Clash with fascists in Newtown

A group of fascists and neo nazis were found in Newtown this afternoon. They gathered provocatively at the "I have a dream" mural wall in Newtown. A hundred or so people of the Newtown community spontaneously gathered and overwhelmed them with their powerful presence and voices. The people chanted "nazis out of Newtown, nazis off the planet". They were physically confronted and forced to flee with their tail between their legs escorted by cops. The cops, the dogs of the bosses, of course attempted to protect them from the rage of the people, trying to arrest only those who have come to kick out racism, nationalism, and fascism. We will not let the fascists exist in our neighbourhoods.





You are a idiot. I was a witness of todays events. I am on no side. But i did see your group take the APP signs and walk off. And saw use start the fight. And the cops were not trying to arrest any body. lies lies lies. and the police have my statement on what happen today aswell :)

I was witness to this all a bunch of lies their was not 100 of you there was at best 30 you acted like a bunch of little kids chucking a temper tantrum ripping flyers out of peoples hands with no respect stomping on their signs ripping apart an Australian Flag I am not on either side but I have read up on the APP and they are far far from Nazis and Facists. I would classify your lot as Facists and a bunch of violent kiddies you may not like their message but they had and have a right to protest anywhere in this country it is called Freedom of Democracy like you have a right to protest all you did was show how childish you lot were did you gain respect from the wider community nope you lost heaps of it due to the fact you attacked them violence will get you nowhere I took pictures from across the road and have turned them into police

When did the Master Race get so fucking ugly?

I live in Newtown and found out about this incident yesterday. I teach a primary school class in the area with many migrant kids and I'm saddened when I think of how they will be exposed to people like the APP as they grow up. I am extremely pleased to hear that there were people on hand to confront this protest. I don't care how forceful or violent they were. I know which side I'm on and I think it would have been a disaster if no-one had responded. Well done.

People can only scratch their heads and wonder why this fringe group of nutzis would turn up at a community event in inner Sydney and lamely attempt to hijack it. I would think they are mainly interested in provoking angry responses from rightly aggrieved locals so they can portray themselves as victims.

This is the same rent-a-crowd which turned up at Villawood Detention Centre recently peddling the same nonsense, much to the amusement of local residents and police.

Oh by the way the APP are Fascists and as such do not represent neither the vast majority of Australians nor their values.

It's hilarious how the right-wingers are always online immediately looking for the story so they can comment, then they all start with the exact same "I'm not on any side but use/youse..." Try being original if you're going to use this "i'm just an unbiased member of the public BUT..." crap.

Btw, everytime you try the whole "we were attacked " and "i took pictures and gave em to the cops" shit, you just look like whining little fuckin brats bitchin about gettin ya lollipop stolen. Understand, we don't want you in our neighborhoods and we don't trust you near our kids so stay away.

Indymedia mods, can you please remove the first 2 comments defending the nazis, they are clearly written by fascists. Indymedia should provide no platform for their bullshit.

Freedom of speech anyone?

No Racist White Cunts in Newtown

Re: Clash with fascists in Newtown
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 15/08/2010 - 12:00pm.

Indymedia mods, can you please remove the first 2 comments defending the nazis, they are clearly written by fascists. Indymedia should provide no platform for their bullshit.

It is called freedom of speech and the APP are not Nazis but the lot I witnessed were a bunch of little whiny girls sorry but people are allowed to go where they want when they no area is owned by any particular group so stop your whining Checked the APP and they support the Jews yet you call them Nazis what a load of hypocratical little whiny kids you are

Do they support the Jew or dose Zionists support APP?
There is a big different!

No Nazis in the APP? Doesn't look that way to me.

You going to tell me that the kid with the crew cut that's waving the flag about isn't a Nazi? Oh please.

Thought these Nazis had some good ideas once. But they turned out to be just another scared little street gang.

Get a job bogans. Get a Job.

Looking at the mob with the black flags can you verify how many of you actually have a job you lot look like you spend majority of your life on the dole line

You lot are 'nazi' on the brain, so what?, just because some bloke has a short haircut that makes him a nazi, get fair dinkum will you, do we all have to walk around with nit infested pink coloured dreadlocks to fit in, maybe he wants a short haircut ffs, and what about the older people I see there, are they nazis too are they. wake up to yourselves.

