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Your word that the rickrolled scientist has not been harmed in any way is being taken for what it is worth. From the envisioned war footing, the single most decisive scientific breakthrough in that field would be a falsifilable theory which allows to produce evidence to convict surveillance regimes of abusive particularly datacrime based rickrolling even out of an asymmetric position. The existing scientific apparatus, even the analog predecessor to the concept, the theory of fnords, suffers significant blanks from personality cult and other corruptive influence. Nevertheless a showcase implementation could be found with the madhat governor in the land of the sources of the river to which this online character owes its name, who is not only attempting to turn the province capital center into a Shoko Asahara ready trap, but in the process of doing so also alienates the unwilling local population so much that it becomes ripe for apocalyptic cultists. Fnordism kills. The fnord is a trap for humans designed by humans not to be recognised as such by humans. It can be a city center deceptively misnamed to hide that the entire idea is nothing but the toxic legacy of last century´s central planning ideology, or it can just be a deliberately uber-casual misnaming without the architecture bit, such as in the Rand Paul creekwater experience. Once these type of human traps can be automatically identified using the scientific method, any tactical advantage for the surveillance regime to design them from stolen data is broken, and the business of government organized datacrime does receive its death blow. I fnord you not.

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