Screaming for FREEDOM

10 weeks ago... 100 people break out of Darwin Detention Centre screaming a message of desperation, hope and freedom that the media does everything to silence.

2 months ago... Josefa Rauluni dies in Villawood detention centre on the day he is expecting to be deported. He feared death and torture upon return to Fiji.

The next day... over a dozen people occupy the rooftops of Villawood Detention Centre in respect for another death in custody, and to express anger about their own imprisonment. Like many others, at this time, they have been held in detention centres for over 1 year.

57 days ago... another group of detainees take the roof of the detention centre.

Last week... the govt is shamed by even the high court. It delivers the verdict that imprisoning people off-shore with no access to appeals processes is illegal.

2 days ago... Ahmed Al Akabi dies in Villawood Detention Centre. He was soon to be deported, he feared death and torture upon return to Iraq.

Yesterday... over 160 people remain on hunger strike, some occupy the roof of the detention centre, sparks fly from small fires beckoning the sky to ignite.
... and tomorrow?

People’s movement across borders is resistance to controls imposed upon all of us.

We have more in common with people in the Detention Centres on Xmas Island, in Sydney, in Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane and in Curtin then we do with the bosses and politicians that try to fuel racist hatred in order to keep us working for their system.

Their struggle is also ours!

No death as a result of border protection brings us more freedom!

People’s desire to move will never be caged!