4 July - Independence from the USA Day. No more Australian blood for US wars!

Peace Bus Media Release: July 4th 2012 A professional SAS killer of too many seasons gets killed in Afghanistan and PM Gillard goes on Tv dressed in widow weeds to claim the nation is mourning for his death.

"More Gillard lies!" is the response of Graeme Dunstan, organiser of the Independence from the USA Day Speak Out at the gates of Robertson Barracks, home of 1st Brigade and also (temporarily) Fox company of the US Marine Corps.

TODAY 12.30 - 2 pm Robertson Barracks
Thorngate Road, Holtze, Darwin

On the Status of Visiting Forces Agreement with Australia

The Philippine-Australia military agreement, known as the Status of the Visiting Forces Agreement (SOVFA), which was poised to be ratified by the Philippine senate on June 6, has now been postponed until late July for final ratification. The SOVFA will enable Australian troops to conduct military exercises and other related activities in the Philippines. The SOVFA, as with the US Visiting Forces Agreement, sets the guidelines for the treatment of visiting Australian troops. The SoVFA was signed in Canberra in May 2007.

War being prepared against China behind the backs of the Australian people

It has been revealed in The Australian newspaper that the 2009 Defence White Paper “Force 2030” included a secret chapter that planned for Australia to fight alongside the U.S. to enforce a naval blockade of crucial sea lanes and how in return Australia might be faced with retaliatory attacks by China on our ports, mines and strategic targets like the U.S. Pine Gap military base. It also reveals that this potential conflict was the reason that the White Paper committed Australia to purchasing tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment. This revelation is just the latest that documents how the deepening of our military alliance with the U.S. in a time of increasing militarism in the Asia Pacific poses great dangers to the working classes of not just Australia but indeed the whole region.
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Tiger Two Ploughshare Activists in Court

Bryan Law and Graeme Dunstan, the two peace activists charged with doing willful damage to an Australian Army Tiger helicopter during the Talisman Sabre war games last year, will appear in Rockhampton Court at about 11 am TODAY Thursday 10 May 2012.

The pair have made no plea and expect the appearance in the Magistrate's Court will result in a "hand up committal" to stand trial in the District Court at a future date.


Rally for peace and nuclear disarmament, Brisbane: Palm Sunday

Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Inc
Mobile: 0414 671 730

Media Release
April 1, 2012

NO Uranium Mines in Queensland, NO Nuclear Waste Dumping or
U.S bases in Australia…

Palm Sunday Rally and March

Date: Sunday April 1, 2012
Time: 1pm
Place: Rally at Reddacliff Place
(Brisbane Square - George Street, top of Queen Street Mall) Followed by a march


Monday March 26, 11:30 to 1pm at WA state parliament - Walk for Justice Rally

On the steps of Western Australia's State Parliament - please gather and bring everyone you know, everyone who will care - The Walk for Justice, from Albany (Friday March 23) finishes up at the steps of state parliament in a call for justice for Aboriginal folk whose predicaments are long drawn out, neglected, dismissed, lost to the cowardices of various prejudices and racisms shoved down our throats generation after generation.

Monday (26 March), 11:30am, West Australian State Parliament

It is a call for justice, your presence will be part of the call

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"Deep into the eyes of racism" - Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Thursday March 22

Gerry Georgatos
Two of Nyoongar Tent Embassy's stalwarts had not been to the Embassy for more than a week. Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation's Robert Eggington and John Pell were in Perth city on planning duties for the March 28 Stolen Wages march and rally when Mr Eggington was urged on by a spiritual sense and looked at Mr Pell, "Johnny, lets go to the Embassy."


To get the justice done, the splintered, shard-like "left" needs to coalesce

Gerry Georgatos

The compassionate left wing screams for social justice and argues for our governments and society's institutions to have a heart and help people from the bottom end up, and to desist with the proposition that they can achieve for the downtrodden by working from the top end of town and down.

The bona fide left wing is fractious and forever splintering and yet it calls out for groundswells of people power to coalesce in mass social movements which will give rise to cultural waves.