Say NO to NOSIC! Tell Martin to call off the corporate spooks!

Date and Time: 
Thursday, January 12, 2012 -
4:30pm to 7:30pm
Martin Ferguson MP's Electoral Office, 159 High Street, Preston, Australia

On Saturday it was revealed that the Federal Government has been contracting a private intelligence company to spy on environmental and community groups' communications on the internet.

Unlike ASIO and the AFP, NOSIC (National 'Open-Source' Intelligence Centre) is unaccountable to Parliament, and thus the public. Their actions have seen community groups and environment groups labelled subversive and akin to terrorists; if you've written on the Facebook wall of a community group opposing housing developments or participated in a tree planting day, you're likely to have been monitored and spied on by this company.

We at Occupy Melbourne believe that this is an highly invasive and unacceptable and will be taking action against Martin Ferguson MP, the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism.

We invite all Occupy Melbourne supporters, all community groups and anyone interested in expressing their anger to meet at City Square at 3:30PM (2:30PM if you're someone who runs late) so that we can make our way via Tram to Martin Ferguson's office in Preston by 4:30.

If you can't, or don't want to meet up there, please be at Martin Ferguson's office by 4:30PM to protest against this intrusion into our civil liberties.



These disgraceful actions here by Ferguson will make sure I never vote for the ALP ever again. You are trunging this nation into a Neonazi surveillance state. Whata disgrace the ALP has beocme. Lackeys to miners and resource thieves!! martin ferguson is a disgrace...SACK HIM NOW!!!

The ALP has become like the Nazi SS. They have lost votes already because of their Racist Discriminatory Policy and now this invasion of our Rights to express our disappointments in Labor's policies. This will surely reduce ALP popularity at the polls and it is no wonder why?

My vote for ALP went a while ago when the Rudd Government continued the NTER.

You may get money but you have lost the respect forever.

Mark Ferguson must be reprimanded and expelled immediately.

Thanks for posting. Seems our national policy of barbecues, beaches and beers, has left us just slightly unprepared, Freedom we have taken for granted as basic human and civil rights since 1968 referendum, (which could turn out to be dodgey itself) is a freedom we have seen undermined as fast as we can legislate. No matter HOW cynical we have been... imperialism refuses to just go away... and is actually empowered by our participation... good on you for acting! One Love - Maiia

Information that's come to me recently suggests that hotmail in particular is susceptible to hacking, most likely through bribes being made to hotmail employees around the world to gain access to know email addresses.

If you engage in activism, the safest thing is to start an entirely new set of email accounts amongst your group that are not advertised anywhere, not used on facebook, MSN, etc, and use those accounts exclusively to communicate amongst yourselves. Never send a note back from these accounts to an existing free, cloud-based email address you use regularly, as the PI firms will buy access to your account, then follow up everyone who has sent mail to you or you have sent to and hack their accounts in turn and build up a database of people and information.

Don't think hotmail or any other free mail provider in the cloud is the least bit secure or incorruptible.

They can usually bribe public servants to pass on info also (not that the govt has to do that), and possibly the phone companies to pass on SMSes. Illegal wire taps at Telstra exchanges are also rife in this country for fixed lines.

Make sure your laptops and PCs always have a lock put on them when you walk away (with Window-L) so people cannot easily put malicious software on them or get into your mail accounts and other information that way. Password protect your PC logons. (These things are not foolproof, but they slow PIs down.)

The private security firms are also expert locksmiths and can get into most places easily.

Just so you all know. There are steps you can take to avoid the surveillance such as the new email account approach.

Oops, /g/security/intelligence/ in the previous post.

Further, bear in mind that most 802.11a/b/g/n wireless 'security' features can be easily hacked with a couple of free downloadable tools, especially if someone is especially determined to tune in. If you use the same wireless router at home or at your workplace or another meeting place, consider that communications can be intercepted from nearby given enough time. Use a physical LAN cable from your PC to your router if you're concerned. The standard security measures -- WEP, WPA, MAC filtering, disabling SSID broadcasting -- the whole lot can be gotten around with enough effort.

For another $15K, apparently it's possible to buy gear that will intercept GSM mobile phone calls also, so be warned. Those PI firms need to make their money back from clients for all that expensive gear they've invested in!

Spooks like to drive round in cars with heavily tinted windows and two aerials for some reason (!), so look out for that one as well.