Veterans say, "PM, get the troops out fast!

Media Release 5 March 2012 The veterans and ex -service people of Stand Fast are demanding that PM Gillard get Australian troops out of Afghanistan and fast.

They say widespread anger and unrest amongst Afghans caused by the burning of copies of the Quran by reckless US soldiers, has all but collapsed security for Westerners in Afghanistan.


Syria: No to foreign intervention

Statement 26th Feb 2012 Stop the War Coalition opposes sanctions against Syria – steps towards a military intervention – by the United States, Israel, NATO or any other foreign power.

We oppose the violence by the Syrian state and the armed mercenaries and agent provocateurs which, in many cases, are being supported by foreign powers.

Why are so many progressive Australians backing another war of U.S. Imperialism in Syria?

Over the last few weeks I have been sent by email or seen on Facebook many appeals calling for “International Action” in Syria. They have come from organisations such as AVAAZ, Amnesty USA but I have even seen one from Occupy Melbourne. Those appeals have been posted by people I consider to be progressive. Many of these people would definitely consider themselves anti-war and would have opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. and the “Coalition of the Willing”.

Barack Obama & Julia Gillard: We accuse you of complicity in war crimes

An open letter to the President of the United States Barack Obama & Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the occasion of Barack Obama’s address to the Australian Parliament on November 17, 2011.

While you meet in Australia’s Parliament House, Australians concerned about human rights, peace, justice and equality protest against your policies.


Five arrested at Brisbane military base

Christel Palmer Five Christian pacifists were arrested as part of group of 25 people protesting outside Enoggera army Base in Brisbane today. Enoggera Army base is a major staging point for troops departing for the Afghan war.

The group gathered to mark ten years of what they called an illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan. After a quiet prayer service and songs the group picked up a large banner reading “In the name of God Stop the Wars”, and proceeded to block the main entrance to the base.


If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it? Rally against war and waste on October 7

If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it?

On ten years of increased military spending and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?


On 32078 lollies for every child under 12 in Australia?


HRA media release: Ruwuan, Roshan and Tharanga NEED our help. We have to stop the rot and the suffering.

HUMAN RIGHTS MEDIA RELEASE: THREE SRI LANKAN ASYLUM SEEKERS IN LIMBO - Their suffering continues. From Christmas Island to Prison to freedom to Darwin. More Lies. On October 22, 2009 the NOR 66 risked the high seas in a direct journey from Sri Lanka to Christmas Island, 27 days, with 30 Asylum Seekers. Three of them were Rwuan T. Senavirathna, Roshan Warnakulasuriya Fernando and Tharanga Warnakulasuriya Fernando (these two are cousins). Their are lives are at risk if they are returned to Sri Lanka.