Sustainable Film Night

Date and Time: 
Friday, April 6, 2012 -
8:00pm to 9:30pm
Martin place out side reserve bank very top of martin pl. , 52 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Every friday 8pm screening a movie. i'm going to skip a week because i'm going sailing with a friend who is going away for a while. so unless someone wants to borrow the kit and do the screening there won't be any film this friday the 30th. the week after perhaps a lecture: capitalism hits the fan. by the way occupy has moved back to the top of martin pl again outside the reserve bank.

other movies that will be screened are:
gas lands
the war you don't see
who killed the electric car
the cove
end of the line
capatalism a love story
our generation
end civ resist or die
if a tree falls
how cuba survided peak oil
we feed the world
how to save the world one man one cow one planet
taking root
food inc
the yes men
climate of hope
into eternity
anima mundi
the age of stupid

movies i'm looking for a copy of
living without money