Solidarity intervention and public speaking for strikers in Greece

On the afternoon of Sunday 16/5/2010 took place a solidarity intervention and public speaking for the strikers and our comrades in Greece. For several hours we occupied Newtown square, banners were hung around, displayed many anarchist flags, distributed texts, scattered flyers throughout the area, and played Greek anarchist music.


Solidarity with workers and people of Greece - 16 May

The Melbourne branch of Bash Back ( issued a callout for a show of solidarity with 'the workers and people of Greece', adding 'Considering that this country [Australia] has the largest Greek population outside of Greece there should be no question about the need to show solidarity.' Only a dedicated few answered the call - admittedly at short notice - meeting at the State Library in front of the statue of Victoria's 'hanging judge' Redmond Barry (still sporting a placard from the pr


Solidarity with the workers' struggle in Greece

Yesterday 11/5/2010 a solidarity gathering with the workers struggle in Greece took place at the Greek Consulate in Sydney, Australia. The same building also holds the branch of Laiki Bank, the subsidiary of Marfin Bank in Sydney.


Global capitalism freaks out at Greek worker resistance

The E.U. and the IMF on behalf of international finance are demanding that the Greek people pay for years of corrupt rule and tax evasion by the Greek elite at home and to help payback the billions of debt transferred from the private to the public sector as a result of the bailouts to banks after the 2008 GFC. However Greek workers are not following the script and are mobilising on a massive scale. Join the Can't pay wont pay solidarity action


DECEMBER SEEDS - An interesting short film about the revolt in Athens Greece December 2008

“December seeds"is a hybrid documentary about the December 2008 revolt in Greece.It consists of images that were shot in the streets as well as material from the greek media.
A strange story about Chris Marker and "The seeds",a film that has never been shot ,unravels as the movie goes on.

Duration:29 min.

you can download from indymedia athens:
(Subtitles in engish included)


Pre-Election 'Order and Security' in Greece

Pre-Election Order and Security ...
(translated from Greek)

In the evening of Wednesday, September 23, hooded terrorists of the "anti" terrorist "service" invaded two homes. They made a total of 4 arrests. The only "information" was nothing more than leaks from GADA (cop force), which the corporate journalists parrot manufacturing a climate of terrorist hysteria in order to replace and sweep under the carpet the real issues, the major scandals and the corruption of the govenment.


Thanks to solidarity mobilizations, Theodoros Iliopoulos is free at last!

The Greek government could not ignore anymore the massive movement formed in solidarity with innocent detainee Theodoros Iliopoulos and set him free at last!

Greek political prisoner nears death on hunger strike

Thirty-one year old Thodoris Iliopoulos is the last prisoner of the December 2008 Greek revolt. He has been in pre-trial detention for more than eight months after his arrest on December 18th in downtown Athens.

Thodoris has been charged with felonies on the sole basis of witness accounts of the two riot police who arrested him; this is the only ’evidence’. He went on hunger strike on July 10 demanding his immediate release, after the renewal of his detention for another six months.

Greece: Teo Eliopulos still not in a real hospital!

Greece: Teo Eliopulos still not in a real hospital!

The real struggle begins now!

Teo Eliopulos is an anarchist and the last prisoner from the December Revolt still in pre-trial detention and is denied bail for his beliefs.

Teo Eliopulos has been in prison since December (more than six months) and as of yesterday is the only prisoner of the revolt to be denied bail - still. On July 9 the Court of Appeals made it explicit, in rejecting Eliopulos’ application, that it did so on the grounds that Eliopulos is an anarchist and therefore a “danger for democracy”.