Save Sylvia Creek

Logging of Victorian mountain ash forests increases bushfire risk

New scientific research published in September 2011 highlights that logging in Victoria’s mountain ash forests is increasing the risk of catastrophic wildfires. The cycling of logging and wildfire is creating a landscape trap where the wet forest ecosystem is being permanently converted to a new landscape replaced by other species, particularly wattle, increasing the frequency and intensity of bushfire risk.

"These changes will significantly impair ecological functions like carbon storage, water production and biodiversity conservation," said Professor Lindenmayer. "This is historically unprecedented and is beginning to dominate the mountain ash landscapes we see today."


Sylvia Creek update - Injunction on logging extended to February 6th 2012

MyEnvironment wins interlocutory injunction! This morning the Supreme Court case for an interlocutory injunction was heard in Melbourne for alleged logging of Leadbeaters possum habitat by VicForests.

There is now an injunction in place for the Gun Barrel coupe at Sylvia Creek! The case will be heard by Justice Osborn on Feb 6, 2012. This is the same Justice who heard the Environment East Gippsland vs VicForests case over Brown Mountain. A big thank you to all who have supported the case so far. The work is now just beginning so we will continue to keep you up to date.


More arrests and court action to Save Sylvia Creek

Two more people have been arrested at Sylvia Creek on the 23rd of August bring the total number of arrests to 16 at the blockade. The pair locked on to a logging truck holding up logging on the site in the Toolangi State Forest for 3 hours. The site represents some of the only old growth forests to have survived the Black Saturday fire intact and is also habitat for the endangered Leadbeaters Possum.


Black Saturday Community Organiser Arrested by 'Baillieu\Ryan' Government for Defending the Last Remaining Green Forests in Toolangi

Steve Meacher was arrested this morning (1st August) while attempting to talk with Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) officers at the coupe about a response to an alleged breach received from DSE Head Office on Sunday. The response from DSE head office stated VicForests should conduct further habitat surveys. Without refusing to leave Steve was arrested by DSE staff.

Meanwhile Vicforests defies DSE Order