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Politics and Religion collage

And I'm a Mormon Ad , Comedy central cartoon slams MORmONS CAPT GIRL, Can we talk about politics and religion now, Mormon LDS Comedy If you wanna be an Elder, Cult collage,Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am a Mormon, Hello can I come in, Mormons are crazy, I'm a Mormon and I know it, Mormons Missionary Rap, Andy Kline, Tim Minchin, Nib Oswald, Jim Jeffries, Frank Zappa


Listen up! Ms Gillard and Messrs Rudd, Abbott, Shorten, Turnbull et al:

Aborigines sorted conflict between male and female leaders a long time ago with a tradition of joint leadership. Clearly the empowerment of women has left the Parliament of Australia adrift in unchartered waters. When will you deign to listen to those with experience?

Canberra needs to get ready for a new way of doing things. The experiment with women in power worked. Joint leaders, women's and men's legislatures.



Smile thru hard times mp3


Science Docu - Soaps, Superstition and a Deranged Opposition Leader

media samples, youtube samples keyword: "Tony Abbott Comedy", John Clarke and Brian Dawe , Mitch Benn, Tule and Chai with their take on coal seam gas mining and fracking, Paul Mc Dermot

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Tule and Chai can be heard on live-stream Wednesdays around 10-30 am [ Sydney time ]

Cancun: Tiquipaya summit recommendations essential to humanity

As the United Nations Climate Conference take place, thousands of environmental activists and campaigners head to Cancun, Mexico, some to take part in open protests others to participate in the alternative grassroots Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice.

Tim Proffitt's MySpace, etc.-Tea Party Brownshirt (Typical)

Head-stomper, woman-beater Tim Proffitt of Paris, Kentucky: All about a typical Tea Party Brownshirt. Get inside the life of the head-stomper and inside his own head. It's all about prejudices discredited in the US decades ago, and their revival in the recent Southernization of the USA.

Scenes such as Tim Proffitt stomping the head of a Move On activist while one or two other "men" held her on the pavement at a Rand Paul for US Senate event remind me of scenes from the long ago past.


Afghanistan: Bring the troops back.

Stop the War Coalition today said the charging of three Australian commandos over last year’s killing of six Afghan civilians, including children, sheds light on the reality of this nine-year war – a war in which no-one knows how many Afghans have been killed.

News that the International Criminal Court was likely to lay war crimes charges if the commandos were not brought to book underscores the seriousness of the charges. Five children and a woman were killed after Australian troops threw a grenade into an Afghan home.


electionWIRE on YouTube! Young Australian voices on the 2010 election

Vibewire and YouTube team up on electionWIRE to bring fresh video reporting to the Australian federal election

electionWIRE on YouTube is calling citizen reporters to report the election their way.

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today, Vibewire Youth Inc announces the launch of electionWIRE on YouTube, a dedicated channel for young Australians to have their say and to report the news of the Federal election their way.