Australian Gaza activist still in intensive care

According to a a report in The Age Australian activist Ahmed Luqman Talib. The 20 year old was shot in the leg during the Israeli raid and according to his father "left to bleed" for 12 hours, resulting in severe blood loss. He is currently in intensive care in Istanbul. His wife Jerry Campbell, 22, and sister Maryam, 18, also report mistreatment.

The Age intervieweed Ahmed's father, Mr Talib who stated'Ahmed was left to bleed for over 12 hours before medical treatment was availed to him,''

He continued ''[The girls'] treatment by the Israeli Defence Forces was horrendous. They were handcuffed, held at gunpoint, then left under the scorching sun for hours, without access to water or even toilet breaks at times,'' Luqman Talib said.

The three Australians had joined the flotilla ''as volunteer peace activists'' on a humanitarian mission to help the citizens of Gaza, Mr Talib said. ''They never conceived such an outcome could have occurred.''

Ahmed is currently a student at Griffiths University in Queensland.

The mistreatment of these activists was mirrored in the treatment of Australian journalist Kate Geraghty who was apparently tasered by the Israeli military who tried to strip her of all her camera's and equipment. She successfully smuggled some images of the raid out by taping a memory card to her body.



Evidently Kate Geraghty rotated through a number of memory cards, shooting as many photos as possible. She then hid these cards on herself and in luggage. Of 6 memory cards secreted away, 3 were found and confiscated. All electronic equipment - cameras, phones, computers were confiscated and never returned even to the accredited journalists.

This is a conscious attempt by Israeli authorities to control information on the attack on the ships, and also to gain further intelligence on activists through harvesting photos, mobile address info, etc from electronic equipment.