The APP may not call themselves Nazi's but their ideologies are definitely in line with fascist ideologies. Some of their more radical policies of the past include only giving the baby bonus to whites and offering money for immigrants to go back home.(Even though most they are targeting were most probably born here.)
They have delusions that this country needs protecting, but in reality Australia need protecting from these extreme right lunatics.
I myself am politically right and somewhat of an economic conservative but there is no place in Australian politics for racial and religious discrimination.
We are a free country with a secular government and these so called protectionists are standing against these very freedoms. I guess they are just to stupid to realise the irony in their actions!

Fuck the fascists. The first two commenters are fucking idiots. Newtown belongs to the Left and always will.

The fascist Anarchists have proven again that they pull from the lowest level of the gene pool.

It is a disgrace to see so many unwashed intimidate a small group of Protectionists. Newtown is not a socialist Stalinist state and you don't have sovereignty over the area. I sought a Schedule I Protest permit and it was granted as all our other protests have been peaceful and lawful. The only time we have had problems is when the fascist Marxists turned up and started yelling racist chants at us. This was the case at Villawood. The footage is on YouTube for all to see.

A real "Fascist" does not embrace democracy and nor does the ideology leave room for other people's opinions or convictions. Your actions yesterday proved yet again that the real "Fascists" interrupted our peaceful rally. Your infantile position does not allow others to hold opinions - you are the Fascists!

The APP is made up of Australians of different ethnic backgrounds who realise the destructive nature of multiculturalism, socialism and globalisation have brought on Australia and its people. We want to stop the decline of Australia yet you are more than happy to assist in our present regressive state. We are not fixated on race or race obsessed like the cowards who attacked us yesterday.

Thank you Mary Lee and Hahaha for your truthful comments and statement.

Nick they outright attacked you guys which is a disgrace. The filth coming out of their mouths shocked me how can anybody chant that Nazi crap it disrespects all the people who suffered not only the Jews but all the families who lost family in the war a few of those their probably have a relative who died in that war and I reckon they would be disgusted at the behaviour of that mob.

As for the teacher how can you advocate violence you are meant to be a responsible adult in charge of children???

As for the person going on about the crewcut automatically making you a Nazi something went wrong in your gene pool.

Time to grow up Kiddies.

Nick Full Respect to you I may not agree with your policies but we can not have this sort of behaviour disrupting peaceful rallies I can not understand how no charges were laid for attacking someone standing up for a seat.

Good Luck God Bless

Nick Folkes you are a class one bonehead. Your side kick Darrin was affiliated with stormfront and has spoken out against our Indigenous.Darrin has made it quite clear from his facebook rants that he champions the Anglo population.
Your party is a joke and that will show when votes are being cast in two weeks time.
If you and Darrin really cared about Australia you would leave.FUCK OFF WE ARE OF BIGOTS!!!!

That was meant to read - FUCK OFF WE ARE FULL OF BIGOTS.

Dear Nick,

Read a book. A real "Fascist" embraces democracy to the extent s/he finds it useful. APP is tiny, unregistered, and unknown to the general public. Standing for election is one way of gaining much-needed publicity; so too, parading your bigotry beneath an MLK Jnr mural in Newtown. The police have rocks in their head if they think such piss-taking will go unopposed: Newtown in 2010 ain't Cronulla in 2005.

APP membership is mostly composed of resentful, illiterate xenophobes, whose hateful and idiotic denunciations of Muslims, 'boat people', and numerous other minority groups is given succor by a political mainstream which sees in these inchoate expressions a rich source of potential support.

This partly explains your already considerable political marginalisation.

Being thick as pigshit, it may take a while for use/youse to understand that spreading your filth will inevitably engender a reaction, but I'm sure you'll get the point eventually. Props to the kids in Newtown for telling APP to bugger off!

"Newtown belongs to the Left and always will."

They're on notice.

It doesn't matter what label you put on your phoney protectionist party.They are a joke, as the vote will show in the coming weeks.
Just go into Darrins facebook group and look at the racist remarks directed at Indigenous Australians.Especially by a poster known as Jack Stone. Shame on the APP, very Un-Australian. And he had the hide to stand under a MLK mural to carry out his sick and twisted protest. I invite the APP to Redfern next time, where he can get some feedback on his anti Indigenous beliefs.Please come along Herr Darrin and Nicky Boy.

The above message was brought to you by "The Truth Speaker (not verified)" the anonymous coward. Just like its gutless mates who waited for the police to leave before attacking in numbers and armed but who are the first to go crying to the police when it doesn't go their way.

