Sydney remembers Al Nakba

The 63rd year of the Palestinian Nakba, which saw two-thirds of the Palestinian population become refugees following the 1948 War and the establishment of the State of Israel, will take place on 15th May, 2011. Many in the Australian community now recognise the enormous significance of the Nakba for the Palestinian people, millions of whom remain refugees unable to return to their homes, while others live under Israel’s harsh military occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.


MP Tanya Plibersek: Israel not so bad after all

Sydney Labor MP Tanya Plibersek does a backflip on Palestine in the wake of the stupid Marrickville boycott “debate”.


In 2002 the left wing member for Sydney was pretty clear about what she thought of the government of Israel.

She said: “I can think of a rogue state which consistently ignores UN resolutions whose ruler is a war criminal - it is called Israel and the war criminal is Ariel Sharon”.

She also said: “There have been criticisms of Israel's policies, but I don't think that's being anti-Israel”.

Do we need a Middle Eastern study and support group?

With many Middle Eastern countries escalating into social crises, the recent uprisings and the continued conflict spanning throughout the post-World War 2 era; there is much speculation and concern from humanity, regarding the on-going's and history of this region. It may also be the case that the world is approaching a dramatic transition of the international order unprecedented in industrial times.

Queries about the provenance of conflict free diamonds leads to censorship by world's leading online diamond retailer.

Blue Nile, a Nasdaq listed company and one of the world's leading online diamond retailers has resorted to censorship in an effort to avoid answering queries about the provenance of its so-called conflict free diamonds.

Blue Nile promotes itself as a supplier of “ethically sourced” diamonds and claims to have a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. According to the company “All Blue Nile diamonds are warranted to be conflict free”. The company promotes itself on Facebook where it has over 90,000 very active subscribers

British peace activists acquitted over EDO Gaza direct action

In the early hours of 17th January 2009, during Israel’s ‘Operation Cast Lead’ offensive against Gaza, six people broke in to the EDO/ITT weapons’ components factory in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, and caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the production line. This week in Britain all the activists were acquitted by a jury using the defence of necessity, that they were acting to preventing war crimes by the Israeli Defence Force against Palestinians.

Read some details of the case and the vindication of an acquital at the following links

11 unions back campaign to boycott Israel

The international campaign for boycott, sanctions and divestment against Israel is starting to gain leverage in Australia, especially since the recent killings of nine Turkish solidarity activists.

Since the May 31 attack on the flotilla of peace activists who were attempting to break the siege of Gaza and deliver humanitarian aid, several more trade unions have signed up to the boycott campaign.


Palestinian survival space: Eyewitness report from Iraq-Burin

I was raised in the tranquil, spacious, sometimes ghostly-empty city of Adelaide, Australia. Like many activists, there was something easy, privileged, even boring about my upbringing that made me determined to work with people at the other end of the scale.

So I find myself now working as a human rights activist with the International Solidatiry Movement (ISM), in Palestine. ISM supports Palestinian civil and human rights, and provides an international presence wherever Palestinians are practising non-violent resistance to the military occupation.

Protests in Melbourne and Sydney against Israel and the Gaza blockade

Further protests in Australian cities at Israel's continuing violent blockade of Gaza. As the MV Rachel Corrie was being intercepted by Israeli commandos for running the Israeli blockade of Gaza, thousand of people were gathering in Sydney and Melbourne to protest Israel's Monday attack on the flotilla of 6 ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza that resulted in the death of 9 innocent volunteers.

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Protests condemn Israel over attack on humanitarian flotilla to Gaza

Protests in Australia condemned the Israeli attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza resulting in the death of 10 civilians and injuries to 30 more including to one Australian. 1500 people listened to speakers and marched through the streets of Melbourne on short notice. In Sydney a crowd of 4000 people marched and listened to speakers with passion and anger. Other protests were held in Brisbane, outside the Israeli embassy in Canberra, and 150 people attending a protest in Perth.

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Israel kills peace activists aboard flotilla

The Israeli navy has raided and killed up to 19 peace activists aboard the international flotilla heading towards Gaza with humanitarian aid. One Australian activist was shot in the leg and seriously injured and a journalist was tasered. The Australians were held for three days in Israel before being deported. The flotilla carried supplies like medical equipment and a dental equipment had peace activists, media and politicians from over 40 countries on board. Eyewitness accounts from activists of the Israeli attack are now emerging. Israel is a nuclear armed rogue state that deserves to be an international pariah. Visit for updates of events.