Anti-Fascists attack Neo-Nazi's business in Burwood

On the morning of the 14th of September, anti-fascists attacked the business of Justin O'Brien, known to be the Victorian representative of Blood & Honour, a worldwide neo-nazi organisation responsible for various race-hate crimes, including the racially motivated murder of a woman and her baby in Belgium.

O'Brien's tattoo shop, 'Hold Fast Tattoo' in Burwood was painted with 'Nazi Scum' and signed 'Antifa', in addition to its windows being smashed.

This comes after Blood & Honour held its annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Melbourne on Saturday night. Ian Stuart Donaldson was the singer of the late British neo-nazi skinhead band 'Screwdriver'.



Does anyone know if EK Militaria in Essendon has neo-nazi connections? As you can see from the website their "memorabilia" is overwhelmingly Nazi.

They're having a "military extravaganza" on Sat 3/10. Would be worth going along to check out them and their patrons.

I think it is good to see people taking action against these morons.
I have a question for anybody who cares to think about answering, I wonder what these NeoNazi "holocaust deniers" think about the currently running ZioNazi Holocaust in Palestine?

Anonymous #2; If you google it, organisations like Stormfront are clearly anti-Zionist, and there are some elements that see Zionism as part of an evil conspiracy to dominate the world.

But I think if you move away from the fringes, into people more likely to identify as "fascist" than "Nazi", my understanding is that there is a degree of solidarity between some Zionists and some neo-Fascists, and of course people like Avigdor Leiberman are proud fascists. There is also the racialist ideology that, without contradicting itself, can say "Keep Country-A white and let the Country-B people stay black". At the very least, both neo_nazis and Zionists have supported South African apartheid.

So i don't think there is a single, simple story, but it is worth investigating.