Hodges you are a fucking muppet. The joke of our wonderful and diverse nation. What are you doing on this page anyway. Shouldn't you be off protecting something?

Newtown does not belong to the Left.

It is only left wing anonymous scum like you who think you own a slice of the local sewer.

Take your Anarchist anger to the local Socialist Alliance meeting.

Come to Redfern Nicky boy and campaign for whites to only receive the baby bonus, come on BOY I dare you.


Newtown belongs to anyone that was rent or buy there. if you don't like it Nick, buy it up. we live in a free society.

New Order, my case is closed.Stereotyping is about the mental capacity of the APP.
Thank you for highlighting their bigotry and ignorance.(Not that they needed any help.)

The above poster - New Order is the typical APP supporter/member.This blatant racism and bigotry is what the APP stands for and condones. YOU DECIDE!

No one can contest the right to demonstrate and to free speech. However, free speech as we all know has its limits. Personal reputations are protected by some of the strictest anti-defamation laws in the world (one could be cynical and say that this is just the politicians protecting themselves but no one I am sure questions the need for anti-defamation laws). There are also laws against racial vilification (see sec 20C of the ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ACT 1977 (NSW)).

The APP protest was unlawful because it breached sec 20C. The specific target was those ethnic groups of Muslim heritage. As I walked past past, one of them noticing my dark skin, gave me the most poisonous look of hate I have ever seen. I am glad I was not with the children as these people are danger to the kids. I have a right to see to it that my family are not exposed to this kind of thing - and have the law on my side.

The anarchists may have been a little over the top - but in the end the right result was achieved.

It is also clear that the APP was looking for trouble. It strains credibility to think that they were acting in good faith to turn up under the memorial to Dr Martin Luther King in an area where there a lot of gay people, ethnic minorities and a strong left political tradition goiing back to the 1920s - and carry on with their hate programme. They were looking for trouble and got it.

There are many debates about the right to free speech and the extent to which there are, or should be, limits on it. EAM rightly points out that according to the law in Australia, there is a restriction against hate-mongering on the basis of race and the other grounds listed in anti-discrimination legislation, such as sexual preference, gender and so on. These restrictions are important, but we should also remember that the most liberal, justifiable definition of freedom of speech is essential for people involved in questioning their government and other power-holders and we should take care not to encourage too much restriction. I have felt the heavy hand of censorship on demonstrations and political activities I have been involved in, as I am sure many other readers have.

I understand and share the anger and frustration felt by residents and others in Newtown, especially since it seems clear that the APP was looking to pick a fight - what other reason could they have to hand out leaflets on King Street? What political ground could they possibly hope to win in Newtown?

I tried to have a conversation with one of the APP members before the clash. There was no possibility of having a useful conversation and it was clear that they were there to be provocative.

I am saddened and disgusted by the positions of fascists like the APP and their fellow fascists such as the British Nationalist Party in the UK. But I question the effectiveness of using violence - physical, verbal or implied - to achieve social change. It is a simplistic response which feeds more violence, anger and social division. It would be great if we could think of more creative responses to the kinds of antagonism we faced on Saturday, and continue to face, from APP. We should try not to sink to their level of hateful politics.

In solidarity

We were there to exercise our democratic freedoms. There is no law or legislation in this land that prohibits freedom of political expression in any particular suburb.

Here's a nice bit of verbal violence from one of your fellow travellers -

New Order, the "third world" people in the "sewer" you refer to are the very same people who are paying for our roads, schools, hospitals etc through purchasing our exports especially minerals. The fact that there are communities from those countries here is part of the way in which these critical economic relationships are be succesfully built. I can say so because my work takes me into this area. I mean of course the Chinese, Indians and Koreans. You might want to think about that before hurling your abuse and invective around. Your isolationsist alternative means poverty. Do you seriously expect people to vote for you if that is what is in offer? Cut penisons and benefits to the disadvantaged?

Thank you for your comments anyway. It leaves no doubt in your mind as to who you really are. The language used to describe you by the anarchists is quite accurate.

