My hat goes off to those organising DIY events around Melbourne

Recently I read an article on Indymedia that was a review on a DIY bridge gig held in North Melbourne. I have decided to write this follow-up article looking at a few of the DIY gigs that have been happening around Melbourne at the moment. Especially in the punk scene lot of the DIY of movement has been growing somewhat stale compared to what it has been in previous days.


Punks Not Dead - Melbourne punk bands reclaim unused spaces for shows

Almost 35 years since punk hit independent bands in Melbourne, Australia are still keeping the punk spirit alive. They are are saying F*@% you! to the main stream venues around that charge high prices for drinks, large entrance fees and make bands jump through hoops to play by running their own shows in unused spaces.


Green Music

Find links to the artists (and some You tube versions) here:

Download/listen to full CD Quality version of program (56 MB) here:

Get a faster download (lower quality) version (14 MB) here:


"Change Change" Thistle CANADA

"Dirty Town" Mother Mother CANADA

"My Water's On Fire Tonight" David Holmes & Dean Bekker AUSTRALIA

"Fukushima Song, Talkin End Game" Michael Montecrossa GERMANY

14 anti-fracking songs called "Whole Lotta Frackin' Going On"

Listen or download this four minute sample of the songs here:


Also relevant to this:

"Carcinogenic chemicals in 5 water bores around the Qld town of Dalby"

Takin' it to the streets....


Organarchy track about the Battle of Seattle

I was going through some data CDs I had burnt years ago. Clean up and clean out time ya know. I found this track by Organarchy. I remember listening to this when I was first getting into politics, back in the early 2000s. I couldn't find it out on the web so I upload it here, for old times sake. I think it is called 'Congratulations Seattle' or maybe just 'Seattle'.


Happy New Kaputt Year mp3

collage, commentaries, and music

"earth cries" by karnage and darkness - Blak Traks 2010, North South East West by the, F**k this f**k that and Naturological by Futurehistrix, "You lied- the tangled web" by Yes Prime Minister

27:55 min 128 kbps stereo 25.6 MB

More from SLAM rally - 23 February 2010 Ctd

See previous post - these are the remaining speeches from the rally at Parliament House. (Note - Quincy McLean and Helen Marcou spoke in turns, and are represented by one file, and Dan Sultan's welcome and acknowledgement of the elders will be found on the video of the performance of "It's a long way...') MC Brian Nankervis spoke throughout, and again, some of what he said can be heard on the video clips.


More from SLAM rally - 23 February 2010

The last part of the rally consisted of speeches from a number of prominent members of the music community, and the organisers of the event have placed partial transcripts/summaries of some of these on the SLAM website - There are also snippets in the video clips posted on YouTube.


20,000 march to protect live music in Melbourne

Over 20,000 people marched in Melbourne on February 23rd in probably the biggest protest in Australian history organised in defence of culture and the arts. The rally recreated the AC/DC clip "Its a long way to the top" by following a flat bed truck down Swanston St.