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WGAR News: Survival Day - Andrew Davis' response to Warren Mundine: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 3 February 2014


* WGAR News: Aboriginal Sovereignty Day, Invasion Day and Survival Day Events: Sunday 26 January 2014

* The Stringer: Survival Day - Andrew Davis' response to Warren Mundine

* CAAMA Radio: Mansell shares his thoughts on Australia Day celebrations
[Featuring veteran Tasmanian Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Mansell]

* Amy McQuire, The Guardian: Australia Day: Indigenous people are told to 'get over it'. It's impossible

* Nakkiah Lui, The Guardian: Australia Day is a time for mourning, not celebration

WGAR News: Robert and Selina Eggington, Rosalie Kunoth Monks and John Pilger speak about 'Utopia'

Newsletter date: 2 February 2014


* Upcoming screenings of John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia'

* Perth Indymedia Radio Show: Utopia: a new documentary from John Pilger we speak with Robert Eggington about it
[Featuring Robert and Selina Eggington speaking about their involvement in Utopia]

* Joanna Lester, Living Black Radio: Remembering Communities Under The Intervention This Survival Day
[Featuring Elder Rosalie Kunoth Monks explaining her role in Utopia]

WGAR News: In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking: John Pilger, The Guardian

Newsletter date: 8 November 2013


* John Pilger, The Guardian: In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
* New Internationalist magazine interview: John Pilger: Australia's silent apartheid
* The Guardian: John Pilger's Utopia: watch the world exclusive trailer - video
* The Stringer: Stealing A Nation [a documentary by John Pilger and Chris Martin]

* Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal: Brian Manning and the Gurindji 'walk offs'

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: UN Forum said not enough is being done on land rights & health

WGAR News: Warren Mundine: The white sheep of the family?: Gary Foley, Tracker

Newsletter date: 19 September 2013


* Gary Foley, Tracker: Warren Mundine: The white sheep of the family?
* Sovereign Union: Warren Mundine's new military intervention into Aboriginal Australia
* AudioBoo: Audio: Warren Mundine 'Military Intervention' - SBS - The Observer Effect

* AudioBoo: Noel Pearson rejected by Cape York councils - Aurukun Mayor, Dereck Walpo

* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Lack of a Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health a disappointment
* NACCHO political alert: Abbott abolishes Indigenous health ministry

WGAR News: Let's Talk interviews Jeff McMullen about NT Aboriginal candidates in upcoming elections

Newsletter date: 27 August 2013

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WGAR News: What does a change of PM mean for Aboriginal people?: CAAMA interviews Michael Mansell

Newsletter date: 1 July 2013


* CAAMA: What does a change of PM mean for Aboriginal people? [Featuring Michael Mansell]
* NITV News: Warren Mundine welcomes Rudd's return
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The downfall of Prime Minister Gillard began with broken promises about the Intervention

* Living Black's Marc Tong interviews Sylvie Ellsmore: Local Council Says No to Income Management

* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Background to 'Stronger Futures' new NT Intervention laws

Warren Mundine's nuclear allegiances

Warren Mundine, a member and former National President of the ALP, and co-convener of the Australian Uranium Association's Indigenous Dialogue Group, has been promoting the nuclear industry recently. Unfortunately he turns a blind eye to the industry's crude racism, a problem that ought to be core business for the Indigenous Dialogue Group.