No , i dont think we are all equal, some people are smarter then others, some people are more attractive then others, some governments are better for their country then other governments, and so it is with countries as a whole , some are lovely places to live , some are badly managed and corrupt and poor, so who is to blame ? why is it some countries are in a position to help others when there is a natural disaster, it seems it is usually the nasty capitalist west that others rely on to get them out of the poo, when ever a fllod are hurricane or earthquake strikes,but then the help and genoristy is forgotten, and so it goes, but if the west allows it self to believe every body is equal , open borders , etc etc , then our strengths are weakened and we will be in a similar situation as the the people we once where able to help

New Order, your comments are misguided, ill-informed and demonstrate a lack of understanding about politics and power.

The reason that some countries are wealthier and in a better position to help others facing disaster generally relates to centuries of European colonialism, whereby nations like Britain, Spain and France, amongst others, have violently taken control of and exploited the populations and natural resources of other countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas.

European nations, and nations like Australia and the United States, continue to do this today through unfair trading laws and irresponsible use of wealth and power, including, for example, waging illegal wars in countries like Iraq. It is no accident that so many refugees in Australia come from the Middle East. We create the circumstances which force people to flee their homes and then refuse to provide sanctuary.

A better understanding of history and global politics might enable members of the APP to engage more effectively in public debate.

my point exactly, some countries were able to develop technologies that enabled them to go to these dust bowls and use them to produce and make more things . hence what i mean that we are not all equal, some know how to get of thier arse and produce and not rely on others to feed them, but the west in return has given these unfortunate under acheivers food and medicine and machinary and money and still they whinge and want more , lets stop bending over and copping it up the arse , unless of course you like that

New Order - your emotive, poorly-reasoned and offensive comments mask an underlying lack of capacity to engage intelligently in debate.

The right to free speech exists to enable people to share their views to inform political discussion. If you want to participate in public debate and exercise your right to free speech, you have an obligation to inform yourself and to engage in a constructive, reasonable way. To do otherwise is an abuse of the right to free speech.

the truth hurts , does it not??

I am writing a Masters on the Liberal Party's conservative wing and have come across the APP on Australian Conservative forum etc. I've surfed their sites etc.

Funny group this. It certainly deserved a response when it staged its provocative demonstration and I can't say the Newtown people were wrong. But Fascists?

The APP is very pro Israel and supports the Zionist "project" (their word) and if their extreme right critics are to be believed the NSW leader, Mr. Folkes, has a Japanese wife and "mixed" children. It seems to support liberal market economics with a twist on "protecting" industry and so on; but it also has the conservative Christian social mores of Abbott.

Its main bag seems to be "Islamism" which causes it to be close to the Liberal conservative wing. They position themselves and explain themselves as a type of Liberal of the old school. So the only conclusion is that it's some sort of activist conservative outfit.

The Libs have run these sorts of fronts before, ginger groups that allow the Liberal machine to float ideas and organise activists who might drift into violent and really fascist movements. Note that both Folkes and his associate Darrin Hodges, were members of the Liberal Party.

Maybe APP are trying to go the Hanson formula? And offer themelves as the tough Liberals to force the government to do things it probably wanted to do anyway. Let's hope Abbott doesn't win next Saturday.

Thanks Ron. Your information is useful. I did notice that some of the APP group did not look Anglo. I wonderered whether they belonged to a Lebanese Falange type background or something like that. The anti-Muslim thing might make sense if this were the case.

i guess it shows and proves then that the APP is not racist if that is what you saw, but a group of concerned australian citizens of all back grounds that want to voice their opinion that the way australia is heading is not the way it should, and prevent the mistakes that england and other european countries have made with their failed multi culturism laws for different country , one people one law , not multi laws for multi people

You do not have to be anti Jew to be fascist.All the APP has done is replaced the Jews with the Muslims and waged a hate and fear campaign against them.Darrin Hodges has stated many times he is the Anglo defender, has had past association with Nazi organisations(stormfront) and has been outspoken against Indigenous.
His policies are purely race/religion based. You just had to read the deleted statements that New Order placed on this very wall that were racially attacking Indigenous.This band of lunatics are bigots of the first degree and are definitely not what I consider as main stream Australia.
They condoned the Cronulla riots and are basically trying to gather a call to arms. Darrin Hodges's idol is Nick Griffin of the uber racist BNP. This mob is clearly deranged and in dire need of professional help!
As for you Hodges and Folkes, fuck your right to free speech as you clearly do not care for the rights of law abiding Australian citizens.You are both pin up xenophobes who are weak arse pussies. BOOOOOOOOOOO

I'm Jewish and my great grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. I thoroughly disagree with the APP and their ideas but I have serious issues with you guys calling them nazis and find it quite offensive to compare them with the people that ruthlessly killed millions of people in cold blood.

