"Islamist-watch" is not a credible news source so I'll decline your request to read it.

Shame you didn't hear the interview on radio a few days back. A fair number of ex-Muslims phoned in saying Muslim women are given no choice and THEN they are PAID by the community to carry on wearing it.!!

As for women being inferior to men. I would suggest that you read the evil Koran.

A man is worth 4 women

If a woman is raped she needs 4 male witnesses. The man is taken on his word.

Woman are worthless in Islam. There was a rally a few months back in support of the mobile tarpaulin, with not a woman in sight to support it....only a recording of one. Give me a break..please !!

You mean in "Your opinion " "Islamist-watch" is not a credible news source

Well I beg to differ, because it's a very well researched source.

By the sound of things you take note of the Guardian!!

Shirlee what about the Torah every body is Worthless except Jews.As for the radio interveiws they were Jews pretending to be ex-Muslins the jews always do stuff like that.You are a jew Shirlee i know who you are.

Sergio Redgalli i bet you are the same sergio that posted comments on this web site under Marrickville Council first to support the boycott Israel...posted Tue 21-12-10 10.23pm.He is pro Israel trying to move attention to the Muslims.What ever happend to a woman has the right to wear what she wants?So please dont give this pro Israeli Sergio what he wants and thats trouble wake up Australia.

You all need to get a handle on this issue. What the hell you think it has to do with Israel, is beyond my comprehension. Women wear them there too and some Jewsih women from radical ultra-orthodox sects

The burka is a garment, designed ny men, in order to keep women in submission. It has no basis on Islam. Clerics in the Islamic faith, have also called for it to be banned, both here and overseas.

France's Most Famous Muslim Cleric Supports Burqa Ban

Egypt cleric 'to ban full veils'Egypt's highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full face veils

If any here can cast their minds minds back to the female in WA, who was required to reveal her face in court, you will recall that she had no objection, as it had nothing to do with her religion.

This is an excellent piece of writing worth noting.

'This is a serious cover up'
* Sally Morrell
* From: Herald Sun
* April 18, 2010

IT was in Hawthorn, of all middle-class suburban places, that I saw them. And where my dislike of the full-face burqa turned to loathing.

And I hate myself for it, because my reaction goes against so much that I've taught my children.

We were in a hardware store and the two women ahead of us at the cash register were clad head-to-toe in a billowing black tent. Even their hands were hidden, in black gloves.

Only the eyes peeked out, as if through a mail slot. And one had even that gap veiled.

They could see out, but I couldn't see in.

There was no way I could tell what age they were or anything about them at all. I couldn't tell if they were friendly or snooty. I couldn't even tell if they smiled back.

It was like they had no identity, no personality at all.

To me, it seemed like they were prisoners trapped behind a huge black wall, cut off from all social interaction. They didn't invite any contact, and seemed unable to fully respond to any.

As they walked the store with their husbands, they drew attention and I'm sure I wasn't the only one to feel uncomfortable at the sight.

But why does the sight of a woman in burqa make us feel so awkward?

It's the not the Islam thing, or not to me.

I think it's because the garb seems such a bold statement of alienation, or even rejection of their new neighbours, people like me who have all their life taken to heart the Australian ethos of making newcomers feel welcome.

Who have taught their children to always offer the hand of friendship, and especially to strangers trying to make their home among us.

This was a rejection of not just me but of any welcome, it seemed to me to say "I don't want to be part of your world and I don't want you to be part of mine'.

It's usual, when you're all waiting in a queue for the cashier or the lift, to have some sort of interaction with your fellow queuers, especially when they have a cute little boy with them.

You meet eyes, you smile, whatever. But with these women it was like standing next to a statue. There was no sign of life coming back at you. You wouldn't even know if they were looking at you.

It was just all so oppressive. We were doomed to always remain strangers to each other.

And, yet, up until this weekend, I would have hotly defended the right of Islamic women to wear the burqa.

Wearing the burqa is supposed to be all about a woman's choice. Some women choose to wear '80s parachute pants and still perm their hair, while others choose to wear a black tent. Nobody should have the right to tell anyone what they can and can't wear. Right?

If these women believe no man other than their husband should ever look at their hair or face, that should be their right, shouldn't it?

I don't dispute that right, at least up to a point. But I can't overlook how it threatens to weaken one of characteristics that have made this country so lovable - our openness.

Now I shudder at the sight of the burqa and no longer feel like defending it.

I rest my case

And by the way, just for your interest, the burka is banned in France, Spain, Egypt, Belgium, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, Canada & Denmark are in discussion about it. Seems to be rather a popular ban. Don’t you think?