Australian government avoiding responsibility to care for abused children

Sign over the responsibility for foster children to the pedophiles in the churches that preyed on these children in the past. Great idea.

This approach has been tried in America and created a system where a young child who is taken into fos...ter care is worth more than an older child. The infants and unborn chiildren of lower income families are targeted as they are unable to afford effective legal representation.


Protest voters are taking control of our politicians

Protest voters refused to toe the line and vote according to the (self interested) leaflets.

Emails circulating saying " PROTEST VOTES How to Lodge a Protest Vote: So long as you obtain a ballot paper in a lawful manner and place it in the ballot box you cannot be compelled to vote for the candidates on that ballot paper and may, if you wish, cast your vote against all names on that paper by neatly crossing them out. You have legally signified that none of the candidates on that ballot paper meet with your satisfaction."evidently struck a chord.


Australia Day honours for the dishonourable: the Public Service Medal

While many recipients of Australia Day Awards are good citizens and deserving, others are not.

It is scandalous that public officials are nominated for the Public Service Award each year and the process is shrouded in secrecy. Neither the nominators nor the nominees are made public before January 26th, so the general public have no opportunity to lodge objections or allegations of corrupt conduct of these senior public servants.

Desalinization plant not needed, government told

The Sunday Age has revealed that the State Government was told that with more investment in water saving the desalination plant would not be needed. However if they followed that advice how they could privitize our water and make money for multi-nationals.