Such a comparison just dulls down what the REAL nazis were responsible for. They're far from nazis and the term 'nazi' is way too overused these days by the left wing to delegitimize people and ideas that are based on the right.

More to the point, I see much more anti semitism coming from the far left who themselves also frequently compare Jews in Israel to 'nazis'

I agree that one does not have to be anti Jewish to be fascist. Yet I cannot but help wonder what it means when support for Israel seems so central to APP. Support for Israel defines part of what modern conservatism in Australia is about. It means some support is drubbed up for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. and the security measures of the state. If this breed of "fascist" goes down that road it abandons the anti New World Order style that has pervaded the Aussie extreme right for a long time and which serves as one of its mobilizing agents. If they cut themselves off from that, they cannot pose an an anti establishment force. That pose (and I know there are many theories of fascism etc etc) seems very important to it as a movement.

Nick Folkes said in the Australian a month or so back that he did not object to Moslems entering Australia only those who practised sharia law. The Left and anti-fascist people defend Moslems on account of their racial backgrounds (which is very laudable) but I would doubt even they would wear sharia law. What I am saying is that the APP reads very much like a hyper Christian thing bound to Liberal needs.If the person who writes here as New Order is saying APP includes people of diverse background that also means it has no commitment to the White Australia goal either - and that has been another motor force of the local extreme right since the racist policy was abandoned in 1966.

I read over today some of the musings of Jim Saleam and the Australia First group about APP and where they came from. Obviously real caution should be exercised in weighing up this stuff; but it appears that this was precisely what the two groups were arguing about. According to the former, APP was about "mainstreaming" which meant they would join in with people and groups that made them look more normal, but at the price of becoming subordinant to bigger players in the conservative camp. As an academic type person I should take info on board regardless of its source. That makes sense. Possibly now the APP don't know whether they are doing all the policy modifications to fool us or whether they now actually believe it.

I'd say - watch closely and stay open to the facts. By doing that no fascist or extreme right group can really take off without properly informed opposition.

I'm Jewish and my great grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. I thoroughly disagree with the APP and their ideas but I have serious issues with you guys calling them nazis and find it quite offensive to compare them with the people that ruthlessly killed millions of people in cold blood.

Bullshit its offensive. Daryn hodges and many (most?) of the senior management of the APP where formerly , and some still currently involved with anti-semetic groups such as Stormfront.

Darryn Hodges has previously confessed admiration for Adolf Hitler (And FDB can furnish proof where needed) , and many other still maintain links.

The APP are Neo-Nazis of the "Third positionist" variety and should be hounded off sites like this as the harmful shit that they are.

Its appaling the moderators leave this filth on the wire.

"Fascism is not to be debated. It is to be smashed." -- Durruti.

Pity you weren't killed inthe holocaust too you jew cunt

I wonder why the APP is so interested in inner Sydney, long the home of political progressives and the birthplace of the Labor movement in Sydney?

Perhaps their main interest is to incite anger amongst the residents so they can then play the "victim". Who knows why a Fascist group would want to publicly proclaim their hate somewhere where they are obviously not welcome.

Jake, I suggest you read some history about the origins of the Nazi Party. It started off after the Great War as a small gathering of ratbags like the APP. Ordinary Germans who knew of its existence laughed them off at first, astounded that such idiots would demand to be taken seriously.

And you may be interested to know that Nicky Folkes is a Balmain resident. Obviously lacking some Lebensraum as he does he seems keen to spread his malignly risible influence, such as it is, to the good people of Newtown.

"Fascism is not to be debated. It is to be smashed." -- Durruti.

Spot on.

In 1943, Lemkin wrote:

"Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.[9]"

Since genocide does not have to be violent according to the legal definition, that means what the Chinese are doing to the Tibetans, is Genocide. What the Jews are doing to the Palestinians in "Israel", is Genocide and what the left wing multiculturalists and respectable conservative assimilationists, are doing to the European and British peoples all over the world, is Genocide.

PS the APP is shit.


Thanks for your 'cut and paste' effort.

"Genocide and what the left wing multiculturalists and respectable conservative assimilationists, are doing to the European and British peoples all over the world, is Genocide". The first part of your flowery statement is correct but 'how is assimilation to be genocidal'?

You are a piece of shit.