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Politician tells supporters of Sharia law to 'GET OUT' of Australia

Politician Jacqui Lambie, wants those in Australia who support Sharia law to "pack up their bags and get out of Australia".

The Palmer United Party Senator is also calling for the supporters of Sharia law in Australia to be kicked off government benefits and not be allowed to vote in the country.

“Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote, should not be given government handouts, and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here,” she told reporters in Hobart.

Honduras coup update - August 2014

AUGUST 2014, Honduras coup update:

Political persecution from this August 2014...

Woman resistance leader and organiser of farmers sector killed

don and henry continue blaming us for our own ills

whilst twiggy forrest is running around the country attempting to sell his master plan to 'save' we aborigines from our 60 000+ years of culture and history. to, in a sense, to save us from ourselves.

apparently there are thousands upon thousands of well paid jobs if we only become romany-like and travel around the country picking fruit. we just need to leave our ancestral lands and become full-time itinerants.


Riccardo Magherini was a young man who had not yet turned 40 years old; he loved life and he was always smiling. He was the husband of Rozangela and the father of Brando, his son was only two years old when he lost his father.

Cultural Cleansing of individual self-determination driven by the bureaucrats.

Describes a Cultural Cleansing of individual self-determination. Driven by the bureaucrats in the interest of secular, liberal collectivists it required a hijacking of human rights hidden by a 'divide and rule'.

Cultural Cleansing of individual self-determination driven by the bureaucrats.

Anthony Ravlich


Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

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The following are three posts on the social networking sites where I describe the Cultural Cleansing of individual self-determination.

Youth for Human Rights makes an impact at the Back to School Event

Tampa, FL – August 16, 2014 - The Youth for Human Rights (YHR) Florida group was hard at work at the Back to School Event in Tampa on Saturday, August 16th--an event hundreds of parents and students attended to get prepared for the upcoming school year.

Beheadings in Saudi Arabia - A Public Sport

Public beheadings are taking place twice daily in Saudi Arabia. A total of 45 beheadings have been carried out in the desert kingdom this year, according to an AFP tally.

Human Rights Watch expressed alarm at the surge in the number of executions in Saudi Arabia, where some 19 people were beheaded between August 4 and 20 alone. HRW said eight of those executed had been convicted of non-violent offences such as drug trafficking and 'sorcery', and described the use of the death penalty in their cases as 'particularly egregious'.

CALLING FOR A REVOLUTION! - Malcolm Fraser, ABC 23.08.14

Jingoistic language is being used by politicians in dumbed-down settler society AUSTRALIA to manipulate the fears of the xenophobic white majority... but former PM Malcolm FRASER is now calling for a "REVOLUTION". Are YOU willing to tear yourself away from your plasma screen TV + your lattes to create CHANGE???

Eight-minute video history lesson about mistreatment of Aborigines

Treaty on land rights which was never kept. See also

A group of "Concerned Australians" has published an excellent YouTube video outlining how governments are still mistreating Aborigines, stealing their money and land, keeping them poor and stripping them of any power they may have had.

International GoTopless Day - Aug 24, 2014 It is a matter of Equal Right's Australia
We will be hosting a peaceful Protest at the Byron peace Pole, on August 24th 12pm - 3pm

A woman deserves the same choice as a man...
International GoTopless Day August 24th Women and supportive friends are taking part in this action all around the world to help free Humanity in regards to this issue of Equal Rights for Women.

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