Nyoongar Elders fear quarry work will destroy sacred sites in the Darling Range

A Perth Aboriginal Elder Albert Corunna and other local Nyoongar Elders fear for the destruction of a cultural heritage site complex at Red Hill in the Darling Range, north-east of Perth. Global German-based quarrying giant Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd has recently lodged a Section 18 application with the Department of Indigenous Affairs to seek approval to destroy the sites.
by Albert Corunna

The site complex includes archaeological and ethnographic sites, such as the Red Hill campsite, rockshelters, grinding stones, ochre deposits, petroglyphs, ceremonial sites, Susannah Brook and its tributaries and our spiritual Dreaming sites. At the centre of this is the Guardian Ancestral Owl Stone Boyay Gogomat. This is about 20 metres high and is made up of three large balancing stones in the shape of an owl.

This area is also home to rare and significant plants and animals, such as carpet snakes, eagles and chuditch. The water of the brook is the purest water flowing into the Swan River.

In an interview with the West Australian newspaper (Friday October 30, 2009) Mr Albert Corunna called on the Indigenous Affairs Minister Kim Hames to reject the application.

‘We don’t want to take the risk with this ancient stone because it’s so vital to our existence in this world, to our identity, to our Aboriginal culture and we want it there,” Mr Corunna said. “I think it’s in the public interest that this stays because the wider community will also benefit from this.”

The Nyoongar Elders commissioned their own report so as to have the owl stone recorded to protect it from blasting and quarrying activities. Three other reports were also written by independent anthropologists and archaeologists which all testified to the high significance of these sites to Nyoongar people. For the purpose of a Section 18 application to destroy all our sites on their land, Hanson’s employed right wing pro-mining anthropologist Dr Ron Brunton to question the legitimacy of our culture, knowledge and sacred sites. This is the same Dr Ron Brunton who wrote a scathing attack on the important findings of Bringing them home, the report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families. Brunton wrote “Bringing Them Home is one of the most intellectually and morally irresponsible official documents produced in recent years.”

It is vitally important not only for us to save our culture but for all of our heritage landscapes of the past to be protected for all future generations.

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Sadly this is not new news. During the complete period of the colinization of Australia the whites destroyed and robbed the Indegineous peoples of everything that they could call their home. Huge farmers taking wide expanses of land and clearing it for purposes of running cattle and growing food, authorities killing the natives and raping their women, stealing thier children and forcing them to cercum to religion.

Unfortuneatly the people of Australia now have nothing to be proud of, for over the history of the colinization they have done barely anything for the benefit of the people who have inhabited this land for hundreds of thousands of years. And now people continue thier lives as if oblivious as to what was done before, and what is still being done today. Destruction of sacred indegineous lands is not only happening here, but in many parts of the world, for the benefits of the rich, and the pockets of the company owners.

With solidarity to the peoples of this land, the inquiry of the Section 18 application MUST NOT not be passed, rather be passed to the rubbish bin, FOR HOW COULD ANYONE WISH TO DESTROY THE LAND AND SACRED SITES NOW, AFTER EVERYTHING THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE?????

Death to those who exploit for the benefit of their own pockets!!!!
For you do nothing but rape and rob people of thier freedom, for the happiness of your egoistic self!

In Australia http://www.hansoncm.biz/aboutus/contactDetails.shtml

In Germany http://www.heidelbergcement.com/global/en/company/home.htm

From their German website: "HeidelbergCement is the global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials. The company employs some 57,000 people at 2,600 locations in around 40 countries."

"The purchase of Hanson in August 2007 allowed HeidelbergCement to gain significant market positions in Australia, particularly in the ready-mixed concrete and aggregates sector. Hanson currently operates 229 ready-mixed concrete plants and 56 aggregate operations. With an additional three precast concrete factories located in New South Wales, Hanson is also Australia’s most diversified precaster."

Are you promoting Hansons (HeidelbergCement? If so, what is their corporate policy detailing their corporate and moral responsibilities in overseas countries towards indigenous people and their heritage. Do they have one? Or is being a global market leader enough????

...just showing how big their clout is likely to be. The bigger a corporation, the less sensitive it usually is, right?