Launch of the Transition Decade Melbourne

Date and Time: 
Sun, 14/02/2010 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Melbourne Town Hall

Mass convergence + public meeting

> Presenting the case to restore a safe climate
> Promoting a shared time frame for action
> Demonstrating the power of collaboration

Opening address by the Govenor of Victoria Professor David De Kretser, AC.


At both the state and national levels, local leadership has failed to deliver even very small cuts in carbon emissions. Not surprisingly at the international level, the recent Copenhagen negotiations have produced no meaningful outcome either.

We have to face it, conventional political change methods have not worked. We have run out of time for half-measures. It is now imperative that a safe climate is restored as fast as humanly possible. This will require zero emissions, and more, at emergency speed.

It seems that what is essential to accomplish is impossible to achieve.

Clearly a breakthrough is needed.

The Transition Decade campaign has been designed to meet this dual challenge of going for the goals that are really needed and getting effective change too.

The strategy is to harness the power of collaboration. An alliance of committed groups has been formed to drive a collaborative framework through a decade of structural and social change. The launch will create the opportunity to take the size and effectiveness of this alliance to a whole new level.

Already a growing cluster of groups has been working together to define how the safe climate goal can be achieved through technical and lifestyle change. This alliance is also working on how the whole of society can be engaged with such commitment and passion that governments and corporations realise that taking effective action is the only viable course.

The launch of the Transition Decade will showcase leading work by groups that are using this shared time frame and scale of change, and will set out the many ways that thousands of organisations and millions of people can join the alliance.
Can we do it together? Will a shared plan work? Come along and decide for yourself!

Full details here:

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Re: Launch of the Transition Decade Melbourne

about time
lets get it out there across this sunburnt nation!

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